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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    
We love cupcakes!

We are an all-American gourmet cupcake bakery based in Singapore.

Swirls started off with the belief we can spread joy to people through what we love the most in life - baking cupcakes.

It was that belief that triggered an expedition across the oceans, spanning from the East to West Coast of America, to the cobblestoned streets of Europe -
all in search of the perfect gourmet cupcake recipes to bring home to Singapore to share with you.

We are here to make your day. To allow you to feel really, really good. To see the brighter side of things. To let you bite into one of our moist, divine cupcakes with sumptuous frosting & delicious toppings. To serve cupcakes that are fit for stars!

Our mission is simple: to make the best cupcakes that you have ever tasted.

Aside from bringing you happiness through our baked goods such as layer cakes, brownies & cookies, Swirls cupcakes are helping the world we live in by donating to charities around the world! One cupcake at a time, we are baking our world a better place.

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So the story goes like this. My friends and I organized a potluck for Christmas and everyone had to bring something and someone bought a dozen of cupcakes from Swirls Bake Shop and I was pretty excited about it! We didn't touch the cupcakes until an hour or two later and my excitement was duly met with extreme disappointment. The cupcakes here are well-decorated, generous with their icing (which acts as double-sided sword) and big. The superficial parts are the saving grace of this cupcake because the taste was SO BAD. It wasn't only me who thought that way, but most of my friends, including the one who bought the cupcakes. He said it was his first time trying it out as well.

The vanilla-based cake itself was hard, bland, heavy and had a raw flour taste. It tasted somewhat like a hard "huat kueh" and like one of my failed baking attempts. I don't know how they manage to get by with selling cakes like this.. The one I tried had loads of m&ms on the icing and because there's so much icing and so much m&ms, it became way tooo sweet to be eaten whole. I had to give up after taking two mouthfuls because I was having more icing/m&ms than the cake itself since the cake is so hard I couldn't bite into it nicely. The slightly better ones are the chocolate flavored cupcakes, I guess you can never go wrong with chocolate? Still loads of room for improvement though but it's better than the vanilla-based one. At least the chocolate flavor was intense. Again, too much icing and the huge size of it makes it hard to finish. I don't recommend anyone to buy cupcakes from here. If you're looking for good cupcakes, do try out Plain Vanilla instead!

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Must-try: Red Velvet!

I love red velvet cupcakes! I am currently on my search for the best red velvet cupcakes in Singapore and Swirls Bake Shop's came close to being the best in Singapore. The cake is soft and moist and presentation is super pretty with the fine red edible glitter!!!! However, the cream cheese frosting was not to my liking as it was a little too sweet and when I had my cupcake, the frosting had solidified a little on the outside.

The only problem for me is that it's pretty difficult to get to if you don't drive and you'll need to take a bus from Clarke Quay MRT station and walk a little before reaching the shop! Still, worth checking it out and trying their cupcakes!

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(Updated: December 04, 2013)

Bringing out the smile in everyone with cupcakes

Coming across this all-american gourmet cupcake bakery shop off Robertson Quay is probably one of my most amazing accidental act of discovery. The nutella cupcake, topped with an abundant amount of hazelnut butter cream frosting and (to my immense pleasure) filled with nutella was so full of chocolate goodness and I thank the founders of Swirls Bake Shop for sending these delightful bites my way. It was so remarkably satisfying and I'm almost surprised why it isn't getting as much attention as it should be getting compared to its counterparts like Plain Vanilla and Twelve Cupcakes although I'm becoming to see more recognition as it was recently mentioned by Time Out Singapore as possibly one of the cupcakes they have ever had. I couldn't agree more.

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Time for some afternoon tea!

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and my friend and I were on a cupcake hunt. She told me about Swirls bake shop and was desperate to try their cupcakes.

The shop is tiny, but the staff are extremely friendly and hospitable, inviting you to take a seat after ordering your cupcakes and even serving you water while waiting! 'Nuts About You' was a cupcake I chose and felt extreme bliss whilst eating. The thick and creamy peanut butter frosting atop a chocolate cupcake base sent me into cupcake euphoria. Their Red Velvet cupcake is definitely a must-try as well.

There are also tables and chairs outside the store for you to relax and people watch along Robertson Quay while munching on your cupcakes. With each cupcake retailing at around 4 dollars, Swirls is a place for you cupcake lovers out there!

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Robertson Quay
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Swirls Bake Shop: An exercise in Restraint

Basically, I passed by this adorable Bake Shop while I was walking along Robertson Quay, and it is located slightly off at Rodyk Street. My first impression of it, was simply that it appeared to be like any other bake shop, except that the kitchen to the left was more hands-on, I could see people mixing the batter, and baking is no piece of cake! It requires dedication and the willingness to fail and try again, and repeatedly create the same concoction over and over again. I tried the Red Velvet Cupcake, and when I bit into it, I could immediately discern what differentiated it from other cupcakes. It was moist and rich inside but not cloyingly so. Oh and did I mention, I love how the place smells: a delicious sweet sugary scent.

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Red Velvet Cupcake
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Rodyk Street
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