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#01-19/20 Robertson Walk 11 Unity Street Singapore 237995
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Listing created by winecosg on January 24, 2013    

Initially a wine specialty importer, they have recently diversified by opening up their own Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro along the Singapore river.

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(Updated: February 17, 2013)

Great prices, terrible service.

The ambiance is beautiful and upmarket, its sad the same can't be said for their website. With such a year 2000 design, I was initially confused if it was even the same place!

We were there on a Tuesday night (23rd January 2013) and they were packed to the brim with a mostly expat crowd. Prices were very reasonable, a sirloin steak costing just $18. They had three different menus and a wide selection of very reasonably priced wines, perhaps because they are the same company behind the wine connection importing website. My friends remarked how they were now so big, occupying the ends of both streets along Robinson Quay. Sadly, what was to be great night out quickly turned bad due to the terrible service we experienced.

Incident 1:
A moth started flying haphazardly around us. Naturally the girls screamed and evacuated the table. Seems like the moth did not have enough fun, so decided to dive into one of my friends wine glasses! It was causing quite a commotion and by the way all this time, staff were aware of this by they just stood on as casual on-lookers rooted to the ground. In army, we call this "eye power" where they just use their eyes expecting the situation will resolve itself on its own.

In the end I lifted up the glass and chased it away. So of course the wine was no longer drinkable, and like what is expected, we asked for a replacement. They did not offer this automatically. The first time, to our disbelief it was declined. The second time the Filipino supervisor informed us in the most unconvincing fashion that it was an "act of nature" and beyond the restaurant's control but he will "do his best" to have it replaced. Finally they replaced it without a word from anyone. It just reeked of snobbish, poorly trained service. Not to mention all the times we tried to call waiters to our table. Staff were very inattentive and seemed to be not happy to do their jobs.

Incident 2:
Shortly after, we heard two sharp striking noises. A customer at the other table had attempted to smash his glass on the floor in a showing of anger. But because the glass was of good quality, it did not shatter but ricocheted against the ground, very narrowly whizzing past my friends faces. Unbelievable. The guy then proceeded to stomp off while cursing.

I am not sure what the issue is or whether he paid. The thing that shocked me was the staff just let this happen. There was no security whatsoever or anyone to manage the situation, or perhaps even go to our table and explain what was going on. Just an awkward silence as the whole crowd looked at him and the staff pretended nothing happened.

We were shocked for a few minutes and it just left all the guests feeling very unsafe as there was no protection whatsoever for the patrons. Now thinking back at incident 1, what would have happened if it hit my Australian friend (who was very pissed about the whole thing and was about to confront him) and what would the restaurant have done if he of his girlfriend suffered an injury? Would they say its beyond their control again like incident one? If there was a fight, would there be anyone to break it up? I'm sure stuff like this happen occasionally at places which serve alcohol and staff should be better trained to deal with this.

When our bill came it was $150+ for the 5 of us which we found extremely reasonable. The location and ambiance was great, the food was decent but still we decided never to come here again. Their service is bad and their crisis management absolutely appalling, leaving us with a really terrible memory of what was supposed to be a good night out.

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