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#B1-80 23 Serangoon Central/ NEX Singapore 556083
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Alleys scavenger
Listing created by Alleys scavenger on April 17, 2012    

At Green Pumpkin Japanese Café & Bakery, their breads are baked fresh daily and contain no preservatives and zero additives. The “mochi mochi” soft springy texture of their breads is achieved through a long fermentation period. The dough is prepared the day before and left to sit undisturbed overnight to develop its full flavours.

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Feast for the eyes!

Located at the corner of a Japanese food street is a bakery that sells pretty looking buns and baked goods. Trust the Japanese and their attention to detail and aesthetics; the look of the buns are enough to please your eyes, if not your taste buds.

One of my favorites would be their signature Green Pumpkin Bun ($1.60). With a pale green crusty icing covering the bun, and huge chunks of pumpkin encased within the dough, every bite is chock-full of healthy pumpkin and makes you feel like you’re finally on track to living the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted to lead.

However, a downside would be that the buns are relatively pricey, with many of the buns being close to $2. Yet, with their use of fresh quality ingredients and no preservatives or additives in their products, I guess it’s a small price to pay.

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the namesake of this bakery is a must-try!

I've only tried one item from this bakery before, which is their signature green pumpkin bun. It looks so adorable, I couldn't resist buying one to try! I'm not usually a fan of pumpkin itself, so I was surprised that I really enjoyed the bun. The bread is incredibly soft and fluffy, and the pumpkin filling very smooth, rich, and savoury. It's great for a light breakfast, and seems quite healthy too!

Most of the breads there seem freshly baked, since they sell out pretty fast. Unfortunately, the prices are quite steep, so I won't be able to return as often as I would like to.

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Cute green buns

I was queuing for a Japanese restaurant nearby green pumpkin and as I waited hungrily, the whiff of freshly baked bread led my legs to green pumpkin. Although i didn't like pumpkin, I was attracted to the usual looking green bread which looks like a pumpkin as the sugar crust on top has be scored to have the marks similar to a pumpkin. I decided to get one at about $2 to satisfy my hunger whiles waiting to be seated at the Japanese restaurant.

My first bite into the fluffy bread, i loved it. There is a little bit of pumpkin puree filling inside and the outside was just a green color sugar dough crust. It's abit like hong kong's po lou bao(pineapple bun) just that this is the Japanese version and it had abit of pumpkin inside.
As i didn't like the taste of pumpkin it suited me well.

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savoury and fluffy goods

Green Pumpkin has lovely, fragrant bread that is to my liking. I look often to see what new pastries have been baked in order to try. Pastries and cakes are decorated prettily and appetizingly to allure customers, and it works. Their Yuzu Cream Cheesecake is just heavenly, and not too sinful. Try their signature pumpkin bun filled with homemade pumpkin paste for pumpkin lovers, or their Anpan bun is also a highly recommended alternative! (: Their breads are really huge and the fluffy feeling or 'mochi-mochi' texture as the company claims, is really true (:

I usually stop by to purchase their goods at night if I'm passing by, as by then the staff would give you some discount, around 20% if I recall correctly. Definitely worth a visit, it's worth the few extra cents for such delicious bread :3

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Generous servings, very affordable

Compared to other bakery chains such as Breadtalk, Green Pumpkin Japanese Bakery Cafe really stretches your dollar and is much more worth it, in my opinion. Their servings of bread are quite large, and one piece can really satisfy you.

I tried the Ham sandwich, and it was so large I could eat just that for breakfast and not feel hungry afterwards. It was also very affordable, and if you go to other bakery chains, you will never be able to get as large a sandwich for the price you pay at Green Pumpkin.

Each piece of bread costs less than $2, although there are a few that are priced $2 and above (the premium ones). Mostly, the bread at Green Pumpkin is extremely affordable and tasty, good news for the cost-conscious consumer in today's day and age.

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(Updated: December 11, 2012)

Delicious Japanese buns!

I adore Japanese food, so when I stumbled upon Green Pumpkin, I'd thought that it would only be natural for me to try out some Japanese buns as well. I certainly didn't regret that decision, because the bread at Green Pumpkin is delicious.

The bread at Green Pumpkin differ from that of your typical run-of-the-mill neighbourhood bakery. The bread at Green Pumpkin is definitely of a higher quality - it's significantly softer and fluffier, and the variety offered are more unique.

Since Green Pumpkin is a bakery that hails from Japan, there are various bread there that are unique to Japan. For instance, they sold Melon Pan, and Curry Pan, which I thought were delicious, and could hardly be found anywhere else. In terms of aesthetic appeal, the bread at Green Pumpkin certainly far exceed that of other bakeries that I've been to, and every bite into your bread feels like a little piece of heaven.

I found the price range slightly higher than that of typical neighbourhood bakeries, but that is to be expected, and a few cents more for such fluffy, delicious bread is definitely worth it!

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Yummy in my tummy.

I love this store! The bread sold here is really unique and tasty. I came here with my friend after school one day. With only 5 dollars, we had to choose carefully which bread we wanted. I immediately chose The Green Pumpkin bread. It's green on the side and tastes really crispy on the outside. Inside the bread, you can taste the delicious pumpkin! Apparently, it's healthy too and I'm sure all health conscious people would like to visit this bakery.

Price-wise, this place is really affordable as you can easily get a large-sized bread for $1.90. I would really recommend this place to all bread-lovers and I'm definitely going back there again!

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I go gaga.

When i see bread. Bread wins in my choice of carbs. Be it pasta, noodles, rice, bread is always my first choice. If you just do well in your packaging, i will be wowed over.

This was what happened at my virgin visit to this bakery. Cute and aesthetically appealing designs of bread? Ding! Japanese origin? DOUBLE ding. i couldn't resist all the bread on sale, for all were design and baked so nicely, they smelled heavenly and as japanese goods were, the fillings and flavors were very creative too, not the usual ones we can find at the normal bakeries.

I grabbed a few of their signatures, one which was their pumpkin bread, as their name already says. The pumpkin one was of course, filled with chunks of orangey pumpkin, the filling wasn't cloyingly sweet like our usual bakeries, so another tick for the health conscious.

They also sell a range of other deserts in the cold section. And they looked alluring.

Okay, whatever bread like thing looks alluring to me.

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Excellence we have in bread

the bakery serves soft bread with unique tastes, such as the melon flavoured bread and even a croquette bread. The dough has a nice aroma of flour derived from the special type of flour and one of a kind method of fermentation.

If you have time, you may also choose to enjoy their breads in a nice quiet ambience in a small cafe situated beside the bakery which serves a variety of drinks and bread/cakes.

Their cakes are also very special in taste, creamy but not overly rich, such as the lychee cheesecake, which has strong flavours but not overly thick cream.

All these good food and drinks are also paired with excellent service staff who really make you feel welcome. Definitely worth going back again.

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Not your typical bakery!

The uniqueness of Green Pumpkin lies in its flour. Just take a bite and I promise you will be surprised to find that their breads are soft, fluffy and chewy. As I am not a fan of overly rich bread products, I like how Green Pumpkin offers bread that look so intricate yet taste subtly wonderful. Its taste is never too rich nor overwhelming. Instead, simplicity is its key.

It is named after its most popular product, the Green Pumpkin Bun, which is a must-try. The texture of the bun is soft yet firm and the pumpkin fillings inside are not too little and not too much that it borders on being overwhelmingly sweet.

Besides its usual popular products like the above mentioned Green Pumpkin bun and its Anpan buns, try its triangular ham and cheese sandwich. I fell in love with it at first bite! Its ham and cheese sandwich is not messy and oily like the ones at some bakeries. Littered with flecks of black pepper, its one of my must-buys each time I visit Green Pumpkin. At $1.90 each for a huge triangular piece, it's very worth it.

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