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Pâtisserie Glacé was started in 2008 with the aim of bringing the best of Japan's cakes, pies and cookies and tarts to Singapore.

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11am - 7pm
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Republic Plaza
Marina Bay Link Mall
Chinatown Plaza


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Distinctly unique and refreshing (though a little pricey!)

I first heard of Patisserie Glace while working part-time at Tanjong Pagar after my A-levels. What caught my attention as I walked past the small, brightly lit stall was, unfortunately, not the array of pastries on display, but their unusually high prices - a single cheese tart only slightly bigger in diameter than a regular rice bowl cost about $5.

So it definitely came as a huge surprise for me when my mum specially requested me to buy a few cheese tarts back home after she had sampled a small slice from a friend.

After taking a bite into my first cheese tart, I finally understood what the rave about this tarts was all about - the cheese filling of the tarts was not simply rich and creamy, but also left an unusually refreshing aftertaste that left one craving for more. The tart crust was also surprisingly fragrant and of just the right texture - not too dry or crumbly, nor too moist - providing a perfect complement to the filling.

Though we did not venture into trying other pastries and cakes, our initial experience with the cheese tarts was enough to have us going back for more once in a while, when we craved a small dessert to indulge in. Perhaps the high price did in part make us savour the tarts a lot more each time we bought them. All in all, it's definitely a patisserie I would recommend for a truly unique pastry indulgence.

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Great tart crust!

i heard good stuff about their cheese tarts. So the only thing I knew about this place was their cheese tarts. Cheese tarts cheese tarts and nothing else. So i went to get some cheese tarts from this cheese tarts place.

Being a fan of anything matcha, I grabbed the matcha flavored cheese tart without any hesitation though the other flavors sounded great too. I opened the plastic packet in anticipation of the cold tart crust touching my palms and opened up the tin foil and bit with glee. And bam!

Too cheesy for me. Honestly, I ain't no fan of cheese 'cept those that don't have a strong cheese/dairy smell, so this really didn't make it for me. I had a hard time finishing up the whole tart. I wanted to throw it away halfway through but it was too expensive to enter the bin prematurely.

However i thought the tart crust was really really good! So much better than the normal ones you have outside. I think this was made using graham cracker crumbs with the appropriate amount of butter and sugar to bind it together. There was quite a large proportion of tart crust in the tart, to my delight.

I saw other cakes on display too, which looked equally appealing so hit the cakes if you're not a fan of cheese!

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Above Average.

We bought a few Rin Rin Cheese Tarts and Mango Rhapsody Cake to celebrate my sister's birthday.

The mango cake was not too bad, definitely above average for a sponge cake with relatively generous servings of sweet mangoes. However, I was never a fan of sponge cake and that mango cake wasn't outstanding enough to turn me into a convert.

The Cheese Tart was also not too bad. Like the Mango Rhapsody, it was above average for a cheese tart. I generally like cheese products, however, I didn't feel that that cheese tart was exceptionally special. It was okay, no doubt, but not something I would crave in my dreams.

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So good. SO SO SO GOOD.

If you asked me if I’m happy I found Glace, I wouldn’t know what the answer would be. So happy when I eat it, but so sad that I hardly get the chance because of how expensive it is.

The first pastry I ever tried which I constantly find myself buying whenever it is available is their Banaan Chocolat ($5.20), which is basically a chocolate sponge cake with fresh cream that encloses a banana slice. What really makes this cake so special is a crisp layer that coats the outer layer of the cake, something I’ve not been able to figure out till this day. Another favourite of mine is also their strawberry shortcake. We bought the whole cake for my extended family to celebrate my mum’s birthday and everyone sang praises.

I have made my mum drive out of our house just to buy their cakes numerous times, and I have to say I never needed to do much persuading.

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