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Founded in 2000, Café Iguana is a place for Mexican food and margaritas. It serves over 100 labels of 100% agave tequila and mezcal. The same team operates Brewerkz and Garage.

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The nachos are to die for

On a normal weekend, Cafe Iguana is extremely crowded and noisy, just like how a good nightspot should be. However, the food and drinks are very expensive and not quite worth the price that you are paying for. Most of the fare, except the quesadillas, is standard and normal, and can be bought at any bar at Clarke Quay.

The saving grace for me were the nachos. Piled to the brim and drizzled with three different cheeses, these nachos can't get any better in Singapore, and I ate every last bit with relish. At more than S$20, it is admittedly very pricey, but so is everything else here, so you might as well get the best.

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Excellent food and magaritas here!

I love coming to Cafe Iguana's. Coming here means I'm guaranteed great food! The Mexican food at this place is absolutely authentic-tasting and droolicious!

Their fajitas never fail to tantalise my tastebuds along with their tapas. The ambience is that of a festive eatery, giving you the feel of being in a siesta. The service staff here all very attentive and are always polite and quick. Although on a whole this place is a little pricey, rest assured that you're paying for quality.

Another must-try here is their magaritas. These delightful little concoctions certainly hit the spot with their flavours and taste.

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Great ambience,Great food, great everything!

Great drink, Great food, Great ambience, there is nothing more i could ask for.

Always order the mexican food like the tacos. They taste awesome! Sit back and relax, order a couple of beers and enjoy the environment. The evironment in the cafe is just stunning. Perfect lighting and great choice of music, very appropriate. Service-wise i'd say it was pretty good too. Food and drink were served prompt without any delays. Wonderful! I'm definitely a teturning customer.

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delicious complimentary nachos and great margaritas

For true blue Mexican food, Café Iguana will be a great place to enjoy a range of delicious food and alcoholic beverages.

I have tried some of the food there, which were considerably cheap for a Mexican fare. However, I do not usually go to Café Iguana for the food, but the drinks instead. The normal margaritas are about $50 a jug and it serves approximately six people. They do not stinge on the alcohol content, but yet it is not overwhelming. I find that the mango and lime flavoured margaritas tastes better than the other flavours. The best part will be the complimentary nacho, tortilla chips, with salsa sauce that is offered to dine-in customers. The chips and the sauce compliment each other well, as the chips are crispy and the sauce is not too sweet or sour. Usually, I will get another set of nacho, but at an additional cost, since I do not dine there often and the nacho is really delicious.

Café Iguana is a nice place to chill out at after a meal, by the Singapore River. Although it is crowded at night, there will still be seats available most of the time.

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