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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on December 07, 2012    

Owned and managed by Starworth Pte Ltd, 22 Dempsey consists of four different dining concepts, serving up whatever your palate desires in one convenient gourmet villa. Meat lovers will be thrilled with the highest quality cuts of meat carved at their tables at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria, while diners of a more vegetarian persuasion will appreciate the fresh garden produce served at the all-vegetarian Beets Modern Vegetarian.

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Come on weekends

I had a nice time here just today.

I was here with a girlfriend and it was her birthday in 6 days so I really wanted it to be special. My guyfriend's friends were playing tonight so I managed to bug him to ask for a birthday song. And in the meantime, we got ourselves happily intoxicated on the free flow of martinis for ladies.

It's a very open, relaxed space with comfy seats. I was very, very happily tipsy after a while and my girlfriend was still extremely sober, so she ordered pizza for herself and I ordered a Flaming Lambo for her. The pizza was great, all senses are amplified with alcohol. It's mozzarella so remember to give it a try.

The Flaming Lambo on the other hand was not. The fire went out and the staff didn't re-light it (not sure if its at the request of my friend) and she couldn't drink fast enough so the straw kept melting, but the bar offered no alternatives. So overall she didn't enjoy the drink. Yet for that singular drink, my bill was $33. I honestly will not come here to drink again.

But for all else, this place is a great place to be comfy at. They have open mike nights so aspiring singers should drop by on weekdays and give your voices a whirl.

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