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Noelle Yong
Listing created by Noelle Yong on May 15, 2014    

Voted one the world's top 50 bars, 28 Hong Kong Street is an obscure bar well hidden among a row of old shophouses. Sans PR, sans sign, yet this place is a hit to those who are willing to get past its nondescript exterior.

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5.30pm - 1am
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5.30pm - 3am
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Very sneaky this one.

My friends and I were excited to check out this place because we've heard its rated one the world's best bars. The phone reservation that took place confirmed it's popularity. We made the reservation on same day, and we were given a table for 11pm, and were told that the table was ours until 130am.

Then came the getting to the bar part, which did not daunt 3 girls and their mobile GPS. We soon found out that while locating Hongkong St was no big deal, finding the bar proved to be a much more difficult endeavor. Thankfully some other patrons entered an old, plain-looking door with booming music coming from the other side and i must say, we experienced a tiny Narnia moment.

Inside, music was loud and conversations even louder. It was a cosy set up and the wait staff were friendly, attentive and proved to be pretty knowledgeable. We ordered a couple of beers and some of their creative cocktails. It was thoughtful of them to indicate in the menu, the potency of each drink. Bravely, I went for the Whore's Bath and I must say, I was expecting more. Nevertheless it is a good place to check out if cocktails and cosy after-work get-togethers are your thing.

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