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Electrico is a pop rock and indie Singaporean band which has been active ever since the 1960s. 


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Soulful vocals and music.

I loved the way that they managed to fuse their indie band style to become a really intimate song for national day. The echo-y sound from the vocals together with the soulful music was the perfect match for a soft, gentle address to Singapore through a song - in the imagined tone of the gentle voice, it was a lovely tune with a sense of patriotism to one's nation.

The song "What do you see" became one of my favourite songs when I first heard it - I didn't even know that it was meant for national day. It was only when the song was released then I found out about them. Subsequently, I listened to their other tracks and also fell in love with the band's style of playing - definitely one of the local talents that have been put into my 'must-watch' list.

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Electrifying Electrico

I first came to know about Electrico when they wrote the song “What do you see?” for 2008 National Day. They have a wikipedia page.

Fast forward 4 years. I went for my second drum lesson with a new drum teacher recommended by an uncle’s friend. “Do you have a band?” I asked the drum teacher at the end of the lesson and then found out he is Electrico’s drummer.

It is great! Besides learning how to play the drums, I also learnt that anything is possible with due effort as William, Electrico’s drummer, started off playing for a church performance with people he did not know. There were difficult fill ins or grooves he could not do but practised diligently until he could.

I feel Electrico has not disappeared from the music scene. They have awesome music and done Singapore proud on the international stage. It is only a matter of time they come back with a vengeance.

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Probably the Best Band in the Country?

I remember watching Electrico at a baybeats concert back in 2008. They were hands down the best local band that performed at the concert. What they lacked in screaming fans and hit songs, they made up in energy and out right good music.

Although I'm not a big supporter of Electrico, or local indie music for that matter, Electrico has definitely claimed top spot in my list of home-grown rock bands. Rumor has it that the band had somehow made it to radios in the United States, but whether it managed to gather them a following ceased to be shown.

Now the band has undoubtedly died out, with some of the members returning to day jobs, but Electrico is probably the best band in Singapore.

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Homegrown talent

The Singaporean music scene is very small, and only a few musicians can stand out amongst the influx of foreign music upon our shores. One such band is Electrico.

I first heard Electrico on the radio, and thought they were a British band, due to the smooth timbre of lead vocalist David Tan's voice. Their music is a blend of Indie pop and New Wave, and quite radio-friendly in nature. My favourite song is 'Runaway'.

However, since they wrote the theme song 'What Do You See?' for the National Day Parade in 2009, they seem to have disappeared from the music scene. Singapore definitely needs more talent like them back to give the music scene a much-needed boost.

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Great band!

I first listened to Electrico over the radio, and at the very first listen, I'd had completely no clue about who they were, and had in fact thought that they were another band from the USA. I was very much surprised when I found out that Electrico was in fact a Singaporean band, as I had previously thought that the local music scene was very much stale, and the fact that a Singaporean band could produce music of similar caliber to that of other USA bands was pretty shocking to me.

Electrico definitely changed my mind about the local music scene, and it heightened my curiosity towards other band acts in Singapore.

A marvelous band. I especially loved 'Save Our Souls' and 'Faces'.

They seem to have gone MIA for about two years. I'll definitely be awaiting their return though.

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Used to listen to their music...

I hardly listen to local music, be it English or Chinese, for one reason or another, but I definitely remember Electrico as one of THE local bands that I enjoyed listening to.

Their single "Love In New Wave" was the song that got me to discover the band. The music video for their song appeared on MTV, and the first time I heard it, I was hooked onto it. I guess this was when the band's success soared as well, leading to a couple more videos appearing on MTV, followed by their song "What Do You See?", which was 2009's National Day song, definitely an achievement for them, I believe.

Today, however, I hardly hear of them anymore. No, in fact, I don't exactly hear a single thing about them anymore. Where have they gone? Are they still faithfully making music? Or have they been disbanded? I really have no idea. Hopefully I'll get to hear new music from Electrico on MTV or radio soon!

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