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THE CENTREPOINT Unit B1-12,176 Orchard Road Singapore Singapore 238843
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Donut Factory offers a wide range of high quality gourmet donuts made from their very own recipes. You can compliment your donuts with premium hot and cold beverages and a wide variety of innovative meals and snacks at affordable prices.

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Opening Hours:
10am- 10 pm
Avg Price:
< $10
List of Outlets:
Unit B1-12,176 Orchard Road
Singapore 238843
(10am - 10pm) T +65 6737 3255

Tower 3, Unit 01-193
Singapore 038985
(10am - 9.30pm) T +65 6235 9392

Unit 02-95
Singapore 307506
(10am - 9.30pm) T +65 6352 2297

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Beautiful creations

Every single donut made by Donut Factory is a work of art. There are many different types, be it with holes in the centre or solid, what they're dipped into, toppings, or the style of decorating. Just seeing them on display in the display case is enough to whet one's craving for them, and I always can't help but buy six of them at in one shot since I just can't decide between them.

Compared to most donuts sold at bakeries, these donuts are not that greasy, and are always served soft and fresh. They're also priced affordably and definitely value-for-money. My only 'complaint' though, is that they're going to ruin my figure. Or what's left of it.

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Good enough for the thrifty

These donuts are not your regular chocolate or sugar donuts from your neighbourhood bakery. They are meant to be a model of the more western type of donuts like krispy kreme, which means donuts stuffed with jam, cream and other things and line with a sweet condiment or cheese.
These donuts have a unique taste, and the dough is not as oily as some donuts. I like the glazed donut and cheese donut the most, the glazed donut is topped with crisp sugar, the cheese one has a supple savoury nacho cheese aroma. The donuts are also cheap and os a good choice for the thrifty.

However, the donuts are not as good as they were when the first shop first opened and they were less commercialised. Donut factory also serves food in some places, which is not too bad and quite economical for lunching.

The service can be slow during peak hours, so be prepared to wait about 5-10mins to be served.

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Cheaper than the rest

What's great about this doughnut place is that it offers savoury items on its menu on top of the doughnuts. At an affordable price too! Doughnuts taste about the same to me. As long as the filling is not too sweet and the dough is soft and not oily, all doughnuts are great tasting creations.

Since this place offers cheaper doughnuts than say, J. Co and Dunkin Donuts (I personally dislike Dunkin Donuts, find it too sweet), I don't mind getting doughnuts once in a while if I'm at that area. I don't go crazy over doughnuts. Having said that though, I recommend that you try their double chocolate flavour. It has dark chocolate on the inside and is coated with white chocolate on the outside. Mmm...chocolate bliss:)

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Average tasting donuts, but worth the money

The donuts from Donut Factory comes at a relatively affordable price compared to its competitors. I love how it offers a wide array of flavours for consumers to choose from. For me, I will always buy them in a box of six for myself and my family since it is cheaper this way. It is also a popular choice of food for events such as class gathering or birthday parties. However, donuts are by nature very sweet and I figured that most people would get tired of it quite easily. Great only for people with a sweet tooth.

The locations of its outlets also seem to be not strategic which I guess may explain the little business it have most of the time.

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Good Deal for Meals

Although it is named Donut Factory, this shop does more than sell donuts. When I passed by the branch at Square 2, I was quite curious to see that they served set meals as well so I asked my friend to try it with me on one occasion.

We were pleasantly surprised by the meals! They were cheap, (below $10 for a main, side and drink) and tasted good! The portions were also very reasonable for the cheap price. I had the tom yum spaghetti and soup as a side while my friend had fish and chips and cheese fries. The cheese fries were slightly disappointing because they use chunky fries so when placed in a bowl, it came up to quite a small amount. The soup was great though! There was even spaghetti in the soup itself, almost like a meal on its own. The tom yum spaghetti was also delicious, with just the right amount of sourness.

Overall I enjoyed dining at Donut Factory although one down point is the bad service. If I must mention the donuts, well, they were normal to me. I do not really like these fancy donuts and prefer the 70cent ones you can find at neighbourhood bakeries.

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used to be better

I remember the donut craze a couple of years back where people would buy huge boxes of donuts back. Donut factory was one of the donut shops which had extremely high traffic back then. I remembered queueing with my friends to buy a box of 6 donuts back. My favorite was the dark chocolate with raspberry filling. I love chocolates and jam. So, I thought that this combination of dark chocolate with raspberry filling was made for me!

After not visiting donut factory for a long while, I went back again recently for tea with a friend. This time, when I ordered my dark chocolate donut, I was disappointed. The donut bun was very very oily and tasted of oil. Though the taste of the raspberry filling didn't change, the taste of the bun was bad.

I am not sure whether I would head back to donut factory for their donuts anymore. I guess this might be one of the reasons for the demise of the donut craze.

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going to get fat soon.

I am not a fan of donuts but I sure am glad that there is donut factory in Singapore.

Donut factory's creations are not as fanciful as J Co. donuts or Dunkin' Donuts but their filling is exceptionally creamy for eaters who love a heavier taste in their food. I always buy their almond shavings topped donut, oreo donut and double chocolate donut. Not that I do not like other flavours nor that I have not tried them, I like to stick to things that I like and which is also why i stuck with donut factory as well. They have more flavors than what their website has listed so feel free to patronise them for a surprise!

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First choice for doughnuts!

Been a fan of Donut Factory since the very first time I tried it back in 2007. Back then, there were long queues that were definitely worth the wait for these affordable and delicious doughnuts. Today, the queues are nowhere to be seen because of all the different doughnut shops competing against each other. However, my love for Donut Factory's doughnuts has not falter over the years, and after having tried doughnuts from other places like J. Co, I still prefer Donut Factory's to these other places.

The doughnuts are cheap and bigger than the average doughnut size. I especially adore the white chocolate with orange doughnut, which was the very first flavour I laid hands on when I made my first visit. Majority of their flavours are really nice, although nowadays I assume they do not make some flavours unless you request it (unless it has been ultimately removed from their menu).

If you are looking to have a drink or a meal, you can! At the outlet at Suntec City, it is more like a cafe where you can sit in and dine, or just have a cup of tea or coffee. They also have a couple of promotions now so that makes the cost of some of their products cheaper. I believe they have a happy hour whereby during that period their doughnuts are much cheaper than usual, so if you catch it, you should not give it a miss!

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Branch Location:
Suntec City
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affordable donuts to satisfy the donut cravings

Donut Factory sells a range of donuts, bonbons and beverages. The donuts are considerably more affordable than the bonbons and beverages though. All the flavours are usually available at all times.

The donuts make a good breakfast meal or a small snack, to satisfy the light hunger pangs. I like the double chocolate and strawberry white chocolate most. Inside the double chocolate is dark chocolate and the exterior is coated with white chocolate. This can be a delicious but messy donut to eat as the dark chocolate flows out quickly. The strawberry white chocolate is nice as well, but the strawberry center is very sweet. The donuts taste better when reheated as the bread is softer and warm.

There is rarely a queue at Donut Factory now, and it is worth eating once awhile to satisfy the donut cravings. Requesting for a reheat of the donuts is dependent largely on the crowd, and at times they do offer to reheat them as well.

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average donuts

The donut craze has died down significantly over the years and the long queues sported by Donut Factory has become history. I hardly eat donut nowadays unless a craving strikes. Even then, I do not have a donut store that I particularly like, I just buy from whichever donut store I happen to walk past. The donuts here are just average. No out-of-the-world designs or toppings, no bread soft enough to feed a baby. Just a donut that will not leave you craving for more.

I have to say that the varieties are more than what you would see in a bakery. After all, this is a donut specialization store. They sell no other baked goods other than donuts. If I have to recommend one, I would recommend the one with white chocolate topping simply because that's the flavor I get all the time if I ever patronize the shop. Pricing wise, at $1.20-$1.50 per donut depending on the flavor, I find the pricing ok. If you buy a box of 6 or a dozen, you can definitely save on some pennies there. Overall, nothing much to rave about, just an average donut store that serves average donut at an average price. You might find other better donut stores elsewhere.

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