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Smitten...By the Patissier.

Smitten...By the Patissier. Hot

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Takashimaya 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238872
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 10, 2012    

A small boutique outlet located at Takashimaya selling unique meringue roulades, essentially swiss roll with meringues as the "rolls".


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the name says it all

A small quaint cafe tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet strategically located in the central region that is easily accessible by buses and cars. Headed there for High Tea, so my friend and i ordered two cakes and coffees. Many would blame it on the humidity in Singapore that caused the coffee beans to go bad and hence the bad extraction, but my cup of coffee tasted pretty bad; i couldn't even bring myself to finish it.

We ordered Matcha cake with Azuki Red beans and it was one of the best i have ever tasted. The cake wasn't too sweet and the matcha taste was not an overkill. I would definitely head back to have one more.

Despite the space-limitation, the shop was still intricately decorated and i could just sit there the entire day if i didn't have to rush off.

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Matcha cake
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Robertson Quay
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I've indeed been smitten by the Patissier!

A close friend of mine surprised me recently by dropping by my place with an early birthday gift - a passion fruit meringue swiss roll from "this patisserie at the Takashimaya basement", which I later found went by the most unusual name of "Smitten...By the Patissier".

Despite sounding a tad cheesy, the patisserie certainly lived up to its name - after sinking my teeth into the roll, its amazingly soft yet lightly crunchy and chewy texture, coupled with the light whipped cream and slightly tangy fresh fruits, was enough to leave me simply in love with this innovative creation.

Though I haven't had the chance to check out the patisserie and its other creations personally and have yet to find out the prices for its pastries, my first taste of its pastry roll was enough to make me rave about it to my friends and be convinced to make a trip down soon. It's a definite must-try!

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We need more creative bakers like them.

Finally, a cake that isn't as fattening as the normal cream, butter laced cakes. The cakes they sell are like meringues filled and rolled up, swiss roll fashion, the cracks on the meringue just gives the cakes a rustic, arty look to them, so the aesthetics department, not a problem. And most of the time people will relate meringues to too much sugar or too sweet etc, but this surprised me. The meringue layer was suprisingly not very sweet and it had a slightly crunch and chew to it when your teeth sinks down. Then you taste their sweet fillings laced inside each roulade.

A very refreshing idea, if you want to surprise someone during a birthday, make the surprise go further by surprising the person with such a cake!

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