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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 02, 2012    

Lazy Lizard’s unglamorous hut-like décor looks like a makeshift bar jammed under the roof of a shophouse. But it’s exactly because of its shanty look that patrons come from the far edges of Singapore. Escape the pretentiousness of city bars with Mexican food and welcoming servers in an unpolished setting

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Awesome time with great company

What do we do after a hard day of work?


The Lazy Lizard offered us the prefect escape from a day of hard work and problems. We ordered some beers and let the alcohol unwind and relax us. The Lazy Lizard is a bar located alongside Sixth Avenue, and is a great hangout for the people who study or work there. Ambience was great, with nice, soft music and the comforting chatter of people surrounded us. We laughed our way through the night, with awesome service by our wait staff.

Unfortunately, we arrived only after happy hour, but the prices of the drinks was still alright, so that was totally fine with us! We may have started the day off wrong, but at least we ended it right with the Lazy Lizard.

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ambience and music
Sixth Avenue
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How did I end up here

Right, because it was after work and I was desperate for a drink.

Well not that desperate apparently.

Lazy Lizard is a hidden bar along Sixth Avenue that's too close to my previous work place for comfort. I tried to settle for it but my horrified best friend just kept insisting that I should stay away. There was a smoker's area outside and the people there were all already happily tipsy with jugs of beer and assorted finger food and it was the crowd that appalled here.

We went on a Wednesday night after work. It was pretty full and it seemed as if everyone there either has no idea what's exercise or they've let their gym passes expire a long time ago. It was an unattractive crowd, loud and big-mouthed, openly wolf-whislting at us when we were about to step in.

We never managed to try the drinks or the food but my previous manager swears by it so, come here if you're over 25 and in need of other loud people.

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