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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

Baker & Cook - Singapore's only true artisan bakery & foodstore is the brainchild of Global Baker Dean Brettschneider. Dean is regarded as one of the most respected bakers on the planet, with more than 25 years of experience, author of 10 best selling baking books, celebrity TV personality and a true passion for creating exceptional new world baking products. Following some years based in Shanghai, where he was instrumental in setting up Baker & Spice with the Wagas Group, Dean now works globally, inspiring and creating baking excellence.

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Frequent Customer

I frequent the Baker and Cook outlet at Bukit Timah quite often simply because it is near my school. It is a rather new establishment, and yet it usually has brisk business. The customers there are usually expat families or working class adults. Baker and Cook is situated in a cosy little corner. Parking along the street outside is common but it is illegal so try not to stay for too long. Seating however, is limited. There used to be seats outside the shop but due to some problems with licensing, the seats had to be removed. Hence, seating is only available within the shop and is very limited. Not sure what the situation is as of now!

Like other artisan bakeries, they sell a variety of breads, coffees, sandwiches and tarts. I find their tarts a bit too pricey for me so I usually shy away from them. However, I am a big fan of their baked breads. Delicious, filling and affordable. My personal favourite is their Walnut Baton because the bread is really very aromatic and fragrant. They offer slicing services as well so it would be wise to get them to slice your bread because from prior experience, doing it itself will result in imbalanced slices.

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Really good food, although at slightly higher prices

I think we all know that the Robertson Quay area's dotted with plenty of awesome cafes and eateries, but this is one honestly one place that wouldn't want to miss out.

This is probably contributed by the fact that I'm a bread slave, but this place makes me feel like trying a bit of everything. Absolutely reminded me of the awesome bakeries while I was traveling in Europe. We had a lemon curd tart that was tastefully done, neither too sweet nor too lemony. It's a favorite there, and we could totally understand why!

Both of us had a salmon benedict served on crispy toast as well, and this was at a slightly steeper price of $19. Definitely more expensive if you compare it to salmon bennies you can get at other places. Still, the poached egg was wonderfully runny and the hollandaise sauce a creamy, smooth texture. Now, I was disappointed to find though that my 2 slices of toasts were horribly burnt on the underside (they tried to cover it up!) I hence requested for them to be replaced, to which the staff immediately attended to, thankfully. They do have complimentary berry compote placed in a small metal tin on the tables as well, so remember to help yourself to that. It was so, so good.

We had a mocchacino as well, which I requested skimmed milk for. Some people feel that you should go full-flavour and go for full fat milk instead, but trust that skimmed milk doesn't compromise on flavour for this. Would've been more awesome if the coffee was served warmer though!

Their lumberjack muffin/cake (I really am not too sure, it looked like a muffin or cupcake but was really dense, almost like a pound cake) was displayed for some free tasting, and this was really good as well. Almost everyone who came in (male female Asian Caucausians, like everyoneee) and tried it had 2nd helpings, and couldn't help asking what it was.

Would most definitely come back to this place again :)

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Hits and Misses

I had breakfast here today, and boy was it an expensive meal!

I started off with a Tartine with melted mozzarella, pesto, salsa and basil. After footing the $13, I was slightly shocked when I was greeted by two smallish slices of bread on a a plate topped moderately with tomatoes, cucumbers and a wee bit of cheese. I wasn't impressed after taking my first bite but the taste gradually grew on me. It was decent I would say, but given the tiny portions and ingredients used, it definitely wasn't worth the $13. Perhaps I should have gotten the salmon one instead.

With that done, I decided to try their salmon quiche with the cauliflower salad ($9). The quiche was all right, nothing special, but I did like the salad. It had a curried taste, probably due to the cumin.

I also bought the fruit and nut loaf, the mille feuille and the basil turkish pide. The fruit and nut loaf was fantastic. There was a generous amount of fruits and nuts and can be easily enjoyed on its own. I love the bread skin too, it has a successfully chewy texture which many bakeries are unable to execute well. I didn't fancy the mille feuille and pide though, I guess I'm more of a hard bread person.

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Favourite chill out place after school.

I used to and am frequenting this joint after school. I love the ambience here, quiet and serene in the afternoons, where you can enjoy a cuppa and a slice of their carrot cake and people-watch.

I can't count the number of times I've been here. I recommended to my friends and came here with my family and friends, and always come here to order something different. I have perhaps tried almost everything on their hot menu. Though the hot menu is small, I think they are worth a shot.

The eggs benedict, choose between salmon or bacon, came with a 6 star presentation. Of all the eggs benedict's I've tried, this is the place which offered the best presentation. Two poached eggs lying on two slices of crisp, chewy homemade bread, slathered in a rich hollandaise sauce. Lastly with balsamic vinaigrette at the sides for decoration. It was as if I was dining in a up-class restaurant.

Also try their bread basket where for 10 dollars, they will offer for two a large variety and assortment of their breads, which you can eat with the homemade apricot and berry jams provided for on the table. This is the item to order for the indecisive.

They have recently opened another branch at Martin Road, but I will still choose to frequent their flagship branch for its comfort and ambience.

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(Updated: September 24, 2012)

Decent but Overpriced Place for Tea

I went to Baker & Cook for tea. It was a nice and quiet café, perfect for tea. However, the outdoor seating seemed really hot, so we chose to sit inside.

I had a lemon tart and a cappuccino for tea. The lemon tart was good – the crust wasn’t too hard, and the curd was tangy. Sadly, I was disappointed with the size of the lemon tart as it was small for its price. The cappuccino was aromatic and strong. However, taking a look at all the pastries, I felt that it was rather expensive, and the portions weren’t very big.

It’s a decent place for tea but be prepared to spend a little more than normal.

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Disappointing to say the least

Baker & Cook is a new addition to the Greenwood chain of restaurants and bistros, most of which have proved successful, and this is no exception. On weekends, there is often a queue for their freshly baked pastries and coffee, while parents with their children in tow, enjoy their brunch outside in the sunshine.
While their freshly baked croissants were definitely a buttery sight to behold and worth every, albeit overcharged, penny, I took my first sip of their coffee with high expectations, only to be sorely disappointed. The coffee was burnt and simply could not be drunk without a generous helping of sugar.
The service staff were unhelpful, short with their replies, and even at times rude, which was a huge turn off for us. One of the staff members even forgot to give us our bread and had us waiting at the counter for a good 10 minutes before he realized the error of his mistakes.
While the ambience is homely and comfortable, it is not unique. In general, nothing at Baker & Cook was impressive or made the trip down worthwhile.

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