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1 Harbourfront Walk, #B2-34 VivoCity Singapore 099253
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Listing created by Faye on February 26, 2012    

BreadTalk has brought about a renaissance in the bread business, with multiple awards testifying to its branding and business successes. Each BreadTalk bears the urban, clear glass, clean cut look punctuated subtly with detailing of contrasting colours of artworks, unique to each locale. Their signature 'see thru' kitchens allow our chefs to showcase their expertise upfront, sharing the preparation of the freshly browned breads, each piece has a story to tell... so beautifully crafted, so heavenly in taste... Breadtalk has over 20 outlets in Singapore, for a full directory listing please go to their official website

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Opening Hours:
8.30am to 10.30pm
List of Outlets:
Bugis Junction Tower, Victoria Street, 230 #B1-K28 to #B1-K29, 188024 Tel : 68844494
Capitol Building (Former), Stamford Road, 11 #01-05/06/K2, 178884 Tel : 63374344
Citylink Mall, Raffles Link, 1 #B1-42, 039393 Tel : 62387444
Citylink Mall, Raffles Link, 1 #B1-42, 039393 Tel : 62387444
Raffles City Shopping Centre, North Bridge Road, 252 #B1-44A, 179103 Tel : 63394434
Plaza Singapura, Orchard Road, 68 #01-23, 238839 Tel : 63344644
Holland Village, Lorong Mambong, 2 #01-01, 277671 Tel : 64694414
Great World City, Kim Seng Promenade, 1 #01-52, 237994 Tel : 67334144
The Centrepoint, Orchard Road, 176 #B1-02A, 238843 Tel : 67344434
Paragon, Orchard Road, 290 #B1-11 to #B1-12, 238859 Tel : 67334434
Wisma Atria, Orchard Road, 435 #B1-55 to #B1-60, 238877 Tel : 68874434
Novena Square, Thomson Road, 238 #01-26, 307683 Tel : 62514414

Parkway Parade, Marine Parade Road, 80 #B1-47 to #B1-48, 449269 Tel : 63454464
Compass Point, Sengkang Square, 1 #B1-45 to #B1-46, 545078 Tel : 63844434
Tampines Mall, Tampines Central 5, 4 #B1-K7, 529510 Tel : 67844434

Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, 53 #B2-26, 569933 Tel : 65534434
Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, 53 #01-01, 569933 Tel : 65554434
Junction 8 Shopping Centre, Bishan Place, 9 #01-35 to #01-36, 579837 Tel : 62513444
Causeway Point, Woodlands Square, 1 #01-38, 738099 Tel : 68934434

Harbourfront Centre, Maritime Square, 1 #01-67, 099253 Tel : 63764434
VivoCity, Harbourfront Walk, 1 #B2-34, 098585 Tel : 62784434
Tiong Bahru Plaza, Tiong Bahru Road, 302 #01-43, 168732 Tel : 62704434

West Mall, Bukit Batok Central Link, 1 #01-34 to #01-35, 658713 Tel : 68984344
Jurong Point, Jurong West Central 2, 1 #01-26h, 648886 Tel : 68624464
Jurong Point, Jurong West Central 3, 63 #B1-72 to #B1-73, 648331 Tel : 65624464


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Eating Air

Hear of Kelvin Tong’s Eating Air (1999)?

Could it be my razor-like teeth that creates violent chomps that I find sinking my teeth into BreakTalk’s Bread is like – Eating Air.

It is undeniable that the kickstart of Breaktalk leveled up Bakeries’ Standard due to its competitive prices and huge variety of choices.
It is not difficult to miss the extra initiatives taken to provide consumers with something new to eat every other day.

Oh, but that was then.

The trend that is, when the hype is gone, franchises are up, the quality of products usually drops. This happens to most chain companies.

No doubt that the ingredients in the bread are very tasty, however, the bread itself is a disappointment.

The comparison is such that the bread in the past was much denser in volume, while the bread of the present is lacking flour. Therefore the air took up the volume where the fermented yeast should have been.

To further enlighten, I was paying 40% of the costs to buy – air.

There are only two reasons to having air in the bread.
1) Cutting down on the use of flour
2) Didn’t allow the yeast to ferment for a longer time

Oh well, mass production = fast food

Take a walk down other bakeries like the Green Pumpkin, Cedele, Baker’s heaven or even the tiny household bakery at your market.

The lack of mass production promises better quality bread.

Well if they want to talk about bread, then learn how to bake good bread.

It’s the fundamental that they brought up as their signature.

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best floss bun

I love bread, be it savoury or sweet, my love for bread is neverending. What’s better than knowing that Breadtalk is always a stone throw away, no matter where you are in Singapore? With more than 20 outlets islandwide, it sure shows how much bread is in demand by consumers.

Breadtalk’s floss bun is one of their best creations in my opinion because no other bakery can reproduce the flavor and texture of their floss bun. I’ve tried countless replicas from known and unknown bakeries and the verdict is… every single one of them fails.

However, their bread seems to be getting lighter and airier as time passes. I’m not sure if they’re trying to cut costs by reducing the amount of flour used, but I do hope the taste stays the same.

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Variety of breakfast breads

From stores with interior that look like your other neighbourhood bakery to the current chic interior, you can certainly see how much BreadTalk progressed over the years. You will realize that from time to time, there will be new flavours launched to entice the customers to buy and try.

BreadTalk has got a huge selection of bread and their Pork Floss Bun – bun coated with pork floss, got really popular and many other bakeries began their own version of it. Their bread is usually fluffy and soft as it is claimed that there are no preservatives included into their bread.

One of my favourite would be the Nacho Cheese Bread (S$1.70). The bread is soft, topped with what that tasted like hash brown and nacho cheese is drizzled on top. The hash brown can get a little dry but do not underestimate this combination and I would usually go back for a few more or buy back for breakfast.

Good news for Hello Kitty fans, BreadTalk has a series that cater to this popular Sanrio character. From donuts to cupcakes and cakes, these are certainly too cute to resist. Although slightly pricier than your neighbourhood bakery store, BreadTalk is worth a try and you may even find yourself going back for more.

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Quality Bread

As a local brand, Breadtalk's branding and quality is definitely on par with other international brands. I like how Breadtalk has so many outlets, so if I ever get a craving, I can easily find an outlet nearby to satisfy my craving.

My (and probably majority of everyone's) favourite bread from Breadtalk is the Pork Floss Bun. Singaporeans love the sweet and savoury taste of the pork floss, and using it as a topping for bread is ingenious. The taste of the pork floss goes well with the bread. Other than that, I like how Breadtalk gives creative names to its items, such as Mr Hokkaido , Anpanman and Kungfu Panda. These make the items sound very cute and appealing to the customers.

Breadtalk items are a little on the costly side as compared to other brands, but I think the service, quality and taste of the breads and pastries are worth the price. Breadtalk also gives me a sense of familiarity when I'm overseas, and want to eat something from home.

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Floss bun

Breadtalk outlets are located at almost every malls or MRT stations in Singapore. There is a wide selection of bread available to suit people with picky palates. My favourite bun, of course, is the mix of a western-style sweet cream-filled bun coated with a generous layer of the Asian ingredient floss - floss bun. It is so popular in Singapore that it was reported one floss bun is sold every 10 seconds worldwide.

However, other than the floss bun, I do not find any other bread/cake especially tasty. The cakes do not suit my taste because they are too sweet. With the same price, I could have gotten a better cake from somewhere other than Breadtalk.

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Breakfast treat!

Breadtalk is the place to go if you're looking to satisfy those bun cravings without creating a dent in your wallet. Breadtalk's buns are pretty cheap so it serves as a good snack when you're just a bit hungry but don't want to get a full meal or can't settle down to eat. Breadtalk has a variety of buns so it's difficult to not find one which you like.

I really like their meat floss bun. The cream underneath the floss just tastes so good and there's always just enough to go around. Their buns can be quite oily sometimes, though, and they can be quite stingy with fillings. The texture of their bread is smooth and is fluffy too, but as said before, they can be stingy with fillings so you end up getting more air than bread that you paid for.

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Breadtalk everywhere!

Breadtalk are now scattered all over the island and is possibly the most commonly seen bread shop in Singapore, since almost every shopping mall have their outlets in it. It is especially convenient in the morning to snap up breakfast from Breadtalk on your way to work or school. I love their cheese sausage and pepper sausage buns for breakfast.

My all time favourite is the curse of the golden flower which essentially is just a bun with very light cream in the middle and coated with white chocolate and almond flakes. Their green tea steamed cake and swiss rolls are not bad too but are quite seasonal. Their Portuguese egg tart however isn’t as nice as expected. It looks nice, but the pastry is a little hard and the custard is just ok. The paramesan chicken bun (flat circular bun) isn’t nice; it is quite mushy and disgusting for me.

Breadtalk is quite innovative with their buns, always pushing out new buns and sometimes according to whatever is happening in the country which is quite impressive. However, I think it is quite expensive; their buns are usually towards the $2 end and sometimes can go up to $3.20 for some new creations.

If you are getting it for breakfast almost every morning from breaktalk, it can accumulate to quite a considerable amount at the end of the month.

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Satisfy your savoury cravings

Whenever I'm out and I crave something savoury and light to munch on, the first thing I look for is a Breadtalk outlet.

While there is an extremely wide variety of bread at Breadtalk, I usually buy the same thing- their pork floss bun. The pork floss is excellent and the custard inside the bread goes really well with the fluffy texture of the bread and the floss.

Furthermore, the price of the bread is really affordable! (Under $2)! Apart from bread, some outlets also sell cakes and other desserts like macarons.

Definitely a must-try!

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Stingy with the fillings

I have tried the yam bun from two different Breadtalk outlets, and on both occasions, I wondered if I had actually bought a filed bun. The yam paste filling was disappointingly little, and paled in comparison to other filled buns I had previously bought from other bakeries. Perhaps the other filled buns may be better alternatives, but I am apprehensive in trying them.

Nonetheless, I do enjoy their steamed cakes, particularly the Pumpkin one. It is soft and fluffy, and not overly sweet. I do look forward to the day when I can bite into a filled Breadtalk bun and enjoy the satisfaction of fillings oozing out.

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(Updated: May 08, 2012)

Never trusted them

I have never been a fan of Breadtalk. And this is a perfect opportunity for me to tell you why. The bread and pastry always gives me a feeling that its been made by inferior ingredients, on a smaller portion, and at a price that reflects their rental rates (note how their branches are within shopping centres etc. etc.) Pastry from the regular neighbourhood bakeries are ALWAYS better.

Worse still is a horror story I’ve heard from a good friend of mine. In the year when Breadtalk was first established, she bought a meat floss bun from one of its branches. When she got home, she left the pastry in her “pastry box” before consuming it later that evening. To her horror, she saw her meat-floss moving as she was about to sink her teeth into the pastry. She was shocked to see that the bun contained an insane amount of maggots on it. When I quizzed her on why she didn’t complain about the incident, she said that she thought there was nothing that could be done about it. (that year pre-dated the smart phone and facebook era. Imagine what would have happened if it happened now? Think the Old Chang Kee cockroach incident).

I’ve kept off Breadtalk since then. I hope that they have seriously changed their production operations towards a more hygienic and responsible one.

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The smell of freshly baked bread and pastries...

Stepping into the shop, the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries fill up the entire shop. There is always a wide range of bread and pastries for me to choose. It’s not uncommon to see lots of customers in the shop. But on whole, it’s never too crowded whenever I visit it.

The service can be considered as above average as the staffs are friendly and they attend to customers attentively. They are always on a lookout on whether the bread and pastries need to be replenished and also the cleanliness of the shop.
What I like most about the pastries at Breadtalk is they are not very sweet yet able to satisfy my taste bud. In addition, the bread does not get stick on to my teeth easily. For me, I usually like to buy one or two bread and pastries and leave it for either breakfast or supper.

Though on whole, the service is really quite good, the price is a little too high for me when compared to other bakery and pastries shop. However, I feel that it’s alright to patronize it once in a while as the quality of the service and the food can be considered as above average to me.

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