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Listing created by val_madish on June 09, 2012    

Specializes in Cupcakes, 3D cakes, Wedding cakes, Brownie Cheesecakes, Cinnamon Rolls and more! The cakes looks good on the outside and taste heavenly inside. Customized cakes available upon request.

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You will fall in love with the pretty cupcakes!

If you love fanciful cake on your birthday or wedding day, you should pay a visit to the Cak3 box that would make your dreams come true. Specialized in different kinds of painted cakes for special occasions and their very own cupcakes, the Cak3 Box is worth a try. 

Just last week, I visited the Cak3 Box to get a special birthday cake for my best buddy. Before I entered the shop, I was already mesmerized by the creativity and unique designs painted on the cakes  that's when I made up my mind to give my buddy a special birthday cake surprise. I was welcomed by the friendly staffs. Over the counter, I could see all the pretty cakes displayed nicely behind the glass window. Frankly, I just couldn't take my eyes off them. 
Some of them are the birthday cakes decorated with cute 'toys' that are edible! 

I took my time browsing through the booklet that contains the end products of the birthday cakes. There were quite a lot to choose from and I decided on the chocolate birthday cupcakes, there were 9 of them and they are designed differently and made into one picture out of all those loose cupcakes. 
The price was not too expensive for each cupcakes too.
As for the taste, the cupcakes have a very soft texture and are very sweet. If you cant finish eating them in one day, you can always keep them in the fridge for freshness. 

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Chocolate cupcakes
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It is worth the Sin

Cak3 Box is like a little jewel tucked away in a corner... I first heard about this cake shop when they released an offer on Groupon. Since we were going be entertaining some friends at home, we bought the Groupon and collected the cheesecake brownie home which we serve as dessert. It was delicious and we gotten great feedback from our friends. The brownie base was extremely moist and dense and so sinfully rich. And the top layer is a slightly salty but equally moist and rich cheesecake that blended so well with the brownie. The texture and salty versus sweet mix was a great balance. Just thinking of it makes me crave for one slice now.

The second time I tasted this cake was when I got it as a birthday cake. It is also a cheesecake + Brownie combi, but this time it is a salted caramel cheesecake topped off with a super delicious and thick fresh cream ($50). It is amazing how every layer is perfectly done and they complement one another so well. You might think that you will get sick of eating this cake but you don’t. You really just go on eating it alternating among the layers. You will only stop because you are full, well that was how it was for me.

Other than off the selves cakes, you can request for customised cakes as well as the popular 3D cakes that everyone seems to be ordering. Don’t get put off by the price but what you really get is high quality cake within and beautifully crafted cake decorations on the outside.

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