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Kenko is a chain of foot reflexology centers and spas. It is famous for its unique style of reflexology. Kenko also has fish spas available at many outlets.

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Fish Spa fun

I was always very intrigued by the Fish Spa service that everyone can see through the glass panels of all their outlets.

One day, after eating dinner my aunt decided to pay for our Fish Spa and it was quite an experience. The sensation of the nibbling fish is a really interesting and I don't think you can get this experience anywhere else. My cousins and I had a good time laughing at each others' expressions.

The staff there were a little hostile though, probably because we were one of the last customers there and they were about to close.

Other than that, the Fish Spa experience was really interesting and it would be a good idea for a fun family activity.

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Singapore Flyer
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Came for their fish spa

And it was the strangest experience ever.

The rates were $30/30 minutes and it was insanely expensive but me and my friend decided to go for it because we wanted to see who'd wuss out first.

So we went for it!

It was a last minute called to 313's branch and they prepared two slots for us. We reached late, and there was a couple who tried to walk-in but they politely turned them down and waved us in instead. So heart warming.

A quick foot wash later, we were directed to the fish spa area.

The fishes loved both our feet at first. We squealed like schoolgirls in ponytails. Neither of us could last the first 15 minutes soaking our feet in. We kept pulling our feet out and pushign each other's down. Why are we friends.

At one point, I must have made the most heinous girly sound ever because a couple in front of us turned to laugh at us. We laughed at them too and we chit chatted in lousy Jap/ English with sign language so it was pretty fun. But anyway.

The fish stopped feeding on my feet after a while and dived straight for my friend's so I think hers is just filthy while mine is too clean for them to love yes I am right.

(in denial)

Definitely coming back if they have promotions!

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Entertainment while your feet rests
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313 Somerset
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Quick cash is their goal but only they would serve pregnant women

Kenko is getting more and more expensive however I still go to them whenever I can. Especially during my pregnancy dates, they were the only people who are daring enough to do foot reflexology on me. The massage was probably what prevented spider veins and swollen ankles from scarring my pregnancy experience.

Be prepared to expect different service in different branches. My favourite is at Singapore Flyer, not only the place is less crowded, the ambience was soothing and the service crew are more thoughtful. Places like Marina Square and Vivo City are often crowded and they service with less care, their focus was to turn over as fast as they can.

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Pleasant and relaxing

I am not usually a fan of massages as I find them too painful to be relaxing. I do go to accompany my wife sometimes and have found the Kenko experience to be quite pleasant. The ambiance is relaxing and they manage to set up their outlets so that you feel that your massage spot is secluded and unplugged from the world.

Asking the masseur to adjust his or her pressure usually results in a less painful and at times even relaxing massage. I usually go back to the same branch and masseur once I find one that can give me a relaxing massage.

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