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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

The Azzura Concept is the first of its kind in Asia. A multi-level entertainment, dining and hydrosports complex, Azzura is built to portray a modern Asian outlook. Innovatively designed and structured to maximize experiences, Azzura creates a unique lifestyle appeal to its guests.

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10am to 10pm
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10am - 2am
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Super quiet and ran out of alcohol, but I did get a free hat

When I go all the way to Sentosa for a night out, my expectations are always high. I always pray that I won’t spend half my money for the night on cabs to and from a dead venue, so the promise of free flow at Azzura was what tempted me to take a risk on a night at Sentosa. The night wasn’t a complete failure, the music was quite fun and going in the pool always increases the odds of me having a good time, but overall it was just sadly average.

When we turned up, luckily entrance was free and the venue looked nice and modern, but as soon as I stepped inside I realised why the entrance was free. The place was almost completely empty. If you’ve ever been to Azzura too, you’ll know that it’s a really big space, so the fact there were so little people just made it horrendously awkward. Despite it being so empty, it turned out that 99% of the people that were there were by the drinks stand, making the most of the free flow. The issue with this, was the fact that it made the alcohol run out within an hour, when they then had to ration drinks to one per person and fill ⅔ of the cup with ice. On the plus side, from the DJ booth they were throwing out free animal hats, and I do love my free stuff.

The music was good and I ended up having a good time due to all my friends being there, but if you’re planning to go with just you and a friend, I’d make sure that you pick a night when you know that there’s a big event going on. My night was only average due to the poor organisation with drinks and the small amount of people that turned up. Oh, and also because of the super funny person at the end of the night who decided to bury my shoes under the sand when I was in the pool. Thanks.

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Beachy place with Party people

From the outside, this place is all hyped up when there's a party. I still remember the long queue that was snaking outside of the place whilst queuing to enter for one of this beach club's events.

I still remember this night as one night of a lifetime. As it was my first time stepping into a beach club, or any club rather, I was rather nervous. As I entered, however, I was met by a blast of shining lights with the music rocking the scene as the people surged to the music. Although there were a lot of people, the place seemed fairly big and left enough room to allow people mobility - in my opinion, just enough breathing space unlike the traditional clubs where everyone is moshed up against one another.

The facilities are just great, with the ambience being spectacular in the night. Not forgetting the presence of a VIP room that also allows for private parties and for the DJs to continue spinning as the night goes on. This place is party crazy! I love it! The addition of the swimming pool and the sand gives it an even more authentic "beachy" feel.

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Many parties are held at Azzura Beach Club, especially at the end of the year. My first time there was to a pool party. This beach club is very similar to Cafe Del Mar except the number of beach chairs are limited. For parties, Azzura Beach Club would have a foam pool where they pour tons and tons of foam into the pool for the party-goers. It is definitely something different from the other beach club.

Drinks cost about the same for all the beach clubs in Sentosa. Expensive, overpriced you might say, once in a blue moon to splurge is alright.

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Nice place to chill

Azzura is a club along Siloso Beach, playing mostly trance music. It's quite a cozy place to be. They have ample beach beds and sofas available, making it a very comfortable place to simply just chill out with a drink, taking in the beautiful sight at Sentosa. Similar to it's neighbour, Cafe Del Mar, they also feature a pool for people to dip in.

Not only is it a bar, serving alcoholic drinks and cocktails, they also have a menu for those who are not just there for the party itself. You can have finger food and dine in the alfresco, while the beats are dropped in the background. It is definitely not a place for a quiet dinner, but in a way, it is enjoyable to kick-back and relax in the bar while chilling to the music.

One thing I like about this place is not only the ambience, but also the low level of crowd. It makes it more enjoyable as the place is never stuffed with people, making it easy for you to maneuver your way to the bar for a drink, or simply wave to attract the attention of the friendly crew.

I definitely find it a joy to simply chill at one of the beds and enjoy a cocktail there as the sun goes down.

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