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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 10, 2012    

LeVeL33, the World's Highest Urban Craft-brewery is a new concept which presents an unparalleled dining experience complete with one of the best views of Singapore's Marina Bay and city skyline. Residing in the penthouse of Asia's best business address™, the Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC), LeVeL33 is the epitome of urban penthouse dining. With the copper brew house kettles taking centre stage, all are reminded of the freshly brewed beer that flows out of the heart of LeVeL33. Contemporary design is evoked with the use of wood textures and earth tones; the wonderfully integrated interiors of the craft-brewery reconcile aesthetics, form and functionality in this elevated space. Experience LeVeL33 where craft and tradition meet for the best in contemporary urban dining.

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Not just a meal, an entire experience

LeVel 33 is one of those places where the meal is only half of the experience. Honestly, when the views are that good, I could be served a microwave meal and probably not even notice, and even if I did, probably not care. It’s hidden away in a business tower, and the only way in is through the lift that takes you from the ground floor. From there, you’re transported into this warm, inviting restaurant, with one of the best views of the city in front of you as you eat. Being able to see where they actually brew their own beer is a great touch, and it leaves you feeling as if you’re in two places at once, as though a brewery at this height just can’t be real.

Although others online disagree, I found the food to be brilliant. I have had both the all day English Breakfast as well as the chicken, and I found both to be surprisingly large servings, and equally as delicious. Everyone that I have eaten with has also enjoyed all of their meals, and I also found the service to be faultless. The food is quite pricey, but that was to be expected.

There’s honestly nothing better than being able to finish your meal out with a few photos on the balcony, overlooking the city and enjoying some of their own crafted beer. A really lovely way to spend a meal out with your loved ones, and you’re not just getting the meal, you’re getting an experience.

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great starter, bad pasta.

I just visited LeVel 33 yesterday for Valentine’s Day dinner. It was a refreshing dining experience for me initially, but the whole happiness index just keeps falling.

The table set-up was really great, with a rose for the girls and a chocolate bar (for the guys I think). I ordered a Skyline cocktail, and it was great. And so was the starter where I had goose foie gras. It was so meltingly sweet and savoury. My boyfriend had some scallop dish and it was great too, though I still prefer mine.

My main course was some pasta with lamb. The pasta was really… bad. It was hand-made, so as my friend believed. But overall we felt that it tastes too much of flour, and it was so thick it totally spoils the dish. My boyfriend’s beef was great though, but additional top up was required. By this time, I was just so disappointed and hungry. The desert came after really long and it was just an alright standard. I had a chocolate lava cake while my bf had some caramelized banana dessert. Although the chocolate lava cake wasn’t perfect, it tastes so much nicer than the banana dessert.

Service wasn’t that great too. Our order came really slow and in the midst of waiting, we were informed that there was a “misunderstanding” in the kitchen and thus we would have to wait for 10 minutes more. However, there wasn’t any explanation of the “misunderstanding”.

And yes, really great view by the way! Despite the rain and hunger, we had a great time taking pictures of Singapore. I would probably not go back there again, but I would still miss their starter ):

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Wah liao, si beh attas lor.

There is a waiter who is reaching boiling (or should I say brewing) point at Level 33. This gentleman (and I use the term very, very loosely) is so blatantly rude to his paying customers that it actually borders on the surreal. Someone needs to pull him aside and tell him: "Relak lah abang, just throw letter if you not happy. Don't like that face black black to your customer ok, we don't owe you a living leh."

First up, the chi-chi surroundings are totally let down by the atrocious ventilation. The cooking odour from the kitchen permeates the whole place and is worse than a che char stall's. For all that pong, the grub is mediocre to say the least. Soggy chips. Lacklustre chicken wings. The bar food is obviously the kind bought in boxes at the deep freeze section of Sheng Siong.

The beer (brewed on the premises), on the other hand, is fantastic. It would need to be, to get the patrons drunk enough to feel like they're having a good time at this over-priced, over-rated, bog-standard establishment.

Oh, nice view by the way.

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