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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on March 23, 2013    

Dunkin' Donuts is a donut and coffeehouse chain. They offer a large variety of donuts in a variety of flavours, including jam-filled and sugar coated donuts.

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One of the only donut chains in Singapore

Dunkin donuts is one of the few donut chains in Singapore as it isn’t part of our culture to eat donuts. When this American dessert first hit the stores, everyone went crazy. People would queue for up to 2 hours to buy boxes of donuts home. While Dunkin Donuts offers more than 20 flavours of donuts, my favourite is the oreo cookie donut - I love everything Oreo!

Besides donuts, Dunkin Donuts serves pretty good coffee as well - which many people don’t know about. When I was studying for O levels, I would often visit the Dunkin Donuts at Terminal 3, order a cup of Mocha Frappuccino and camp there for 3 hours. Their coffee served as a good booster during the crazy mugging season.

Although their donuts may sometimes be too sweet for my liking, they make a really good afternoon snack!

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Decent enough to not drive you nuts

There are many bakeries around that sell donuts. I tried different variations; some that were too stale otherwise were just nothing special. I first tried the donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts and thought it was nothing worth mentioning too. But this store first caught my attention when I was at Korea as unlike Singapore, the stores there do not just sell donuts, but meals (wraps) and coffee too.

I decided to give it a try for the second time and went for their Glazed Mochi Donut. It was so fluffy and chewy, too good! Unlike the usual round donut, the mochi donut is divided into eight small sections and I like to eat it section by section. Back in Singapore, we have Mochi Donuts too. Though it might be a little dry sometimes due to the amount of time it is left out, but still not bad.

The price for each donut is slightly higher and too many might be too sweet, but it is something I will get if I see any Dunkin’ Donuts store. If you have not tried it, head down and grab one.

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Dunkin Donuts have decent donuts. They're not fantastic but neither are they terrible. They are average, really. The flavour of most of their donuts are fine but are missing something that would give it the extra kick. Some are either too strong or too weak in terms of taste, leaving you running for the water cooler or with an unsatisfied sugar craving. The texture of the bread is fine too. I find it a little dry on the inside and a bit too greasy on the outside, but it still passes on overall. It's really just decent and lacks a boom factor that will propel it out of the "average" category.

I am, though, really pleased with the fact that they allow studying and do not kick students out. It's rare to see a business actually willing to let their outlets be a cozy place for students to gather and study. Props to them for that.

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(Updated: February 11, 2014)

The average donut

When Dunkin donuts first made its appearance, it was very popular and many queued to buy and try them. I gave their donuts a try, but was disappointed when I realised that the quality of the donuts in the singapore branches are a pale comparison to those which I had tried in other countries such Malaysia.

After its initial popularity surge, this donut chain has dwindled, owing to the slightly expensive pricing and depreciating quality. At first the donuts were of a reasonable standard, but as time went by there was a quality drop. While their donuts are better than that of some other shops, its not that value for money for me

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Crazy Craze

The MacDonald's Hello Kitty trend came back - only now that it's for donuts.

When the news was released that Dunkin' Donuts would be opening up a stall, the queues for the donuts snaked all the way from the store front to a long distance behind on the opening day. I thought it was the kiasu Singaporean characteristic where everyone wanted to have bragging rights to be the first to try a donut from Dunkin' donut while instagramming their Dunkin' Donuts box. I thought it was novelty at first, but even until now, I still see long queues for the donut.

In comparison, when I went to the huge outlet in America, the shop was empty - there was scarcely anyone. They even gave out free donuts.

So I thought, maybe I should try one of these amazing donuts. Thank God for the timely delivery of Dunkin' Donuts as a surprise from my friend - she ended up giving me a box of 6 to try during the period of the hype. I must say, after tasting it, I found it too sweet for my liking and it wasn't as amazing as everyone made it out to be.

Until now, I still don't understand the craze.

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A little expensive for donuts

While their donuts are generally ok and I have not much to complain about, I think that they are pretty expensive compared to their competitors.

The one thing that they do sell that their competitors don't is coffee but even that is not exactly the best tasting coffee that money could buy. I'd get it only when desperate for a caffeine hit.

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Average donuts

Donuts are a god send for someone who likes bread and have a sweet tooth. I have it every now and then and I really appreciate variety at times although in my heart, there's always a place for plain ol' sugar donuts.

Dunkin donuts does not really have a lot of competitors on the block. J. Co, Donut Factory... competition is definitely less steep than bubble tea shops. Maybe because of this they don't see the need to innovate and improvise on their products? Their varieties are really limited and their quality fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I get a decent donut, sometimes I get a hard donut. No one likes a rock hard donut... right? Donuts are meant to be happy food!! Nothing attracts children and females more than rows and rows of colorful, nicely-decorated donuts. This isn't the place for donut enthusiast but if you don't mind average-tasting donuts, this is not too bad, just pray that you don't get a hard one! :P

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Donuts and Cops?!

In a way, my first exposure to Dunkin Donuts was not the actual donuts itself, but it was through American movies where they always showed how the NYPD or LAPD cops like to have Dunkin Donuts with their tea break, And I was always wondering, was that real or more of a sarcasm to the fat and round image of the laughable and ridiculed cops portrayed in movies. And well, the notion of branding in movies strike my little brain after I understood how the real world is a few years later. But sadly the image of cops and donuts stuck forever.

But back to the donuts itself, after all its hype and how my friend would purposely buy boxes of it back whenever she went over to Indonesia for business years ago, my first real experience with the donuts was in US itself. I was in US for a conference, and I remembered that when I took the subway back to my hotel, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Dunkin Donut just down the station. Oh my, and with all the hype, I bought quite a big box of all the flavours that were available, enough for me to have both dinner and breakfast the next day. Thinking back, I think I must be crazy haha.

The taste of Dunkin was much better and they taste great. I remembered that it did not belong to those soft and fluffy type of donuts but more of substance. The different toppings were also rich and yummy. I have not tried the ones in Singapore yet, and I think it's time to try them out. Hmm.. policeman uniform, anyone?

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Not much variety.

I love donuts, even those instant ones that you deep-fry yourselves. I've tried Dunkin' Donuts before in Malaysia, so when it first came to Singapore I was quite thrilled.

I was disappointed but how limited their variety of donuts was. They weren't much that caught my fancy, and I ended up buying only a single donut. It was soft and sweet enough, but certainly not the best. The price was affordable though, and the staff behind the counter was friendly.. that kind of makes for my initial disappointment.

Now and again, I would give Dunkin' Donuts a visit whenever I see one, when that feeling of having donuts hits me.

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(Updated: March 27, 2013)

Legendary but where did it go?

I searched high and low for Dunkin Donuts in Singapore but to no avail. Disappointment overwhelmed me. Cravings should be satisfied! Finally, I settled down for a J Co donut. Despite taking up the same form and aroma, J Co donut seemed to be lacking a golden ingredient that made Dunkin Donut as fantabulously famous as it is.

Dunkin Donut had this frosted donuts which tasted like splendid bits of delightful sugar that melted in my mouth instantly. Their frosted donuts were unparalleled, even I couldn't replica it when I attempted to make it in my kitchen. It was a complicated process. I could form bulging biceps if I mould donuts on a daily basis. The result was a far cry from my original intention; cloning Dunkin Donuts both inside and out. What was the ingredient used by them? Does Dunkin Donuts produce some sort of their own version of Oompa Loompas that sprinkles magical glitters all over the donuts hereby enhancing the flavour? If that is it, then it all makes sense. There's no longer any lingering mystery in the world. Everything answered.

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Vanished mysteriously
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