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Citibank Singapore Limited is from the United States and incorporated in Singapore in 2004.


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Oh my god persistent staffs!

I was drenched with fatigue after spending hours in school constructing some sort of a sculpture. Manual labour. Shudders. I recalled glancing at my wrist watch and was alarmed that it'll be the peak hour soon! I dashed to the MRT station with only the quest to conquer the peak hour period in mind. Unfortunately, one man clad in blue top and black trousers brought my pace to an abrupt halt.

He questioned my age. He questioned my occupation. It felt like an interrogation! I noticed the words Citibank were emblazoned on their uniforms and scrawled across their clipboards. Annoyed that I may be defeated by the peak hour thanks to this stranger, I gave him a curt 'No Thanks'. He was reluctant in surrendering me to the public once again! He was definitely a salesman who was adamant in making me a Citibank member. Impressive actually within a certain angle. I noticed these type of Citibank salesmen scattered near their main outlet; beneath the MRT tracks beside Jurong Point. How queer, prompting the busy and the rushed ones.

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Nothing to complain about thus far

Citibank staff can either come across as aggressive or extremely personable. My recent experience with them was positive as I found their service efficient and extremely helpful. Staff was knowledgeable and the entire transaction was smooth and fuss free.

My supplementary card also arrived within a week via post. Citibank rewards are also a plus, but their incentives seem to have decreased compared to the past i.e. 2000 points needed for a $20 voucher in the past would only allow you to exchange for a $10 voucher now. There are quite a few categories (lifestyle, travel, food, entertainment etc) available, giving greater freedom in the redemption of points. You can expect to receive your rewards vouchers within a week!

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