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A small Bakery that sprouted in Choa Chu Kang, Baker talent opens with a variety of buns that pans away from the conventional bakery in Singapore. It sells signature buns made fresh from its ovens and comes up with new flavors frequently to entice customers. It is famous for its Bolo Butter Bun.

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Mon - Sun 09:00 - 22:00
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< $10


Mango Cheese Bun
Butter Boom
White Coffee Bolo Bun
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Favourite breakfast on-the-go

Although still a fairly new establishment, Baker Talent has since branched out to the heartlands, serving up soft, fluffy buns for not more than a dollar! I stopped by the Simei branch around 5pm in the evening and a queue was already starting to form, with many buying at least 5 buns at a time.

The selection was pretty decent, and I was in particular interested to try the Butter Boom ($0.60) that never seemed to run out - a new batch was made every few minutes. I also picked up a Golden Sands bun ($0.90) and Char Siew Bolo Bao ($0.95), which I daresay are the cheapest prices among all the bakeries in Singapore. Service was prompt despite the flurry of customers, with my bill amounting to less than 3 dollars.

Only when I sunk my teeth in did I understand the hype - all three buns were light and fluffy, although the Bolo bun was less crumbly than I would have liked. The salted egg custard of the Golden Sands bun was flavourful, savoury, and just the right mix of sweet custard and savoury egg yolk. They’re sinful, but Baker Talent is definitely my go-to for great bread at affordable prices.

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Their Yam Sands Bun is the true star of the show.

Baker Talent is a bakery that offers buns at extremely affordable prices. I’m talking less than $1 for a decently-sized bun. This place is definitely in the top 3 of my all-time-favorite bakeries!

Thinking their Custard Bun was going to be filled with flowy custard, I was in for a rude shock when I bit into solid cream custard. I immediately turned back and bought their famed Golden Sands Bun. I also chose the Yam Sands Bun as an afterthought. While I was not overly impressed with their Golden Sands Bun as it had an uneven bread-to-golden sand ratio, their Yam Sands Bun took me by surprise. It was chock-full with a sweet and satisfying yam paste that complimented the soft bread well.

Found in the heartlands, this bakery appeals to customers not only because of their accessibility but because of its great buns at cheap prices. For a bun fix that wouldn’t put a dent in your wallet, Baker Talent is a winner!

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Sinful But Tasty Baked Items

Baker Talent is an unassuming shop tucked away in the Serangoon Central heartlands, that is hugely popular for its soft, fluffy, buttery buns, which are freshly baked all day.

As a takeaway stand, Baker Talent doesn't have any seating. But their colouful and bright posters and banners around the store stand out and draw attention, as does their large display case where all the baked goods are displayed. Walk past, and the fragrant buttery aroma from Baker Talent entices you to go over.

Service at Baker Talent is fast, efficient, and business-like. While long queues are a given, they are cleared very quickly by the hard-working staff at Baker Talent. Staff also take pride in producing several quantities of fresh bread daily, and because of high turnover, you are assured of getting a fresh batch of buns.

The menu at Baker Talent is limited, with a range of only 12 different items. But each is decadent, with large amounts of butter and sugar, making each bite so sinful, yet lovely. The bread made at Baker Talent is soft and fluffy, and tears away easily. Unhealthy, but it's a nice treat!

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Mango Cheese Bun
Butter Boom
White Coffee Bolo Bun
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Decent buns!

I used to think it was just the ordinary bakery whenever I bypass their Clementi branch until I begin to see snaking lines all the way out of their store and sometimes even turning the corner.

My curiosity eventually got the better of me one day and I decided to try it. They had my favorite Creamy Custard Bun (not the conventional steamed bun but baked fluffy ones) so I got that along with their Sugar and Butter loaf.

I was surprised because I only had it the next morning and yet it tasted good! It was cold by the way, not reheated or anything and yet the bun remained soft and fluffy throughout, neither did the custard change in consistency. I kind of expected the bun to be a little soggy, seeing that it encased the runny egg the entire night.

Since then, I've been returning every other day just to try out the different flavors of buns they have in store! Each time, not a wide variety is presented but they keep to changing the flavors out frequently so we get to have a taste of their other specialties!

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Best Bakery. Period.

I just want to start by saying I love bread. I eat bread mostly as snacks and occasionally, as staple meals when I feel incredibly lazy. Prior to learning about Baker Talent, my family regularly buy buns from Four Leaves or less fresh offerings from Fairprice or some less established bakeries. Because of how much I like bread, subconsciously, I was searching for the best breads money can offer. When I first tried buns from Baker Talent, it felt like the search is over.

The outlet that I regularly patronise at Serangoon is a small humble one. It seems like another of those regular less established bakeries common in neighbourhoods, but it isn't. The bakery takes on a no-frills approach, where customers order buns over a glass separation. On the other side, a selection (about 10 different kinds) of tasty buns await consumption.

Here are a few I've tried:

Custard Bun: It is pretty simplistic with custard filling. Tasty but nothing special.

White Coffee Bun: I like it more than any other coffee buns from other bakeries, simply because it isn't too crispy or burnt. Unlike other coffee buns, I don't feel like I will get a sore throat after eating too many of it.

Golden Sands Bun (金沙包): Similar to the Custard Bun, except it is filled with something else (salted egg yolk perhaps?). It actually tastes more sweet than salty.

Cranberry Cheese Bun: This one is my personal favourite. The cheese doesn't feel overly starchy and the entire bread just feels like a pleasure to eat because of how well the cheese complements the plain bread. The taste of the cranberry doesn't surface though.

Overall, I'd say that Baker Talent is the best bakery I know of. For a bread-lover like myself, this is really a testament to how good their breads are. It only gets better when you consider how inexpensive it is compared to other bakeries. Buns cost a mere $0.60 to $0.90. You truly get the most bang for your buck. I recommend consuming the buns immediately after buying because it is when the bun is hot that you get the maximum satisfaction.

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Value for money
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I've gotta feeling for your filling, baker talent.

Opened not very long ago, this sprouting bakery churns out piping out, pillowy soft buns exploding with creamy, delicieux fillings.

They have since attracted throngs of people far and wide who scout here just to have a taste of their bakes fresh from the oven. Even left over night, the buns remain pillowy soft with not much taste difference as freshly bought.

Their signatures must be their cream cheese buns, when i was around that area, i couldn't resist not buying the lemon cheese bun. When i got it, it was still hot from the oven, and when i bit into the bun, hot spewing creamy cheesy filling bust out and filled up into my mouth. I was in euphoria.

The feeling of the filling filling up my mouth was just splendid.

Try it and you'll know how ill feel.
Now breadtalk, step back.

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