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#B1-21, West Coast Plaza 154 West Coast Road Singapore 127371
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Listing created by alicianyq on September 01, 2013    

Cupcakes OCD makes really creative and unique types of cupcakes.

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11am - 9.30pm
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< $10


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Almost missable

Walk too fast and you'll walk past this place and straight into Ice Age.

This place is tucked in a very small cosy spot. I would've ignored it but I happened to chance upon it when I was in my baking phase.

Everything looked average at best. I like cookies and cream cupcakes and it was my premier choice but it looked extremely average so my friend pushed me to try their Nutella Cupcakes.

And it was pretty good.

The lady serving us was extremely cute. She offered a plastic bag a takeaway box a serviette for a single cupcake purchase. Such a thumbs up.

The cupcake was pretty okay at first but with every bite it got better (or maybe I'm just hungry) but I couldn't come back again.

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Cute serviettes
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West Coast Plaza
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Left more sad than happy

‘Your antidepressant!’ it boasted to my excitement when I discovered Cupcakes OCD. They had interesting takes on conventional flavours like their Red Velvet rice yeast chocolate cake and Carrot Cake with pink guava cream cheese. I had the Salted Caramel cupcake - a banana cake topped with salted caramel buttercream. Although I must applaud the pairing of banana cake and salted caramel frosting, the overall experience was not entirely a pleasant one.

The buttercream was too salty and buttery and greased my tongue instead of being silky smooth. The cake was also too dense. While it made a good banana cake, it certainly did not live up to being a fluffy decadent gourmet cupcake. It was a really a depressing petite cupcake (it was really small!) and I will not come back for more.

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Interesting flavors
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