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Sales Office: 6457 6159, SMS: 9839 8418, Retail Outlets: 6459 5507 / 6456 3552   Email   Website   Facebook Page 4453   2   0
#01-2369 / #01-2329 Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Singapore Singapore 560529
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Listing created by operationhazard on September 25, 2012    

We are an unassuming bakery with exquisite creations of decadent cakes at affordable prices.

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Mon - Sun: 08:30 - 21:30 closed on Thursday for Retail Outlet; closed on Friday for #01-2329


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Sushi bread better than sushi itself

Mention Pine Garden bakery, and the first thing that most people will think of is their lychee martini cake. Although I do like that too, my favourite would have to be the sushi bread roll. The bread, which has a mildly sweet taste to it, has a seaweed, ham, tuna and pork floss core. The combination of these different ingredients work wonderfully well together.

It is one of their best sellers and often sells out quickly, so to avoid being disappointed, it would be best to visit the bakery in the morning. Trust me, nothing is more disappointing than traveling all the way there only to find out that you won’t be leaving with a slice of the best sushi bread roll ever.

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Back to basics

Remember the cakes we used to have when we were much younger (hello if you're from the 80s or 90s!!)? Those were the only cakes in our world. Back then, I didn't know what tiramisu, cheesecakes, mille crepes are.. and the only cakes that I knew were this kind of sponge cakes with colored gel, laced with white or brown cream around it. If i'm lucky, there would be inedible plastic cartoon ornaments on the cake complete with a colored paper umbrella. That was my definition of "cake" but of course as I grow up, I got exposed to many different kinds of cakes but the kind of cakes sold here at Pine Garden (I don't always buy them here but you get what I mean!) will always have a special place in my heart that no other cheesecake or tiramisu can ever replace. Just simple sponge and cream delight :)

The cakes here are soft and light. They do have some exotic flavors (lychee martini/ pulut hitam) apart from the usual flavors like blackforest. I've tried most of their flavors and my favorite would be the lychee martini one. The martini smell isn't strong so don't worry about getting drunk on it. The martini actually enhances and lifts the entire cake with its subtle presence. If you're not so adventurous, I would recommend the blackforest cake. Chocolate-y, simple and heartwarming. Do give it a try if you're tired of the usual cakes in cafes nowadays because you know the basics will never fail you.

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Old skool!

This cake shop has been around since I could start remembering things. I used to come here to enjoy their cake slices. You know the type covered in butter cream, with colourful gel decorations and chocolate rice or chopped peanuts covering the sides. They used to sell for less than a dollar.

Inflation and rising costs has guaranteed that those prices are history. I did return recently to get a black forest cake for a birthday party and I'd say that the shop is very much like how I remembered it as a kid. Talk about nostalgia.

Back to the cake, you can find very little to shake a stick at it. Do support this neighbourhood shop. We shouldn't let little gems like this to die a quiet death because we have forgotten all about them.

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Lacklustre Lychee

I have read and heard so much about their lychee martini cake and, being the lychee nut that I am, I absolutely could not wait to sink my teeth into my first slice of the cake.

But I'm afraid that whatever positive reviews I have read or heard about this cake has done it too much justice. It really isn't all that, and my lychee-loving self was absolutely unimpressed. The cake just didn't have enough lychee flavour to it; it did not have the full character of lychee, that light, refreshing taste, and fruity fragrance. I do appreciate the bits of lychee in the cake though.

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Cakes that lingers in your mind!

Heard raves from friends and colleagues how good their cakes was, Pulut Hitam and Lychee Martini was the few that was recommended. Being living in the west, i took the trip down to north just to taste and see what's awe my friends that they keep giving me thumbs up when i asked how good the cakes were.

On my first trip, i bought a few different slices of the cake, which consist of Blackforest, Bailey Chocolate crunch, Citrus drop, Lychee Martini and Pulut hitam. They have two outlets in the district, #01-2369 which has an indian store located beside allows you to purchase their cakes that come in slices however #01-2329, which located far back only allows you to purchase their bread and ordering of cakes in advance purposes.

My mum loves the Pulut Hitam's cake, she said it wasn't so sweet and the coconut taste ain't that overwhelming. My best pick would be the Lychee Martini, i am someone who couldn't take much on alcohol and hated the smell of it, but to my surprise, i actually love the cake.

Hopefully they do franchise to all part of Singapore so that it would be easier for non-north siders.

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lychee martini
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Ang mo kio ave 10
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