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Temasek Culinary Academy, Block 31, Level 1 Tampines Avenue 1 Singapore
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The Little Explorer
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Sugarloaf is a training Cafe run by students situated in Temasek Polytechnic, Temasek Culinary Academy (TCA).

The Cafe's food are made by students from the Culinary Catering Management (CCM) and service is provided by students from Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM).

Sugarloaf is well known in TP for offering a wide range of affordable and tasty desserts from Chocolate Cupcakes to Crème Brule. 

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Monday-Friday: 10am-2.30pm. Closed on school vacation, test and examination period.
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< $10

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TP Pride

Run by Temasek Polytechnic's very own students, Sugerloaf prides itself on serving good food at decent prices. Before discovering this hidden treasure, there were no sweet desserts to look forward to and instead, I had to decide on what food to repeat for lunch. Laksa or chicken rice? Chicken rice or laksa?

While I thought that their main courses and inconsistent service has a lot of room for improvement, their desserts were definitely a pleasant delight. Do not belittle this bistro run by students, they always bring their best to the table. Their tiramisu, fruit tarts and apple crumble are commendable while their homemade sorbets, although not fantastic, should be given a chance.

Recently, Sugerload gained popularity amongst students and lecturers, resulting in a full house during lunch hour. It is best to avoid the crowd during this time.

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(Updated: January 13, 2013)

Welcome to Sugarloaf!

The desserts sold there looks exquisite with meticulous details from nut, fruit or chocolate garnishes. Almost like what you would find at posh restaurants. Price wise it ranges from $3 - $6 for the desserts which I would think is reasonable the desserts served aren't your typical cheesecake or cream cake topped with strawberry but international desserts like mousse, carrot cake, tiramisu, panna cotta, opera cake. My personal favourite is the bread pudding and creme brulee.

Besides desserts, they sell sandwiches, cookies, mocktails, coffee drinks, ice-cream and full meals too. The sandwiches are a little overly priced at $4- $5, but they are huge and they don't use ordinary white bread but italian bread. Sandwich comes with either fish cutlet or portobello mushroom for vegetarians. The cookies are yummy especially the Mud Slide (double chocolate chip) going at $2 for a 5cm cookie. The coffee drinks are average and the mocktails isn't something I like, with a mixture of syrup and gassy drinks. The ice-cream is not bad , love the strawberry sorbet with an icy-like texture. The proper meals they serve changes every week so it really depends on your luck. Sometimes it can be local food like mee siam, chicken rice, nasi lemak or japanese themed like bento, katsu etc. But generally it tastes mediocre at a high price which isn't exactly worth the money. (with exception to the crusted pot pie!) And the hot food isn't always available, sometimes there isn't food at the counter but sometimes there's too much food. And the staff can't give you an answer if there is food coming down or not, so you'll have to camp at the counter area, which i personally don't think it's worth it.

When you enter, you will first be greeted with a loud "welcome to Sugarloaf!" from all the trainee students, a significant culture built in this cafeteria. It can either make you feel welcomed or stressful like me because everyone from the staff to the customers are all staring at you from head to toe as you walk down the long staircase. It's a self-service kinda thing so you purchase your food at the counter and make payment immediately.

So my advice is to have your meals first before heading downt to Sugarloaf for desserts. Get ready your camera to flood photos of your desserts on Instagram because they look so pretty & classy!!! do remember to pack some cookies home! :)

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SugarLoft for the sweet tooth

Still remember the times when I hang out with my friends at SugarLoft for pastries and gossiping session during my poly times. As it was a cafe run by the students whereby all the items on the menus are prepared by them. Of course, as we are all fellow schoolmates, we should support their dreams of being a chef or baker in future.

The desserts they served at SugarLoft are of quality standard like any other pastries shops! And sometimes they had special exquisite flavours to surprise you too! So far they have never fail to satisfy my sweet tooth in my school days! Do try their tangerine chocolate cake, it's always on my list of favourites as it's very moist and rich in chocolate with a tinge of refreshness from the tangerine!

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(Updated: September 25, 2012)

Value-for-money could be better.

Being a student at Temasek Polytechnic, I've visited Sugarloaf a few times and the only thing that keeps me coming back are the tarts they offer. The tiny cafe is often packed to the gills, with trainee students from Hospitality & Tourism Management struggling to handle their customers. It becomes very noisy during peak periods as well.
The food isn't all that bad, with special mentions for their creme brûlées and lasagne! The dishes, however, are slightly overpriced and with little variety. But only if you're in the vicinity, I'd recommend you to drop by and try their food!

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