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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on October 15, 2012    

UOB was first established in 1935 by Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang and is currently serving both local needs as well as overseas.


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Seems classier than other banks

The office and building just seem classier than other banks. The varieties of debit card or credit card plans are definitely lesser than other banks. Usually their plans are not catered to students. Instead I feel that they are more for working adults.

Their customer service is not bad compared to the other banks because the queue is not as long as the other.

One pitfall is that they developed the mobile apps much later than the other banks and their interface is not that great. There are frequent hangs and lags when using the app to check my transactions.

Overall, I like UOB because I can easily find an ATM near me or the bank. Also the SMART$ rebate and yearly rebate schemes are really attractive. So thumbs up for UOB!

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Good enough for my needs

They are my first bank. I remember getting my first account at the Bukit Timah branch. Staff were friendly and understanding. The second time I went back to get my card, I had to sign over and over again. I didn't have a perfected signature then, and I didn't remember how my signature looked the first time. The staff was quite patient and understanding, and he even seemed to be enjoying it. He grinned at me as I signed and signed and signed. Finally, I got it close enough that I think he just decided to go along with it.

I cannot compare UOB to others on the credit card rates and interest rates and stuff, but I can say that their internet banking service is pretty well-organized. Things you need are quickly displayed at a glance, and service has never been down for me. There is also no queue for UOB atms, which is a far cry from DBS ones.

Also, there is a charge every year for my debit card, but I just call them and have them waive it off!

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(Updated: January 14, 2013)

No need to queue up for your money

I am writing this review not as a investor or corporate customer but like most people out there - a everyday user of the bank for savings and spending purposes. With that in mind, I have nothing but good words to say about the bank.

As a long time UOB customer, I have hardly ever had to stand in line for more than 3 minutes to get my money (even on the last day of the month). This means that while I watch snaking lines form at the POSB/DBS atms, all I have to do is zoom right past them to the UOB atm to get my money.

I have had people telling me how hard it is to find the UOB atm but I find that to be anything but true. I guess one little known fact is that the bank shares its atm with OCBC. That means that you can withdraw from either atms.

The only difficulty that I have faced with this bank is that funds transfer from friends take 1-2 days longer to arrive. Other than that, I am a very satisfied customer of UOB and its services.

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Most lenient in late charge waivers

If you are a credit card users, you would have experienced forgetting to make payment for your credit card bills. What you would do next would be to call up the bank to request for a waiver for the late payment charges.

If you have a credit card from UOB, it would be nice to know that UOB is the most lenient bank in giving late payment charge waiver. For certain banks, they allow only one late charge waiver per year and bad luck to you if you forget to pay your credit bill of those banks more than once in a year.

For UOB, I had not experienced being rejected when I requested for waiver of late charges yet, not that I purposely forgot to make payment and take advantage of this.

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(Updated: November 17, 2012)

Sincere staff who tolerates me

Let me tell you how bad my memory is: I signed up for a course in SIM and completely forgot about it one month later when I got my acceptance letter. All I could think of was "WHAT? Since when was I done with poly?!"

So UOB is a pleasant surprise.

I regularly forget the PIN to my card as I use it rarely. I put some money in it as emergency cash, because there will be unfortunate locations where people can knit their lives on a blanket while waiting for a DBS queue, so I'll happily use my UOB card and rub my convenience in everyone's face.

But this has only happened 3 times so this also means that I've already been to BPP's UOB thrice asking what's my PIN. And each time, they'll laugh at me gently and help me with it without replacing the card.

So thank you for the service and the inconvenience and I'm sorry for the trouble, you can put the blame on me, said you could put the blame on me.

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Bukit Panjang Plaza
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My first

Let me talk about customer service. Professional, excellent and even caring.

Well, I hold an account in this bank which is my first and only one for now too, but what really drive me to go to this bank instead of other bank was kind of silly and random, but let me sum it up, I don't know what I'm doing at the time. However, the first time in there to apply for the account.

In the Jurong Point outlet, everyone working there was smiling and friendly. While me looking like a lost kid don't know what to do, was received by this really kind and motherly banking admin. And afterwards, you all know the story, I had my first account. I would usually just drop by to the ATM machine at the outlet to just take a peek at the same admin to check if she's good and all.

But one problem about holding an account in UOB is that it's not tied to Paypal, thus you can't transfer money to your Paypal account using an account there. A bit of a hassle I personally feel. But do consider making this your first bank if you want to.

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