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Takashimaya 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238873
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 10, 2012    

A japanese bakery in Takashimaya selling an assortment of bread creations that are unique and rare to find in the other bakeries. 


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My favourite bakery in Singapore!

The bread here is really expensive but well worth the prices! I'm only referring to the hard french bread of course. I'm not a fan of soft bread so the following review only applies to their hard french baguette-like breads.

Donq has the distinction of selling my favourite bread in Singapore: the Spinach and cheddar bread. The combination is great and the balance of spinach, cheese and bread is almost perfect.

I also like the Mentaiko bun and the processed cheese bread. A note about the latter though, it has so much more cheese than bread, the filling is saturated with cheese, lots and lots and lots of cheese, no holes or empty air-filled spaces like what you would expect from neighborhood bakeries. Donq is really generous with the ingredients, but for the price, I guess it's expected. I like cheese much more than bread so I was thrilled.

Beware though, their breads should be eaten as soon as possible. I checked with the staff there once and she said that the bread can keep at room temperature for 3 days, however, that was not the case when I bought the Dutch bun in the afternoon. It has turned soft by night and tasted a slightly rancid when I tried it, so please, just savour it as soon as possible. Anyway, how can you resist?

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Confident enough to let you test their bread on the spot.

This is like one of the rare bakeries which give out free tastings to their customers (and freeloaders). The last time when i was there, a lady was standing at the entrance of the bakery and she was preparing to slice up what seemed like piles of the different types of bread in their bakery. The bread was still piping hot when cut and served. They were delicious and yes, their marketing did help. When i tested one spinach and chicken bread, it surprised me. Though it looked so ordinary, it tasted heavenly. I guess that justifies the $2.80 i paid for a small bun.

Many bakeries don't give out free testing, but i sure am impressed at this bakery for their marketing techniques. It really brought the crowd. Actually, they didn't even need to market their bread, their expertise at churning out freshly baked, pillowy soft buns is already something people will flock to for.

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