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#01-97 Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039596
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Listing created by juzsimplicity on June 03, 2012    
Pullman Bakery sells an assortment of breads and buns.

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New favourite bakery!

Since I started working at Millenia Walk, I've been visiting Pullman Bakery almost everyday and I'm now on a quest to try every bread there! I've always liked bread and bakeries like this with a wide variety of different buns never fail to attract me. Similarly, I became attracted to this bakery and tried some of the buns and since then, I've become a regular customer and I believe the friendly staff there are also happy to see me nowadays.

My favourite bun is the egg and bacon bun. At just $2.20, you get to enjoy a bun with two pieces of bacon and a sunny side up right on top, it is so satisfying. I guess I'm also lucky, I always go at the time they replenish this, which is around 2pm, and it's hot and fresh from the oven.

They also have some seats outside, very plain and simple, but I enjoy sitting there just eating my bread and watching the world go by.

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Fresh and Fluffy

Pullman bakery is located at Milennia Walk and i would say its a hidden gem find because i never entered Milennia Walk due to its lack of shopping and its inconvenience away from Cityhall MRT. However, as i interned nearby at Milennia Tower, i found Pullman bakery and it became my staple breakfast place

Upon entering the Japanese bakery, I was exposed to aromatic frangrance and freshness from the Bread. I particulary love their Milk Pan and their hotdog bun. It is so different from the ones i had at BreakTalk. The bread was more soft and fluffy and it had more fillings. A thing to note though, prices are slightly steep, with some selection of buns going up to $2

Nevetheless, its a good find especially for working adults at Milennia/Centennial Tower!

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Cool stuff.

I was strolling at Milennia Walk and I couldn't be helped but be drawn in by the aroma of Pullman Bakery. Stepping in, the bread all looked really fresh and I couldn't resist buying their hotdog buns to give it a shot. They look like your ordinary ones that you can find at bread chains like Bread talk or Four Leaves, but the taste is definitely more fresh and tasty.

Price is also comparable to other bread chains. So if you are ever in need of a light bite, this is the place that you should visit!

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(Updated: December 04, 2012)

Very Japanese and rightly so.

Correct me if I am wrong, but Pullman bakery was from Japan. The name does not sound very Japanese at all, neither do the decorations which resemble ordinary decorations in a bakery, but upon entering the bakery, the bakery exudes a very countryside feel despite being located in a shopping centre and this countryside feel coupled with the overall cleanliness and orderliness of the bakery reminds me of Japan. And probably also because there is a distinctive Japanese influence in the bread sold.

The prices are on the high side for a bakery but the freshness of the bread makes it worth the while. My favourite is the sausage wrapped in a baguette whose actual name escapes me right now.

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Perfect for an inexpensive and quick breakfast

The bakery is located at Millenia Walk, a quiet shopping mall with the quaintest of shops. Millenia Walk plays host to tonnes of local designer labels. It's a great place to go to for unique buys.

The bakery is modelled after Provence, a popular Japanese bakery located at Holland V. They do have a selection of interesting bread, but the bread ceases to taste so good after a whole day sitting on the shelves. If you want to grab a bun that is still piping hot and tastes good, I'd suggest a visit to the bakery in the mornings (obviously).

Quite ironically though, I like their cold sandwiches. My favorite would be the potato salad and tuna combo. The mashed potato is mixed with generous chunks of ham and cucumber, and each sandwich is stuffed with a generous filling. Other choices for the cold sandwiches would be lobster mayo and egg mayo. I do believe they have others but it's rather hard to remember them off hand. The sandwiches are quite popular amongst office goers though, so do make a trip down early in the morning - they're largely all snapped up by midday.

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