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Cuscaden Patio Cafe And Pub

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Ming Arcade 21 Cuscaden Road
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 02, 2012    

This casual pub located off Orchard Road offers a good variety of drinks and basic pub grub such chicken wings and potato wedges. A jug of beer goes as cheap as $18 and its even cheaper at $12 on Tuesdays.

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15:00 - 01:00
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< $10

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Worst Interior

My Tuesday nights used to be Cuscaden night due to its cheap beer. 2 years ago, my friends and I usually go there for the $10 jug of beer. We pair our jugs of beer with the chicken wings. For those health conscious, this could be a diet breaker for its oily tad spicy yet crispy chicken skin. We could not stop licking our fingers right after we finish a plate of chicken wings.

However, I hate the seats in cuscaden. It is just not cosy because sometimes we have to stand on high tables due to lack of seats. Enjoying our drinks could be quite impossible at this position Moreover, I get to sit on one of the "awkward" couch because it was located tight at the entrance of the pub. Everyone will look and sometimes stare or glare at you when they enter and exit because it is really right at the entrance.

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Great music but bad crowd

This place used to be good.

I used to enjoy coming to this bar with my ex boyfriend and his friends but has since stopped going. The music here is very "served best with alcohol" but sober me would enjoy it just as much.

Oh and the wings are perfect here. I remember coming here starved with my best friend and she ordered wings and chips and it is most unfortunate that I started stealing food from her. but it was that good, and it's best served with alcohol.

I don't drink beer so we were hanging out with ordering food and some dudes bought us tequila. We were having a good time till they came and started pestering us with not shame. And that is why we have completely stopped going.

Not the best place to be alone at.

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