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Drips Bakery Cafe 82 Tiong Poh Road, #01-05 Singapore 160082
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Edlyn Seow
Listing created by Edlyn Seow on November 25, 2013    

Where you can find a range of delectable pastries to satisfy that sweet craving. A cafe that specializes in cakes, tarts and also coffee.

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Sun - Thur : 11:00am - 9:30pm Fri & Sat : 11:00am - 11:00pm
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Chocolate de Tart

It was a coincidence that my friends and I visited this café on a rainy day. There weren’t many customers due to the rain. The moment we entered the shop, none of the staff told us where to put our wet umbrella until we asked. We went over to purchase their desserts and their coffee. My eyes are glued on their Chocolate de Tart. Furthermore, I ordered their piccolo latte. Didn’t know that piccolo latte is pistachio latte but still, it taste great. It was my first time trying nutty latte.

Hang on there; I want to recommend everyone to this Chocolate de Tart! This is by far the nicest chocolate tart I’ve ever tried. (I’m a fussy eater, so trust me, this is real good). The cocoa powder that is being sifted did not overpower the chocolate inside. The tarts are crispy and light while the chocolate mousse feel so soft rich. After one bite, everything just melts in my mouth and in less than five minutes, my tarts are gone. At a price of $6.80, this tart could be the best buy. (I was so lucky to purchase this last tart, better come earlier before it’s out of stock!)

I would not mind coming to this café again for this chocolate de tart. Nonetheless, their service could be improved as their staff served us other customer’s food and took a long time to serve us the drinks.

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Chocolate de Tart
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Never seen faces so black

I visited on a weekday evening and as the exterior of the café was really pretty, I was looking forward to having an indulgent supper. However, it was far from that.

I admit I’m quite the photography-enthusiast but there’s surely no need to be glaring at me from head to toe as if I’m about to rob the shop? There were 2 staff on duty and BOTH were really unwelcoming.

We didn’t really have many dessert choices as most of them were sold out. That I believe is reasonable with good sales but wouldn’t it be better to stock up on more? You get increased sales as well as a higher customer satisfaction when they’re spoilt for choice. It’s like patronizing only to be eating leftovers.

Anyway, we ordered drinks along with our dessert picks and the lady at the counter hastily keyed them in before rushing us for payment. That’s not the worst part, they got our drink orders wrong (twice) and they were hardly apologetic. When they finally got it right, it was served with a bang on the table. Both wore a long and gloomy face and the cafe wasn't even busy. Food and drinks were average with jacked up prices. No more next time for me.

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