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My Cozy Room is a one-stop tranquil haven offering services to pamper your Face, Body and Nails, dedicated to a sense of well-being and to the replenishment of mind, body and spirit.

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Pampering facial experience at My Cozy Room!

I had such a pampering facial experience at My Cozy Room!

I was searching the web for places in Singapore for good facial extraction services and my search led me to My Cozy Room. After reading the many positive reviews by customers, I decided to give it a shot.

The duration of the extraction process varies with your skin condition. Although mine took slightly longer (more than 30 mins), my therapists did a thorough job extracting my blackheads and clogged pores, making sure my face was clear of them.

To my pleasant surprise, the extraction wasn’t as painful as I expected to be, and my skin wasn't too red after the facial either!

My favourite part of the facial was definitely the soothing Crystal eye massage at the end, which helps to relax and reduce the puffiness around my eyes.

During my facial, My Cozy Room used BABOR products, a high-quality skincare line from Germany. From the cleansers to the masks, all their products were fragrant and free of harsh artificial scents - making my experience even more enjoyable.

Most importantly, I love how my face is so much more smoother & radiant after the facial. Not to mention this glow has lasted for almost a month!

Thank you, My Cozy Room, for providing me with a wonderful facial experience. I'll definitely be back for more!

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Cairnhill Road
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Relaxing and Refreshing

I am still feeling so satisfied about my facial experience at My Cozy Room that I have to share my awesome experience with them.

After having heard all my friends talked about My Cozy Room, as well as the reviews I saw on their Facebook page, I decided to call them to book a facial appointment! Exactly like what I heard, they are so patient in explaining to me the different types of services they offered. Being someone that is quite picky, it's hard for me to be convinced to try something new and moreover it's for my face, however I am quite convinced after the call to try them out. On top of that, from their Facebook page, they are frequented by models and celebrities, they have to be good that even models and celebrities frequent them. This made me look forward so much to my appointment.

Prior to my appointment, they even give me a call to remind me about my appointment that day and to check with me if I need help with the direction to the place! But it was quite easy to locate anyway, a prominent group of shophouse at the back of Paragon! When I stepped into My Cozy Room, I immediately fell in love!! It feels like you are instantly transformed into a different place altogether. The interior is so cozy, with the warm lighting and soothing music. It made me feel like home with the great ambience. I was immediately greet by Celine and tea was served to me. After, Celine consulted my skin condition and explained to me what I am in for such as the products I will be using during my facial, the process and what I can expect after the end of my experiences. After consultation, she introduced me to my therapist, Hazel served me throughout my whole facial experiences, from serving me the tea to doing the facial for me. During the facial, she shared with me many tips and advice that will help improve my skin conditions, what I have to lookout for, as well as the details of what she is doing to my face. One part of facials I personally hate was the extraction process, but Hazel did it so well, the entire process was painless, and she is so meticulously in helping me with them.

I really felt so comfortable and peaceful during my whole facial experience. The massage after the facial was great, and relaxing. Even after the facial, the consultation by Celine was friendly and she was so sincere in wanting to know my feedback about the facial, and I didn't know what to tell her as everything was close to perfect! I feel so light and clean after the facial, brighter and smoother.

After my facial, I exchanged my experience with my friends, and I have to say, what they told me about My Cozy Room are so true, the painless extraction, the meticulous service as well as the patience they have are really what you will experience in My Cozy Room, it's not only set away from the bustling city, but bring me away from my busy lifestyle and a break from my busy "mind". I also got to know that they have spa treatments as well and I cant wait to pay them a visit for my spa treatment next and many facial treatments to come!

I strongly recommend My Cozy Room if you are looking for someone that is really concern about your skin condition like you are, and if you are always worried about feeling pain during the extraction process,


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Soothing and Relaxing Facial Experience

I am here to share with you my recent facial experience with My Cozy Room. A friend who used to have similar skin conditions as me (acne-prone skin) recommended this place to me. I began to notice how her skin condition has improved tremendously every since she started doing her facials with My Cozy Room. That was one motivating factor for me try them out. Besides, I've also heard many people raving about the facial, like how the extraction process is painless and how their skin turned out to be even smoother than before. So, I finally gave in to my temptations and booked my appointment with them.

When I first stepped into My Cozy Room, I instantly fell in love with it. The interior is nicely designed, the warm lightings certainly made me feel at home and the calming music that is played further enhanced my sensory. In short, the spa had great ambiance. I met with Celine who was the spa manager, was also my consultant during my visit. She was patient in explaining to me about the facial process that I would be expecting to be going through and also recommended me products to complement my facial experience. I was so excited for my facial and I was served by the beautician, Violet. Violet has great expertise in this line, as she gave advice on my skin condition and skincare regime. I guess what I really like is that, at every step of the facial, Violet would update me about the progress and what she would be doing on me.

I must say this, when everyone else mentioned that the extraction process is painless, it is really the honest truth! I have never been to any beauty parlor that I could fall asleep during extraction. The pain free extraction definitely added many bonus points to it. After my facial, I literally woke up to a smoother and less-red skin. To end my facial, Violet gave a very good shoulder and head massage that relief some of my muscle tension.

Overall, it was a great facial experience for me and My Cozy Room would definitely be the place that I would keep going back to. The reason for writing this review is to reciprocate for the genuine service I have received and also to help anyone out there who is facing a similar plight as me.

As for those who are desperately trying to counter any torturous extractions that you had in other beauty salons, perhaps you should give My Cozy Room a try to experience yourself.

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Firstly, staff were very friendly and patient, they treated my skin with so much care and so gently I felt thoroughly pampered. Secondly, the treatment helped my skin a lot! I purchased the My Anti-Acne Treatment and my troubled skin became much better after that. Most importantly, they did not believe in hard-selling and I did not have to go through the torture of facing pushy sales staff. Overall, it was one of the best facial spa I've had. Thumbs up!

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warm staff, effective results
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