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Listing created by Melody on May 12, 2012    

Founded in 1997, this microbrewery american style restaurant features authentic American food with a wide range of high-quality beers. The beers are handcrafted from the 10hl microbrewery attached to the restaurant. It is more of a bar in a restaurant setting. There is another outlet at the Indoor Stadium: Brewerkz Indoor Stadium 2 Stadium Walk #01-06/07/K1 Singapore Indoor Stadium Singapore 397691 Tel: (65) 6345 9905

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12pm - 12am
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12pm - 1am
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  • $20-$30
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Overpriced booze

I came here with a friend this year for our virgin beer tasting experience (normally both of us just order whatever's cheap) so this was quite nouveau to us.

The menu was frankly quite daunting, with its multitude of choices, and the service staff weren't much help either. Our waitress continually sighed as we were unable to make up our minds on the choice of beer, which I found quite rude. Furthermore, it was pretty annoying and we dismissed her multiple times before finally placing our orders.

My friend paid for the 2 beers we had, but even I feel the pinch. It was almost $30 for 2 pints, which I felt was pretty not worth it. Honestly, you can get cheaper beer at some artisan store, if it came to that. We would probably not return.

Before I forget, we went to the Clarke Quay outlet, so the atmosphere was pretty good and lively, with bustling nightlife around us. It was a pity that we experienced bad service though.

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Merry Merry-making

One of the more well-known microbreweries in Singapore, Brewerkz produces their own craft beers which entices beer-lovers to down a few glasses, namely myself.

My experience was at the outlet located at the Stadium Walk comprising a large outdoor area overlooking the river. I had the craving to try something different and I had my first pint of Indian Pale Ale. It was stronger than common ales yet I found it refreshing and easy to drink. It was absent of fruity taste which was what I wanted to avoid and after that first glass, it made a great starter to the rest of the night.

We had small nibbles such as deep fried mac and cheese which wasn't to my liking. I envisioned it to be oozing with cheese as you break down the middle but despite its menu description, it was decent.

The location played a huge part in the merry-making with friends and its craft beers are worth a swig.

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Brewerkz Indoor Stadium 2 Stadium Walk
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(Updated: February 09, 2014)

Delicious mashed potato

Seems like everyone here is raving about the beer which I unfortunately didn't try as I am not a beer fan.

My boyfriend and I ordered the beef steak, seafood spaghetti and a mocktail called Cinderella. The steak was cooked to medium and it was good. However, I would say that the mashed potato was the best. It was very fragrant and delicious. It was not your ordinary mashed potato. The seafood spaghetti was good but not outstanding.

The Cinderella was a huge disappointment as it tasted like cheap soda-flavoured water. Not recommended at all. Initially, we asked the waitress for a mocktail recommendation but she herself did not know which mocktail was good so we just simply picked one.

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free for lunch and beer?

Whenever anybody has half a day's leave to clear and we are supposed to meet for lunch and chill till evening, whenever we are not sure of where to go, we will most likely end up at Brewerkz in Clarke Quay. I love sitting at the alfresco area overlooking the Singapore River, watching the world go by.

But the main reason we go there during the afternoon is not for the scenery, but for their happy hour beer! A jug is about $15 after tax if you order before 3pm, and we always make sure we order enough to last us till 6pm. The service staff will provide ice buckets to keep the beer chilled.

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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Damn you, expectations!

Despite being an avid beer fan, I had never been to the place despite the positive word of mouth. Especially with often-heard good reviews, surely I had to try it.

The first impression it gives off is that of a sports bar - TV screens all round broadcasting a boxing match, baseball, soccer; a friendly game of pool between two strangers I casually observed from the corner of my eye. I absolutely enjoyed the ambience. Not to mention, the servers were friendly without seeming contrived about it.

A friend and I had a jug each; mine was Honey Apricot Ale, and my friend's a Golden Ale to accompany our Cowboys (burgers with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce). With expectations mounting from such glowing reviews about the beer, I naturally assumed my experience would be just the same. But I was terribly disappointed with the beer - never had I tasted beer so flat. Initially I was confused and thought it was just mine, so I had a taste of my friend's and it was just as flat.

Despite the poor taste in my mouth gone, I am honestly still bewildered about it. Am I overexposed to beer that it's distorted my palate? Are beers from microbreweries supposed to taste like that?

It has to be said though that the beer didn't totally mar my experience because 70% of my enjoyment is accounted for by the ambience and service, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. I'd come back, but only at the suggestion of a friend.

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Best part:
Riverside Point
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Thought this was German

I remembered I went to this restaurant to watch the world cup. Yes, it was many years ago. Why did I think this restaurant was German? Because it showed soccer matches during world cup. As far as I know, Americans are not fans of soccer and the name was not spelled like normal English. The restaurant also showed BPL matches during weekends.

I liked the variety of beers here. I especially liked beers that are smooth and go down easy. I am getting old and cannot take beers that are too gassy. I had little memory of the food here, I guessed when you enjoyed the beer, food becomes secondary. The ambience was also friendly, the alcohol helped people to loosen.

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Beers for the ladies too!

Brewerkz prides themselves in serving some of the best beers in Singapore and I definitely have to concur with that. Though beer has a dominantly male fan base, Brewerkz has made sure that the ladies don’t feel left out as well by having some sweeter beers on the menu. Long Zhu Ale and Fruitbrewz have been the popular choices among my female friends. What’s exciting about this place is that there are seasonal beers, so the choices for beer change throughout the year. Best of all, their beer is proudly made in their microbrewery right in the middle of the restaurant (Riverside Point), thus beer is served fresh off the tap!

Though the food might be a little pricey for the average Singaporean, their beers are something you wouldn’t want to miss. Prices for their beer increase as the day progresses, so head on down during the earlier for excellent beer at a cheaper price!

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The Beer
Clarke Quay
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Love the Beer, Love the Food!

My friend dragged me to Brewerkz due to the prospect of meeting guys..mostly Caucasian, I guessed, but when I saw the menu and tried their beer my full concentration shifted!

We usually order the Buffalo wings with beer (Golden Ale for me) and pizza just to relax along the riverside!

We've also tried going there on a Sunday afternoon and was surprised with their Lunch combo for only S$15.00 (now S$18) which include 2 choices of set meals. My friend ordered the 1/2 burger sandwich (which is quite big) + house salad + half liter beer (or drinks) while I ordered another set meal composed of Pizza (BYO and choice of 3 toppings), Ceasar salad and half liter beer (or drinks)..and an extra order of buffalo wings!

We usually eat outside as it is less noisy and relaxing. The service is great and fast! prices varies per hour especially at night.

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Food and beer - what could be better?

Being newly 18 brings with it many new experiences. Beer drinking, for one, is something that I swore never to try after my dad playfully let me take a sip of his Tiger beer when I was a wee tyke. Since then, I hated the taste of Tiger and didn't tend towards beer.

But Brewerkz, on the other hand, really changed me. I am a sucker for sweeter types of beer, and Brewerkz has so many types for me to choose from! I am a Fish and Chips lover, so naturally I chose it as my main dish. While it wasn't that awesome, it had a super crunchy and tasty batter which I appreciate in Fish and Chips ;)

It is a really good place for groups of any size, but I recommend making a reservation because it can get quite crowded!

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Ambience, beer, food, company
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I am not one who likes beer very much and the only beer I used to drink was Heineken. I recently started patronizing Brewerkz, and I have to say I am starting to like beer! At Brewerkz, they offer a wide range of beers, from sweet to fruity to sour. If you are one who likes the taste of Kilkenny, their signature beer - Balestier Brown Ale, has a rich and roasted malt taste to it. For ladies who enjoy something slightly more feminine, their Honey Apricot Ale is an excellent choice. You can find traces of tropical fruit flavors in the beverage accompanied with apricot, blueberry and cranberry.

Drinks aside, I give their food two thumbs up. On the appetizers, I strongly recommend the Mussels - it is serve in their special Brewerkz sauce with herbs and garlic. Trust me, the sauce is so good you can have it as a soup.I would also recommend their pizzas. Usually most places serve pizzas with chicken, pork and beef. Brewerkz were pretty innovative, they serve smoked duck breast with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, this pizza is to die for!

Situated at Clarke quay, I highly recommend this place!

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