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People's Park Complex, #01-66 1 Park Road Singapore 059108
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Listing created by veronicangg on September 14, 2012    

Bunnies is a bakery in people's park complex just opposite the hawker centre. They sell freshly-baked bread and there are many flavours available- ranging from the usual filling of red bean paste to an unusual curry filling! You will always find a long queue during lunch hours so be there early!

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Generous Fillings!

I've only patronised this bakery once as I hardly ever visit Chinatown, however, if I happen to be around the corner again, I'll definitely pay Bunnies a visit.

Their bread look really ordinary, but do not be fooled for their fillings pack a huge punch. I was initially skeptical when I saw their run-of-the-mill breads but a craving for bread compelled me to make my purchase.

I bought the spicy prawn paste bun from them and a couple others and I was delighted to find more filling than airy spaces in the bread. Their fillings were delicious too, especially the prawn paste which was an utter delight!

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fluffy like a bunny

For a moment i thought it was a shop selling bunny-shaped pastries, until I caught a whiff of roasted garlic. And i was thinking, hey, it smells really great and i better try! To be frank, i was a little disappointed when I did not see bunny-shaped pastries haha, yes I really thought their pastries were shaped like a bunny. But it is okay, the aroma from their bread made up for my little disappointment and i was quite surprised to find that they do sell a variety of bread.

I decided to get one of every flavour the person recommends and yes, the bread are really soft and easy to chew/swallow. The fillings are pretty okay, not too much or too little. Just right. And this is especially great for those who have difficulty chewing! One can enjoy a yummy bread without chewing much and it is not easy to find such soft bread in bakeries these days!

I spent some time figuring why this bakery is called bunny and I came into a conclusion in the end (just my own conclusion after random thinking hehe ). It is not because of their breads being shaped like a bunny. But because of their soft bread that is fluffy and nice, just like a bunny's fur. Soft at touch. perhaps that's how they got their inspiration to name their bakery as bunny. When we think of bunny, we think of them as fluffy creatures. Just like their bread, fluffy and soft. Sounds pretty cute too eh?

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melting bread!

The name suggests softness and that is exactly what their bread feels like. Soft, small, bite size.

The phrase 'sinking my teeth into soft, warm bread' truly applies to Bunnies' bread. The bread gets squashed easily even when it was in a plastic bag. My friend's bread became a hard cube by the end of the day and at a smaller size as well. Nonetheless, I am really impressed by the cotton-like bread.

Their Curry bread packs a punch in the face! It is sixty percent spicy to me, much to my surprise when I took a really huge bite out of it. Pays to be careful when you are trying to reenact the phrase. I like it feisty!

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Cute little bunnies

There are many hidden gems in Chinatown and Bunnies is one of them. They have freshly baked bread with many different flavours. My favourites would be the salted bean, egg mayo, yam and curry. Don't bother trying the usual fillings- red bean paste etc. They're like those you can find in other bakeries.

The bread is extremely soft-softer than bread talk's and the fact that it is warm makes the experience even better. The queue is long in the afternoons during lunch hour so be there early if you do not want to wait. That being said, the queue usually moves rather quickly. That means that with the variety of flavours there are to choose from, you have to make up your mind fast so as to not hold up the queue!

I assure you you will be back for more. It is extremely affordable ($1.30 approx for 6 cute little bunny squares) and good to go with a cup of coffee on a rainy day.

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