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Other than serving baked goodies, Secret Recipe Singapore also serves a wide variety of pies, western, italian and asian classics.

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11am - 10pm (Sun-Thu) 11am - 11pm (Fri-Sat)
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< $10
List of Outlets:
Anchorpoint #01-12
CPF Building #01-08
Forum Shopping Mall #B1-05
Henry Park Apartment
IMM Building #01-02
Institute of Mental Health
Plaza Singapura #03-18
VivoCity #02-108/109


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Great for a full meal

Secret Recipe serves both desserts as well as main courses, and although people might think that you should only go there for its famous desserts, the main courses actually pack quite a punch as well!

I tried both the Chicken Cordon Bleu as well as the Seafood Pasta before. The Cordon Bleu is a crispy chicken fillet filled with luxurious melted cheese and fresh slices of ham and I loved every single bite of it. Because the taste is so rich, it may be difficult for one person to finish. However, you get a sense of satisfaction with every bite and it is worth every penny paid for.

The seafood pasta is another favourite of mine, as it is served with a generous amount of sauce and toppings and you will be stuffed after eating it yet you feel like you cannot leave without trying the dessert because this is secret recipe afterall!

My favourite desserts is the black forest, but I have tried quite a number of the others and I must say that all of them really live up to one’s expectations. Every slice is full of flavour and it is a large slice which makes it enough for sharing so that everyone can have a taste of each flavour.

Secret Recipe is a dessert specialty shop but to me, they have high standards for everything else as well.

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Great place to hang out

If you want to have lunch and find a place to hang out after your lunch, Secret Recipe conveniently is the place. Famous for their varieties of cakes, this place serves main meals as well. The settings of the restaurant brings a warm and cozy feelings which makes you comfortable as it is not too cramp.

Their chicken cordon blue is one dish not to be missed and their signature lamb shank is a must try, which won awards for a few consecutive years. As for their cakes, you are spoilt for choices as there are too many varieties. However, I would recommend my favourite chocolate banana cake,New York cheesecake and marble cheesecake. Do give their other delicious cakes a try too as it is too tempting not to. They serve other pastries as well such as pies, brownies and puffs which are equally delicious. Have a try at their shepard pie and calzone if main meals are too heavy for you.

Reservation for individual whole cake need to be done in advance as they do not sell ready made cake on the spot. Overall, I would say this restaurant's menu doesn't lack of choices and worth the price you are paying. They do serve dinner as well.

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I love their banana chocolate cake

Secret Recipe is a very popular Malaysian brand that has opened its stores in Singapore. While they are famous for their desserts, they serve main courses such as pastas and poultry as well. I’ve tried Secret recipe a couple of times and my favourite is their chocolate banana cake. They are one of the first few confectionaries to come up with that combination and set a trend.

I’ve never tried their main courses before but i heard their Seafood Pasta and Chicken Cordon Bleu taste really good! However, the food at Secret Recipe is rather pricey. A slice of cake costs approximately $7.

I would recommend Secret recipe to Singaporeans as their cakes are really good! Even better, their food is halal. A trick is, Singaporeans who travel to Johor Bahru for road trips can dabao cakes back, they are A LOT cheaper in Malaysia!

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Surprisingly Good

Let's not talk about the desserts in my review because I would say Secret Recipe's desserts are known to be good. I'm here to talk about their main course!
I always felt unsure about their main course because the reputation of their desserts have overshadowed the rest of the items on their menu.

However, I am pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed with their steak and seafood aglio olio which I thoroughly enjoyed at the Plaza Singapura outlet. The steak was very tender and its quality beats many other places that serve steak for a much higher price.
Also, the seafood aglio olio was served with cray fish and was priced very reasonably. I would say that I was more impressed with their steak than the aglio olio as the aglio wasn't as savoury as I had hoped it would be. However, the meal was overall very satisfactory.

The ambiance in Secret Recipe is also rather standard and is often made very cosy with the booth seating arrangement and warm coloured lights. Thumbs up for Secret Recipe for having its main course match up to its dessert's reputation. I look forward to my next trip there!

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Cakes Galore!

I was running an errand one day when I passed by Secret Recipe at CPF Building.

After 3pm, cake sets (cake + tea) are discounted, so I decided to step in to take a break. I paid $7.90++ for a large slice of Chocolate indulgence, and it was served within 3 minutes. Indulgence is an apt name because… the cake was practically made of cream! It only had 3 extremely thin layers of sponge mmm…..

Service was perfect (I managed to get a sofa seat!) and the place was quiet enough, but I've yet to see how it is during lunch hour.

What’s more, there’s a 30% discount after 3pm for main courses, if you’re in the vicinity and up for some late lunch/early dinner, this place is perfect for a well-deserved break without burning a big hole in your pocket!

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buy the cakes!

I really love Secret Recipe, it’s a pity that they have very few outlets left in Singapore now. I love their spaghetti Bolognese, it’s a definite must try! The sauce is just mouth-watering.

I also heard that Starbucks buys their cakes from Secret Recipe, and obviously sells them at twice the price that you can get them from Secret Recipe (the oreo cheesecake costs almost $6 a slice at Starbucks, but only $3 at Secret Recipe).

As you might have probably guess by now, Secret Recipe’s cakes are simply to die for. Regardless of how sinful it is, you cannot say that you have been to Secret Recipe without having tried one of their fabulous cakes! In addition, it is a whole lot cheaper than at Starbucks. You can definitely order them for birthday bashes too (in large quantities)!

I love Secret Recipe also because their prices are pretty reasonable! The last time I went there, the plate of spaghetti Bolognese caused only about $8, which is pretty cheap for a restaurant of Secret Recipe’s standards.

Service wise, Secret Recipe has experienced staff who are always more than willing to serve you. They have vibrant and lively service staff who will make your dining experience more than just a pleasant one.

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the secret's in the cake

If you go to secret recipe, please note that they only have secret recipes for the cakes. Their cakes are delicious, no matter which flavour you choose, so do not worry about eating a bad tasting cake.
I had a salad there once and it was a huge serving of salad with turkey meat or something I can't really remember. It wasn't tasty, just normal. The portion was very big though. And I think they used cheesedale cheese. The presentation of food sucked. I felt like a rabbit! I also got the kids meal, some mini burgers with beef. The beef "patty" was too tough and dry so it wasn't at all tasty. I'd to load it with chilli sauce. :/

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takes the cake!

The thing I love best about Secret Recipe is their affordable and delicious cakes! There is a wide variety such as green tea cheesecake, their award-winning chocolate banana cake, strawberry marshmallow cheesecake, choc mud cake, vienna brownie...mhm. I can't wait to try them all!

The best time to go would be weekdays as from 3 to 6pm, they have a cake set promotion, where a slice of cake (top up $1 for premium flavours) and a coffee/tea/iced lemon tea costs only $6.90. A similar promotion for their brownies cost $5.90.

Their menu is halal, and not only includes desserts, but also western dishes and asian classics such as laksa.

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3 words: Chicken Cordon Bleu

I believe Chicken Cordon Bleu is synonymous with Secret Recipe, apart from their cakes, that is. Who doesn't love breaded chicken with ham and oozing cheese? Unfortunately, that is the only main dish worth having. All their other mains leave much room for improvement, and even then, I have had Chicken Cordon Bleu that was sometimes overcooked, which negates the whole point of me even dining there. It depends on your luck, really.

Their Black Forest Cake is also one of the rare hits, as it is not overpoweringly sweet and rich, and will leave you wanting more, unlike their cheesecakes which are too rich for my liking.

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main meals and desserts all at one place

I have been to Secret Recipe many times and after many trial-and-error, I find that the best main meals here would be the Chicken Cordon Bleu. The pasta, appetizers and fusion dishes are average or slightly below average. The Chicken Cordon Bleu was extremely delicious! Ham and cheese are stuffed in between chicken thighs which are then breaded and deep fried. It is always served to me piping hot. Cheese is always melty. I really like it!

If you are not there for the main meals then their desserts are something to try. They have a huge selection of cakes. I think cakes are more of their forte as compared to actual cooking. Like the reviewer below, I recommend the banana chocolate cake. Now, who doesn't know about the high chemistry between banana and chocolate? This cake brings it to new heights. So good! The cakes are thick and served in huge portions as well. You can order a slice to share between 2 people. It might be a little too overwhelming to finish a slice entirely on your own. Service was good and speedy. Thumbs up!

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average cheesecakes, but the banana chocolate cake is a must try

Secret Recipe is well-known for its cakes, especially its wide range of cheesecakes. Although their cheesecakes are nice, especially the oreo cheesecake, I find them overly cheesy and I will get quite sick of the taste after a few mouthfuls. It is preferable to share the slice, of any cheesecakes, with another person. My favourite cake would be the banana chocolate cake. Each slice is coated with chocolate and filled with chocolate chiffon cake, chocolate cream and big pieces of banana. It is not excessively rich in chocolate, and the combination of chocolate and banana goes well with each other.

Cakes at Secret Recipe make good desserts for a group of friends just wanting a place to chill and have desserts. Business at Secret Recipe is usually slow and seats are available during mealtimes, even at stores located in town. Thus, it is possible to sit for several hours, without being chased out of the cafe. The quality and size of the slices of cake is worth the price.

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Lamb shank is best

Secret Recipe is definitely not a place just for cakes and coffee, as they do also have many wonderful main courses to choose from. The main course that i prefer the most is the lamb shank. The lamb shank is cooked until so tender, that the meat literally falls apart when you use a fork to fork out the meat. There is no need to use any force to cut it at all. The meat is taste very delicious and this dish is usually the one i will eat and recommend to others as well.

For desserts, i have tried their new york cheesecake and the marble cheesecake. Both flavours are equally good, and the taste of the cheese cake is very rich but it does not make me sick and tired when i finish it. Some cheese cakes from other brands make you feel sick of the taste after a while, but not this brand. The texture is also sticky yet soft and i think that this is a very good dessert to fill up the stomach, in case you still do not feel full after eating the main course.

For the drinks and appetizers, i do not find them any different nor outstanding from other brands, so i cannot comment on it much. However, this does not mean that it is bad. In terms of prices, i find that it is set at a reasonable price.In terms of service, it is just average and i think they can still improve especially their attentiveness to customer's needs as i have also met occasions where the staff did not notice that i needed their attention.

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