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Angie The Choice (ATC) is a specialty confectionary selling premium cakes and pastries. It offers a wide range of sponge cakes, fresh cream cakes and snacks to cater for all special occasions and daily needs. At ATC, premium cake flour, fresh cream and high-grade low cholesterol eggs are used. To ensure freshness, their products are kept at cool temperatures and delivered only in refrigerated trucks. There are over 100 designs to choose from for occasions such as birthdays, weddings and Christmas and do customization of cake designs at a nominal price. There are outlets available at various areas in Singapore.

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Avg Price:
  • $20-30
  • $30-$50
  • $50-100
List of Outlets:

Bukit Panjang
Tel: 6766-8998
1 Jelebu Road
# 01-18 Bukit Panjang Plaza
Singapore 677743

Square 2
Tel: 6258-9898
10 Sinaran Drive
# 01-17 Square 2
Singapore 307506

Tiong Bahru
Tel: 6270-1700
302 Tiong Bahru Road
# B1-25 Tiong Bahru Plaza
Singapore 168732

Century Square
Tel: 6787-9898
2 Tampines Central 5
# B1-20 Century Square
Singapore 529509
Sun Plaza
Tel: 6755-9898

30 Sembawang Drive
# 01-37 Sun Plaza
Singapore 757713


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Love their yam cake

For three years consecutively, I had their Yam-flavoured cake for my birthday. Although the price is kinda steep, however the cake is soft and fluffy, and the yam taste is succinct and fragrant.

There was one hiccup though, they did not manage to create my cake for me on time this year, and after several complaints my family made, they finally did give in and gave us vouchers. It was upsetting, to not be able to eat my favourite cake during my birthday but I do understand, when you have your birthday on New Year, there's bound to be scenarios like this.

Their attitude to the issue was really bad though, making me reconsider ordering next year's cake from them.

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Best Sponge Cake!

The best sponge cake you'll ever find in the whole of Singapore is none other than from Angie The Choice. At first, I'm not a fan of sponge cakes, but after my mum bought a vanilla flavoured sponge cake home, I was in love with it. It is very soft that once you put it in your mouth, it melts down your throat. Since then, I've been buying the sponge cake from them and I love to a slice of it for breakfast.

Other than the sponge cakes, one of my birthday cakes was from Angie The Choice. It was a durian cake, that was surprisingly good. It was creamy, rich in durian flavour and not too sweet. I really love it. I've tried many durian cakes from different cake shops, but the one from Angie The Choice suits my taste the best.

Many may not know about Angie The Choice, but I certainly put it in my list as one of my favourite cake shops in Singapore.

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Sponge Cake
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(Updated: December 03, 2013)


I haven't really tried the cakes from angie the choice and if I did I probably cannot remember but I like the layout of the shop: Simple but looks slightly classy too. The only thing I have tried is their swiss rolls. I think they taste rather normal though, and are not very cheap. I would pick polar's swiss rolls anytime. It is slightly dry and the cream..

I hate cream and their cream was the slightly salty kinds, if you know what I mean. One thing I always look forward to is their $1 packs where they pack all the left overs into this bag and sell it at $1. If you are a cake lover, no matter what kind of cake it is, then get it! It may not be the best tasting one because as I said, it's a bit dry and the flavours are slightly artificial but come on! It's only $1!

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My childhood bakery

Angie The Choice was the whole supplier of my childhood pastries.

I adored so many things from them. I love having my birthday cakes here, I love bringing their croissant to school for breakfast, I love everything about this place. Even thinking about this place gives me a happy glow.

I remember the aunties would fuss over what a big fan of their pastries I was and give me the fresher batch or bigger slices. The whole place was so cheery and smiley, how can I ever forget the memories of this place.

Unfortunately they have since shrunk from their original size and are now left with limited branches. So buy and sustain them so they'll stay forever.

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Bukit Batok
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One of the best cakes I've had!

I love Angie The Choice's Cakes! I love them , and there's no two ways about it!

Their cream cakes are absolutely heavenly, so much so that being a patron of fine pastries myself, I rate them at the same level as Rive Gauche's cakes! I mean it. Angie's always guarantees freshness and quality. The softness of the sponge and the layers of filling that Angie's has in their cakes is all fresh and creamy.

Not once have I been disappointed by them. Be it any flavour, I know I can trust Angie The Choice to have my order ready ahead of time and fresh from the oven.

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Yam Cake the Best!

I am usually not a fan of cream with sponge cakes but Angie the Choice has just THE cake for me. I can never get tired of their Yam cake. It is not too sweet and the yam is superbly fragrant and wholesome. The yam filling has little chunks of yam in it which makes the texture of the filling even better. The cake is good and the cream is fresh - and this adds bonus points to flavour!

My sister doesn't like yam but even she's all up for their yam cake. Price range is also acceptable and value for money! Make sure to try it out when you visit them!

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love their crepes

I have noticed that Angie The Choice are less popular nowadays as there are many cake shops that are striving hard and are doing better than Angie The Choice.

I love their mango and durian crepes. I’m not a mango-lover but not a durian-lover, but I’m totally in love with their durian crepe, but it is really expensive. When I was young, I don’t know the price of one crepe, so I treat them as “meals”, I remember I had three crepes as my lunch, and from that onwards, my mother is not willing to buy those crepes for me.

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Homely cakes

Angie The Choice is my preferred place to get birthday cakes. They still do it in a traditional way, that is, with simple drawings on the top. Nowadays modern confectioneries produce such convoluted cakes that are more like sculptures than cakes. Alas, I've outgrown birthday cakes and the Katong outlet near my house has closed down.

The prices at Angie's are extremely reasonable, about the same as neighbourhood confectioneries. The quality however, is much better than those from the neighbourhood. If Angie The Choice could reopen outlets in the East, sentimental me will definitely head there for birthday cakes.

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simple and yummy cakes

The vibe that Angie the Choice gives out to me is that the brand is big on minimalism and concentrates on a small variety of cakes that they know will definitely appeal to people. I love their ice-cream cakes and I much prefer their cakes to other ice-cream cakes like Haagen Dazs ice-cream cakes. Like many other ice-cream cakes out there, it will melt pretty fast. The cake from Angie, although yummy, is not a magic cake that can withstand the heat, especially in Singapore. So if you're planning to bring it home, do it fast if not you would be left with a puddle of melted ice-cream and soggy sponge cake. Refrigerate it once you are home and wait for it to freeze again before eating it, that's the best moment!

Besides their ice-cream cakes, I do get their durian cakes occasionally to snack on. I really like the durian used in the cake. Very nice and strong-smelling, just how I like it to be. The cake has some cream on it but that's fine with it because I love whipped cream! The other cakes that I see seem to be laden with cream though so stay away if you are unfriendly towards creams! Prices are generally priced comfortably so anyone can easily afford it.

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Yes to the ice cream cake, no- no to the pastries

What comes to my mind when I am deciding on which birthday cake to buy is the ice cream cake from Angie the Choice. They come in different flavours, such as mint chocolate, mocha, and strawberry. They were well decorated with the right balance of sweetness for the ice cream. The cakes come with different sizes and all are well displayed in the fridge. Be reminded if you are getting ice cream cakes, they could only last for 30 minutes to 45 minutes even inside the foam box. So, if you are still shopping around the mall, you could get the cake before heading back.

Aside from the ice cream cakes, they also sell normal birthday cakes. I did try them and to my dismay, they are very sweet and too creamy. Some of the creams could be too thick and you might want to get rid of the cream first before tasting the cake. However, the good thing is normal cake could be easily decorated so there are plenty of pretty options for you to choose from, unlike the ice cream cake that could be quite complicated to be decorated.

As for the pastries, I would not recommend them. They don't really taste nice, some are too sweet and not well balanced. You could seek for alternative from other pastry shops.

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ice cream cake
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