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Takashimaya 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238872
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 11, 2012    

Under the Four Leaves group, they sell similar variety of breads as the ones at the Four Leaves outlets, with a larger number of flavors and types to choose from.


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Tasty and affordable bread

It was only until recently that I discovered that St Leaven was in fact under the same group as Four Leaves. The bread at St Leaven is rather similar to the bread at Four Leaves, and retains the tastiness of the bread at Four Leaves too.

Although they are situated at Takashimaya, one would expect their bread to be overpriced but they are surprisingly affordable. The bottled drinks are expensive though, so buy a drink elsewhere.

The sausage buns were fantastic, and so was the milk toast that I tried. Honestly, I think St Leaven is even better than BreadTalk, and is also much cheaper. Definitely a bakery I would recommend.

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Love their Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich

During the days when I used to work at Takashimaya as a part timer, there was hardly a day that went by when I didn't go to St. Leaven to buy my lunch. Actually, there is really not much of a difference between their breads with other bakeries. The main thing I went there for is their Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich ($3.80 about 6 years ago).

A juicy boneless chicken thigh smothered in Teriyaki sauce between whole lettuce leaves and plain white bread in shrink wrap. It did wonders for my growling tummy everyday during lunch. As it consisted of such a big piece of meat, I could always count on it to keep me going till dinner time. It tastes even better if there is a microwave to heat it up. Mm-mm!

It certainly beats Subway anytime (in my opinion)!

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Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich
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Takashimaya B2
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Four leaves replica.

When i passed by this bakery at first, i was wondering how come their breads looked so similar to four leaves. I kept peering and wondering and at the end figured out they were under the same group. No wonder the similarities.

I love four leaves little breads, small enough to keep you satisfied, not too big for a snack. They come in a variety of types and flavours. Being a regular of four leaves, when i stepped in st leaven, i realised they have a larger variety of breads, more than that of the four leaves i usually visit. I was elated.My choice of carbs would definitely be bread so i grabbed quite a load off the shelf. I've not seen any other st leaven besides the one at Takashimaya. I'm sure the foreigners by the spread of bread and little cakes and sweets we have.

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