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#B1-36 City Square Mall 180 Kitchener Road Singapore 208539
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Selling an assortment of Japanese bread and cakes, Mugiya is a bakery shop.

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Japanese bakery that sells great polo bun

I live for the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the air, which is why my insides jump in glee every time I walk pass a Mugiya outlet.

One of my favorites from Mugiya would be their Polo bun. It has a crusty sweet top, with the bun enveloping delicious caramelized pork filling. Their cranberry cream cheese was not bad too, with pillowy soft bread and smooth cream cheese. However, it could definitely do with more filling.

Their spicy floss roll looked better than it tasted; it was essentially just plain bread shaped like a sushi with some floss at the two ends. Save your stomach space for their other buns!

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Wide variety of baked goods, though not exactly Japanese

Mugiya is my number one go-to place every week after climbing! After 9pm, their breads are sold at $1.10 each. It used to be $1, but I guess inflation happens. The queue starts forming around 8.45pm.

Without the offer, they are usually around $1.50. Their most popular bun would be the Hokkaido Milk Bun, a light bun filled with sweet, creamy milk inside. Sadly, I didn't find it very special. It was pleasant, but I've tried better Hokkaido buns before. Also, the amount of milk inside varied each time I tried it.

On the other hand, their other buns are much better! My favourite would be the dense Sweet Potato bun, a really heavy and large bun filled with a ton of real mashed sweet potato. Their buns are all quite large, hence quite worth the price. The bread is soft and moist, and even the edges aren't dry, which I love. Another nice flavour would be the Plain Polo bun, filled with butter inside and with the signature sweet, flaky polo top.

Rest assured, there are many other flavours to choose from! The better ones, in my opinion, would be the Chocolate Walnut, Mushroom Cheese and Japanese Hot Dog which comes with fish flakes too.

The only drawback is that Mugiya is supposedly a Japanese bakery, but their products aren't exactly all Japanese. Nonetheless, their variety of cakes, healthier choice breads, sandwiches and buns more than make up for it.

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City Square Mall
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Doesn't feel like a Jap bakery

In my opinion it is only a Japanese bakery by name, because I don't really see many kinds of bread that scream Jap to me. In fact, by looking at the name itself, I thought it was just another local bakery, except with a focus on healthy bread like wholemeal etc. Guess I was wrong.

There is limited selection, especially as compared to BreadTalk right opposite from it. I was impressed with the floss bun with tuna filling though. Oh and their sweetbread is alright too, but too big for just myself.

I find it interesting (though probably not in a good way I suppose?) that they sell their Hokkaido bun in various flavours. Some are passable, some are not worth trying another time, but my mum likes their original Hokkaido bun. Personally I'd buy from BreadTalk for the wider variety and pop by Mugiya only every now and then when I feel like eating something from there.

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Average bread

I was attracted to its branding and refreshing concept and decided to try its bread and cakes.

Personally, I feel that its breads are really average. Looks are average, have same tastes like other bread chains such as Breadtalk and Four leaves. Their price is reasonable too. However, I feel that their selection is too limited. You can generally find all the common breads like pork floss and sandwiches.

Every time I pass by any bread/cake shops, I will always be attracted to its cakes. So of course, I decided to try one of their cakes. Sadly, it was really disappointing. It looks really great and up to standard, but it tastes really bad. I can only taste the heavy whip cream and the not so moist cake layers. Definitely, looks can deceive.

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Subtle taste, refreshing experience

With such an interesting shop name, many would naturally assume that the pastries/bread/cakes here are not quite the norm. I have heard that the breads/cakes here are pretty good and decided to go for a simple-no-risk try- Mango Breadcake for beginners. It looked like a pretty ordinary bread and to be honest, i felt a little cheated as I do not really taste much of the cake. But on the whole, I found it quite okay as the subtle mango taste was quite refreshing, especially after a meal that's too strong a flavour. So for those who prefer food with a lighter flavour, this would be not bad a choice for beginners!

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(Updated: December 18, 2012)


I was first drawn to a Japanese sweet bread which is flat and round and flaky. It's very similar to the almond pastry available at Crystal Jade Bakery. Just oily enough and some dusting of sugar on top, it makes a very crunchy snack when I feel peckish. Hubbs and Mumsy says that it reeks of oil but I beg to differ.

Being a fan of fried breads with ham and cheese and eggs, I bought a Golden Triangle from Mugiya one morning when I was at Hougang Mall. It was a sandwich with cheese, ham and egg mayo spread between 3 pieces of bread before being fried and cut into triangles; hence the aptly named GOLDEN TRIANGLE.

Perhaps the egg mayo had been sitting overnight in some dank condition or maybe it was something else in that sandwich which didn't agree with my tummy. I suffered from acute diarrhea and some serious flatulence 2 hours after eating that Golden Triangle.

I think I'll just stick to the sweetbread for now. Or forever.

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Hougang Mall
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(Updated: December 16, 2012)

Maybe just slightly better than mediocre

Not much better than the likes of Breadtalk.

I usually look out for those dome-shaped breads filled with cranberry cream cheese when I visit bakeries. Mugiya had that and they looked fat and generously stuffed. So of course I was tempted to buy one. But oh, the disappointment of the first bite. There is just too little cream cheese given how much bread there was. I got little more than a coating of cheese with every bite and most of it was just bread (and air).

Don't be fooled by their pretty-looking cakes either, unless you're perfectly all right with the taste of cheap, sugary cream and artificial, one-dimensional sweetness characteristic of cakes sold in neighbourhood bakeries. Then again, if you love such cakes, you're better off going to one of those bakeries in your neighbourhood because you can get them way cheaper.

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Good to get by.

I heard of mugiya somewhere, but always wondered where they were situated. When i saw them loacated at the corner of the mall, i was elated. Placing their breads on display shelves where you place your order at the counter and the staff will packet the bread for you. You don't do the clip-clip thing yourself. This of course makes service a tad slower. But you can be guaranteed that you get breads in well condition. They sell a moderate amount of variety of breads, but in my personal opinion, i don't find the breads really have any japanese 'feel' to them, compared to other japanese bakeries. The bread they sell are the types and varieties you can normally find in our neighborhood bakeries, except for a few.

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Cute Japanese Feel

Mugiya is a very cute looking shop that may be easy to miss as it is tucked into the side at the entrance of City Square Mall. There isn’t a lot to choose from, because the shop consists only of one row of a 3 story display of sweet looking dainty little buns that will catch anyone’s attention.

The prices are also reasonable and there are a number of flavours to choose from. Although they do have plain bread and a few other choices, I would not buy from here often as they are mostly selling the same bun only in different flavours.

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Interesting variety, although nothing great

Mugiya first caught my attention as I was about to walk past it because of the interesting kinds of bread they sell. They have this pillow bread (not sure of the exact name) which is huge, much like its name, as well as some oreo topped, cinnamon and cheese flavoured bread. However, looks can most certainly be deceiving. After the first time I tried it, I found Mugiya's bread to be nothing great. I kind of feel that BreadTalk produces nicer bread.

However, I won't say no to possible future purchases at Mugiya. They are still reasonably priced, at under $2 for most of their flavoured buns. I don't mind buying one or two pieces of bread to nimble on as a light snack, and I will also look forward to try any new flavours they sell next time, with hope that I will finally eat something that I'd really like at this bakery!

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