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#01-293 Resorts World Sentosa Waterfront 26 Sentosa Gateway
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 02, 2012    

Quaich Bar, a pioneer of fine whiskies in Singapore, recently opened  at Resorts World Sentosa. The Quaich Bar is one of the most exquisite whisky bars that you will find in Singapore. They have been recognised as a Great Whisky Bar of The World for outstanding presentation, promotion and knowledge of great whiskies from around the world, according to The Whisky Magazine, the standard bearer for whisky connoisseurs the world over. 

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If your date brings you here, he really wants to impress you and your ancestors

I did not see that logic till a date brought me here.

I thought nothing of that place at first. I always thought the name of the place would greatly give an insider's story so "Quaich" sounded extremely tacky to me. I was unimpressed with his choice of dining for the night but went along because I figured, RWS, it can't be shabby.

And so low expectations, meet over-deliverance.

This place is straight out of a movie set, cast with live crew and customers, good music and excellent wine. Everyone here is dressed simply with a touch of elegance and are happily enjoying their alcohol. order anything else but whiskey and you'd get a raised brow from the bartender. I tried to order a tequila but my date ignored me and ordered in my place.

I never liked alcohol so it was a surprise that this one glided down my throat so seductively. In fact it's probably the place, it was adding atmosphere at 100km/h. I noticed there were cigars and was desperate to try one but I am clueless about how to actually utilize it so I didn't bring it up.

Would come here again when I get my pay.

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