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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 14, 2012    

Sells all sorts of cupcakes, tarts and hot chocolate pops for those with a sweet tooth. Halal.


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Cupcakes to die for

Very possibly the most hyped cupcakes of all time, Fluff Bakery is known for their quirky flavours and notoriously long queues, sometimes even selling out by midday! All their delightful baked goods are halal, and the bakery itself is nestled in a small street in Bugis (you’d probably see the queue before the shop itself)

While the ondeh ondeh cupcakes are the obvious favourite, flavours like salted caramel and nutella red velvet are crowd-pleasers as well. After queueing for close to half an hour, I took home one of each flavour. The flavours blend exceedingly well together, and the moist cupcake makes Fluff a winner. Although best known for their cupcakes, they also offer full-sized cakes and chocolate pops, a real paradise for a sweet tooth like me! I love how they incorporate local flavours into their desserts, rather than sticking to textbook recipes.

If you’re looking for a great cupcake, bring a cap and some sunblock because these cupcakes are surely worth the wait!

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Worth the wait

I remember how much hype Fluff Bakery was among all my friends and I could never really relate to their excitement over what was basically a cake in a cup.

As a baker, I love me some good dessert and yes, of course I love cupcakes. But I never saw the reason for having to spend $4 on a cupcake that I could simply bake on my own. In addition to that, I've had my fair share of bad encounters with purchased cupcakes which added to my reluctancy.

I was so wrong about Fluff cupcakes. Their unique flavours like Teh tarik, Bandung and a huge favourite - the ondeh ondeh cupcake are a huge hit not only with regulars, but with first-timers too. Most of the time though, there will never fail to be a long queue that goes round the block. Trust me when I say, that fluffy goodness in a cup is worth the long wait. I got so addicted, there was once I waited at the second floor of a random restaurant on the opposite side just to wait the queue out! Yes, I'm quite mad for good food. Even better if they're good desserts.

Not only were the cupcakes amazingly moist, and full of surprising bursts of flavour in every bite, their shop atmosphere was cosy and welcoming. It's not all the time you get to see bakers at work mixing up huge batches of buttercream through a glass window. And the smell that welcomes you when you enter, oh my goodness. Now, I'm hungry.

I like how Fluff Bakery always comes up with unique recipes and new desserts that keep their customers coming. Although the wait is mad, the end product is always worth it. I wish they delivered though, because I foresee me camping on their delivery website if they do, just clicking "Add to cart" and "Check Out", making Fluff desserts my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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