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11 Enterprise Road Jurong Town Singapore 629823
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Four Leaves is a chain bakery in Singapore. It was established since 1981. We started our first humble outlet at Nutmeg Road, and have since successfully launched our central factory located at Enterprise Road and 28 retail outlets in Singapore. These include the brand names of Panaderia (Great World City), St. Leaven (Takashimaya), Peck (Takashimaya), Epid'or (Raffles City), and Splash & Decker (Ngee Ann Polytechnic & Nanyang Polytechnic). In addition, we also have two subsidiaries in Kuala Lumpur and Penang of Malaysia. We are committed to providing innovative and quality bakery products to our customers, so it has always been a Four Leaves policy to bring in Japanese technical advisors to constantly create new products, and implement stringent quality control. Walking into any Four Leaves bakery, you will be welcome by the aroma of the freshly baked products, as well as the wide range of products that we offer. Four Leaves... It's all about PASSION, CHOICE & TRUST!

Additional Details:

Avg Price:
< $10
List of Outlets:
City Branches
Bugis Junction (#B1-14/15) 6337 4717 6337 3791
Liang Court (B1, Meidi-Ya Supermarket) 6336 1030
Tiong Bahru Plaza (#B1-05) 6272 0832
* Epi d'or (#B1-44, Raffles City Shopping Centre) 6339 7723
* Panaderia (B1, Great World City) 6836 9355
* Saint Leaven (B2, Takashimaya Dept. Store) 6735 1235
* Peck (B2, Takashimaya Dept. Store) 6836 6118

North Branches
Causeway Point (#B1-34) 6894 1232
Compass Point (#B1-41/42) 6315 9369
Hougang Mall (#B1-21) 6425 8421
North Point (#B1-09/10) 6755 7080
Thomson Plaza (#01-03/04) 6455 5565
* Splash n Decker (Nanyang Polytechnic) 6452 0790
Serangoon Central (#B2-43, nex) 6481 1287
Bishan (#B1-10, Junction 8) 6253 7123

West Branches Phone/Fax
Anchor Point (#B1-57) 6473 3801
Bukit Panjang Plaza (#01-25) 6892 9388
Choa Chu Kang (#B1-K14/K15/20, Lot One) 6762 9821
Clementi (#B1-15/16, The Clementi Mall) 6659 4673
IMM (#01-44) 6793 3733
Jurong Point (#01-42) 6795 2557
Yew Tee Point (#B1-33/34) 6762 0228
* Splash n Decker (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) 6469 1972

East Branches Phone/Fax
Katong (#B1-80/81, Parkway Parade) 6447 1805
Tampines Mall (#B1-22) 6788 5056
White Sands (#B1-09) 6583 8535
Bedok Point (#01-08) 6241 9098
Changi City Point (#B1-52) 6636 1663


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Mini buns not worth money

Despite the many rave reviews about the mini buns sold in four leaves, i'm going to give my 2 cents about this matter. The mini buns are well, mini. They're just tiny pieces of flour with minimal filling in them. Ok, don't get me wrong. I LOVE bread and I love Fourleaves. However, I think that the mini buns are priced too high. If you ever get the chance to buy the chocolate-filled mini buns, you'd realise that the buns aren't really filled with chocolate. I was so disappointed that I spent 2 dollars on 3 tiny pieces of dough that did not taste all that good.
Other than that, I have to admit that the recent promotions are really good, You can even mix and match different breads. Just don't buy the mini buns.

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(Updated: September 26, 2012)

Not really value for money.

For as long as I could remember, Four Leaves has been around in almost every shopping mall in Singapore. They offer a variety of breads and cakes. Over the years, I've noticed that the portions of the pastries have been shrinking and the prices soaring. A simple bread sandwich can easily be over $1.50.

However, despite the slightly unreasonable price, the quality of the pastries are still there. The breads are fluffy and soft, while the cakes are moist and creamy. If there is a cake flavour I would recommend, it would definitely be the Strawberry Shortcake. The sponge cake is very moist. I've always been trying to figure out what cream it is but until now, it's still a mystery. The cream is very much different from the cream that other bakeries use. Its sweetness is just right and it has a slightly fruity taste to it I guess?

Overall, I would try to avoid buying from Four Leaves as I do not believe that it is value for money. Unless I am very hungry or when my wallet does not have so much empty spaces, I would buy simple breads from Four Leaves to fill my stomach.

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Best Part:
Strawberry Shortcake
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Disappointing after-sales service.

I have bought 2 birthday cakes from four Leaves over the last year and I have to admit, I was a bit let down by the quality. The first time, I bought an Almond Fruit Top from their Bugis Junction outlet. When the cake was cut and served to everyone, there were many comments from the guests that it was slightly hard, and that the fruits used were not fresh.

The second occasion was when I purchased their Chocolate Classico, which I have to admit looked simply beautiful. but when I gave the outlet manager feedback on my previous experience with the sub-standard Almond Fruit Top cake, the outlet manager did not respond or even show the slightest regret. Nevertheless I bought the Chocolate Classico and went back home. Disappointingly, the taste of the cake did not at all reflect that it came from an established chain like Four Leaves. The cake was too dry and too heavy, with most of the guests leaving their slices unfinished.

Disappointing, to say the least.

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Mini Breads: Cute, Cheap and Yummy!

Four Leaves have always been my choice of bakery whenever I need a snack or two. With the mini breads prices at 5 for $2.95, I find myself irresistibly indulging in more as they were cheaper the more you buy. Some of my favourite mini breads include the sugar plait, coffee steamed bun and crab meat bun. Also, the chocolate brownie makes a killer dessert with ice cream you can buy from supermarkets (thus cheap too!).

Other than the mini bread, the dorayaki makes yummy and affordable breakfast. It is sold singly and pre-wrapped to be brought around with great convenience. Some of the cakes are worth a try too.

Four Leaves also frequently come up with the loyalty program where you can collect stamps in exchange for discounts and special gifts.

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Best Part:
Branch Location:
Tampines Mall
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(Updated: May 30, 2012)

provides a wide array of cakes and bread, but only certain ones are worth a try

Having a wide array of cakes and bread, it provides many choices for breakfast and snack for everyone.

Ever since I had the strawberry shortcake during my 17th birthday, I liked it so much that my friends got the same cake to celebrate my 18th birthday as well. And for a daily snack, I occasionally purchase the small whole cake to eat on my own. The cream is slightly sweet, with soft vanilla chiffon cake and filled with big pieces of strawberry, delicious.

The raisin walnut crescent is my favourite bread from Four Leaves, since I like raisins and walnut. Each bite is soft, sweet and crunchy. For a light snack, small pieces of bread can be purchased at one for $0.70, three for $1.95 and five for $2.95. The lucky star, little brownie and little danish apple are worth a try. There are many other options to choose from as well. Although this option provides many choices, it is merely a snack and a little expensive for the price and the size of the buns received.

There seems to be always many choices of bread available for purchase, even near to closing time. Purchasing bread to be kept overnight is acceptable, as the bread does not change its taste.

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Branch Location:
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bad presentation of bread

I do not frequent Four Leaves often cause i do not like their bread. Visually, the bread offered by Four Leaves do not looking appealing to me. They look heavily over-glazed to give the shiny look and it just look artificial and oily. And because of that, i have the impression that the bread is rather unhealthy.

Also, i do not like the way that their bread is being display. Recently at Yew Tee, one of their bread was actually already filled fully on the display racks, but i saw the staff took a few more pieces from somewhere and started stacking the bread on each other. When i look at that, i just felt that there must be a better way to display this bread for the customers to choose. By doing this, it just give the impression that the staff is not interested in the bread. Also, i find that the bread are not arranged properly and neatly. Maybe other customers may have messed up the arrangement, but the staff could try to arrange it back neatly once in a while to give the customers a good impression.

Their mix and match mini buns are a great idea to allow more choices at the same price. But their presentation needs improvement to attract people.

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My all-time favourite bakery

The competition among bakeries in Singapore today is intense, with many small $1 bread shops popping up in the heartlands. Four Leaves has been around way before this trend started, and still holds its own as an old-timer among a crowd of start-ups.

Most of their breads cost between $1 to $2, but you get superb quality. They use premium ingredients and minimize the use of butter so their breads are not so oily. The greatest example of this is their Walnut Raisin Croissant Bread. You can tell from the first bite that their walnuts are fresh from their crispness.

My favourite item at Four Leaves is their strawberry shortcake. They cover the cake in a very light fresh cream that does not use butter, so instead of the oily feeling you get when eating other cakes, this cream on this cake just leave you yearning for more.

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Coco Exotic is one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve had.

It’s not uncommon to see people walking around with “Four Leaves” plastic bags. There was once I counted, and within a span of 15 minutes I spotted 4 people. I was nowhere near a Four Leaves, that’s how well-patronised it is.

It’s popular for good reason too! With bread that go for an average of $1.20 per piece, the bread is cheap and satisfying. However, the true stars of the bakery are their cakes. My absolute favorite is their Coco Exotic cake. With a praline base and a rich, chocolate-y top layer complete with hazelnut notes, it’s an absolute delight that you wouldn’t expect to find at only $4.10 per piece.

The strawberry shortcake is another popular item. It is light and pleasant, not cloyingly sweet like typical shortcakes. For cakes and buns at cheap prices which do not compromise on quality, Four Leaves is the way to go!

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One of Singapore’s oldest bread

Four Leaves, alongside Breaktalk, were one of the first bakeries to open in Singapore. They serve flavours spanning from the traditional red bean bread to more avant-garde flavours such as chocolate raisin. On average, a bread from Four Leaves costs $1.50, an extremely affordable snack!

I love the red bean walnut bread from Four Leaves as the bread is very soft and they are extremely generous with their red bean and walnuts. Moreover, the crust of the bread is covered in sesame seeds to give it the extra crunch!

Four leaves is my usual go-to for breakfast. Given its ubiquity, it is extremely convenient and there is nothing I don’t love about Four Leaves! Perhaps a suggestion is that they should serve coffee alongside bread.

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(Updated: January 19, 2016)

Sugary donuts and tasty buns at a really affordable price

Rushing to have breakfast on a school day isn’t something foreign to many students out there. Cereal and milk takes too long, and whipping up something is out of the question for grumpy morning people like me. Four Leaves bread has been my breakfast companion for all those rushed mornings, and they are enough to keep my tummy filled.

My favourite is the sugar chocolate donut rolls. Not failing its name, these chocolate flavoured donuts are generously powdered with icing sugar, and every bite is a sugary explosion. The donut itself is soft and slightly chewy. Their tuna buns are also worth getting - they are really tasty and the tuna seems fresh. The strands of onions irk me though, they give a crunch which in my opinion, disrupts the soft texture of the whole bun.

Four Leaves also have sales where you can buy more to get a greater discount. It’s really affordable and those old cashier aunties are always really friendly. If you get something from Four Leaves, request for them to package your buns in one plastic bag to save the environment!

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Four stars for Four Leaves

Four Leaves had always been a part of my childhood - well, it actually still is a significant part of my life. The buns and cakes I’ve enjoyed as a kid still exist today, and still taste equally good.

My sweet tooth hasn’t changed at all, with my absolute favourite being the Twisty, a chocolate and vanilla twisted bread covered with icing sugar. It was one of the buns my mum would bring home after work for me to have it for breakfast, and it took mega willpower for me to resist eating them until the next morning. Four Leave’s Strawberry Shortcake is my all-time favourite cake as well, a cake I definitely would have for all my birthdays.

The usual buns such as the Hotdog Bun and Chicken Floss Bread are staple in every bakery, and Four Leaves does them well. The smell of baking bread is so tantalizing every time I walk past Four Leaves on my way to school, I could only wish they opened earlier!

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Love the Pork Floss Buns

I patronise Four Leaves the Tiong Bahru outlet every sunday and would almost always buy the pork floss buns. They are small and fluffy and feels like eating "air", not really value for money but nevertheless i love their texture.

At Takashimaya outlet, there is the brownie which i love too. I'm particular about brownie being not too hard nor too small and that it does not break into bits easily when bitten. Theirs prove just the type i like!

I notice that the variety of buns and their prices differ from outlet to outlet. The outlet at Takashimaya has many more variety of buns than other outlets. (Maybe it is St Leavens and not Four Leaves.) It would be good if the flavours at St Leavens could be introduced to Four Leaves too!

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Love their mini hot dog buns!

What I absolutely love the most about Four Leaves is their mini hot buns. They taste awesome and are perfect as quick snacks to carry around with their small size. There's a small bit of cream on top of each bun that tastes really good and really helps it to stand out from the standard hot dog buns. But sadly, it's just a small portion. And their mini buns are a bit expensive, in my opinion.

I love their steamed cheesecake as well. Its flavour isn't too overpowering but can keep you contented. Munching on something so soft is really just a delight for the mouth.

I've come across a few times where their buns taste rather stale, though.

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Love the cakes, not the bread.

If I enter a Four Leaves shop, I will only leave with their cakes. Personally, I feel that their breads are not very good. The donuts I tried are stale and heavy with oil. The breads aren't fragrant. You know, when we pass by a bakery, we'll most probably be over-whelmed with the sweet smell before anything else right? That is the case even for neighbourhood bakeries. But not for Four Leaves.

However, when it comes to cakes I love to buy from them! Out of 5 birthdays cakes I would buy 4 from them. I simply love their cheesecake. Heavy, rich and creamy. Creamy, not milky. Crisp hard base that melts in your mouth, leaving a hint of savoury saltiness that compliments the strong tasting cake. I suggest people buying the individual piece to try first. It cost about $3.

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Branch Location:
Woodlands Causeway Point
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(Updated: September 27, 2012)

Cute little mini breads

Every morning, thinking of what to eat for your breakfast? For me, as I'm a bread lover, breads are always a must have in my every morning breakfast. I usually like to buy cute little mini breads from Four leaves where they are selling 3 for $1.95, usually 3 mini breads are enough to fill my stomach. There are a lot of variety to choose from, and I would recommend you three of my favourites that I always bought, they are: the crabstick bun, chicken mushroom bun and cheese sausage bun.

If you love crabstick from those japanese ramen, you would definately love the crabstick bun from Four Leaves where they use the exact same japanese crabstick for their buns. It's an extraordinary flavours which is exclusively available to Four Leaves only.

However it will be good if you ask them to separate the three buns into three plastic bags because usually they would put all the buns together in a small plastic bag, and if you do not eat immediately, you will realise that your bread will be slightly squash after a few hours later.

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Mini Bread Promotion for the win!

I am a cake lover. As long as the cake is not ridiculously creamy or overly sweet, I am fine with it. However, cakes nowadays aren't really cheap, the same goes to the cakes from Four Leaves. I love eating cake in big portion. It somehow makes me feel satisfied after gobbling big mouthful of cake. However, thinking that a small 15cm by 15cm Light Cheese Cake will cost me 28 bucks, it just spoils my appetite. Sometimes, I can only choose to walk away without buying any cakes.

There are also times when I try to divert my attention to their breads instead. Each bread cost you around 70 cents, but you will only need to pay $2.95 for any 5 pieces of bread. Wow, isn't it! That is why I love Four Leave! Love their mini bread promotion! Because it is super worth the buy. Hit the Like button if you love their min bread promotion too!

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