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105 Clementi St 12 Singapore
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 21, 2012    

A family run business started in 1965 selling cakes, pies and pastries. 


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old-school cakes

Balmoral Bakery is famous for selling old-school confectionery like cream cakes! Their cream cakes are just like the ones that we had when we were young. Rectangular slices with white cream, colored gel and a cartoon on top. The taste of the cakes are definitely not one of the best, but the nostalgic factor in those cakes cannot be easily found elsewhere. They also sell baked goods like doughnuts and swiss rolls. Their doughnuts are really nice. Not overly-sweet and the bread had a chewy texture to it. I saw that they had some hot fried food for sale but I didn't get it as I was already filled from lunch but I would make a point to try it the next time I walk past there!

Prices are reasonable as most neighborhood bakeries are. However, the shopkeepers can be grumpy sometimes and don't really smile much. So just get what you want and leave. The shop is also quite small thus it can get squeezy when too many people are inside the shop choosing what they want to buy. Nice place to check out if you are missing your childhood cakes. Otherwise, I find that it is not much of a difference from your other neighborhood bakery.

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cream cakes
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Childhood memories filled bread

I remember visiting balmoral bakery with my parents when I was very young, and always picking out the chocolate swiss rolls or doughnuts. This bakery certainly holds many childhood memories for me and I still visit it till this day. However nowadays I would pick out their signature samosas or curry puffs, which are really good! Their samosas are always crispy, and I really enjoy the filling. It is a curried potato filling, with chunks of chicken and egg inside- very fufilling and flavouful indeed! The curry puffs are also good, crispy and it does not have a buttery pastry, something which I really like. It's filling is delicous as well! Inexpensively priced, it's an affordable and delicious tea time treat.

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