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Barcook Bakery has been in business for more than 1 year and has finally come to Central. Our buns are different and better tasting than any other. From the initial concept to the baking techniques, ours is a unique blend of perfection, skill and experience. Our end products are always silky, smooth, never feel sticky and smell simply delectable. Come on down and try these special buns and taste the difference yourself. Signature Dishes • Raisin Cream Cheese • German muesli loaf Opening Hours:

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Very soft bread they have

Even before you reached Barcook bakery, you can already smell the irresistible aroma from the bakery . The original bakery initially located at Hong Lim complex and slowly it has taken off to have a few branches in the city area. Their most famous bread in their bakery is Raisin Cream Bread which is selling like hotcakes. The soft white bread and the smooth creamy texture of cream from the inside blend really well together. Usually they always serve it hot and fresh from the oven. Many bakeries try to imitate Barcook’s raisin cream bread but still Barcook’s have the best of it.
They have other varieties of bread as well, not as many as you seen compared to other bakery but it’s confirmed that you eat most of their bread fresh and they do sell it at a reasonable price! They don’t display most of their bread as they prefer to serve it once it’s out from the oven. It can be seen that they emphasis very much on the hygiene of the food, working area and the quality as well. They have some unique bread produced such as cempedak bread, fried sausage, choz banana or even barley custard. As with the usual bakery shop would have, they do sell beautiful and delicious cakes as well.

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To-die-for raisin cream cheese buns.

The cream cheese buns from Barcook are so good that I ate 3 at once before. That might have been because I was hungry, but mostly it was due to the sheer enjoyment I derived from eating it.

The bun is amazingly fluffy and soft, while they were generous with the cream cheese.The plump raisins scattered throughout the bun also go beautifully with the sweet and creamy filling. One bun is simply not enough!

According to my friends, other buns offered at the bakery are equally good. Move aside Breadtalk, Barcook wins this round!

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One of my favourite

Barcook Bakery is one of my favourite bakeries as their breads taste extremely fresh - some outlets have a bakery right behind them! Their bread dough is extremely soft and feels light and fluffy when you bite into it.

Barcook bakery has 8 outlets in Singapore and one in Malaysia. I have visited the outlets at Nex (which is walking distance from my house, hooray!) , Tampines 1 and OG Albert Complex. The quality of bread in all 3 outlets are pretty comparable and they all have equally long queues. Especially when they first open, the queues can go up to 15 minutes just for bread!

My favourite flavours are ham mushroom and cheese as well as the classic sausage bun! The former is an extremely unique flavour to barcook and the blend of ingredients go perfectly well together - the cheese melts in your mouth and gives you the tangy-cheese-feel when you pull your teeth away from it. The breads are also rather affordable - average $1.50 per piece. Overall, would highly recommend Singaporeans to try Barcook bread!

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Cream Cheese the Bomb

Regardless of which Barcook Bakery I visit, the staple item that I must get is their Cream Cheese bread. This particular bread is their signature item, and it has good reason to be. The bun is impossibly soft, and I like that it is not oily like other breads. I can pick it up with my bare hands and not even have to clean them with a tissue afterwards. The cream cheese filling is of a perfect amount, and the raisins that dot the bread provide a nice complement.

These buns sell like hot cakes though! If you want to get them, I recommend going earlier to avoid disappointment. I have seen others buy 5 buns at one go, so do not be surprised! Even if you are not a bread type of person, this is highly worth a try. Thumbs up :)

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Cream Cheese Bread
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Bread Heaven

I used to hate bread because I had to eat the same old peanut butter and jam bread before I left for school in the past. Hence, I was extremely reluctant to try the bread at barcook.

Only after much cajoling from my friends and the long queue I always observed at barcook did I decide to give it a go. Much to my amazement, I actually got hooked onto their bread. Not only the famous cream cheese bread that all the hype is about, but all the other bread were just as amazing.

The cream cheese bun has earned its name. With a generous amount of cream cheese, and the soft bun surrounding it, it is really a taste of heaven. I got another garlic bun and it was just as good. The taste of garlic is just strong enough to leave you yearning for more yet does not leave your breath smelling of garlic.

I have become one of the crazy barcook supporters that would swear upon our lives to get people to try this amazing bread.

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To die for cream cheese bun

After reading all these rave reviews about this famous bun, I finally decided to head down to this bakery to try the bun myself.

After walking aimlessly in the mall, I stumbled upon Barcook Bakery and without hesitation, bought the raisin cream cheese bun and I never regretted it. The bun is soft and the cream cheese filling is very satisfying. I gorged down the bun in a minute and decided to buy more. I think this bun is so popular as I saw people queuing up to get their hands on the buns.

The buns and breads here are fresh and I like the way it stays warm and soft and the display table, proving that the buns are freshly made and out of the oven.

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I don't like bread but...

I don't like bread so my friends were all really surprised when I was raving about Barcook Bakery the other day. I used to work near Raffles Place and during lunch, a long queue would be formed.

One fine day, I wasn't hungry enough for a full meal so I decided to try this as I was curious why a queue for just bread would be so long! I went ahead and got myself a ham and cheese bun and egg yolk bun. The fillings for the bread available were all very unique and I don't think you can find them at regular HDB bakeries. I took the first bite and oh i'd always remember that glorious moment! I kid. But it was love at first bite. The bread was surprisingly good, I wasn't expecting it to be hot, soft and fluffy.

After that, I find myself craving for Barcook Bakery's bread now and then. Oh, make sure the bread just left the oven so it would be hot and fluffy!

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A delightful experience!

One day my mum told me she bought bread for breakfast the next day, and I thought nothing much of it other than the fact that it was probably one of those bakeries under HDB blocks so I was looking forward to my usual sausage bun. To my horror, all I saw the next morning was a whole bunch of individually wrapped white bread which looked so plain I wanted to cry (ok that might be a slight exaggeration).

Choosing the white buns over hunger, I gave Barcook's cream cheese with raisin bun my first bite and my day was made. I now look forward to this lovely bread every time my mother buys them home and for good reason. Never have I tastes bread so moist and soft before. The cream cheese doesn't over-power the bread. Instead, it felt like it was there to give you added moisture, playing with your palate to remind you of it's existence.

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My children loved cheese

My two boys loved cheese and it was not difficult to get them to love the cheese buns from Barcook Bakery. Before being introduced to Barcook Bakery, they only knew Breadtalk and Four Seasons.

They were often reluctant to try other breads because their grandparents had bought breads from some pa and mum confectionery and those really turned them off until they dared not breads from "unknown" shops. Sometimes, the older folks felt that breads costing more than one dollar per piece were not worth buying and they rather buy the cheaper version.

Anyway, back to Barcook, my sons absolutely loved the bread and the first time, I only bought two pieces, one for each and it was not enough to go around. Now, whenever I buy from this shop, it would be at least six pieces.

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I find it really hard to recommend what I think are their better offerings but that's because I haven't eaten anything from Barcook which I find horrible, or even average. Everything which I've tried from this less than well-known bakery is really good, at least as compared to the sort of crap that Breadtalk serves. It's such a pity though that they tore down the small bakery at Clarke Quay (and replaced it with some Japanese buffet restaurant that isn't very good in my opinion).

My personal favourites are their raisin cream cheese bun, and this other bun which I can't recall by name that has potatoes and cheese in it. It's an explosion of cheese in the mouth when you bite into it. Yummy, way yummier than Breadtalk's pathetic offerings and more affordable too, if not equally so.

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Give Breadtalk a run for their money

Barcook Bakery is one of a gem find in the neighbourhoods of Chinatown, tanjong pajar etc and it gives commercialized Breadtalk a good run for their money! I love their speciality rasin cream cheese bun which are usually selling like hot cakes everytime i visit. The cheese used is fresh, aromatic and complements well with the soft fluffy bun. Besides the rainsin cream cheese bun, i also enjoyed the potato and wasabi bun and they are all quite uniquely tasty

The outlets at Raffles place and Hong Leong complex are usually quite crowded during lunchtimes when the working adults swarmed the area, but the queue moves pretty fast, about 7 minutes max of waiting time. This is defintely worth the queue if you are working in the vicinity.

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