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Audrey Oh
Listing created by Audrey Oh on May 15, 2012    

Provence is a unique Japanese-style bakery and cafe. Each piece of bread is hand-made by the bakers and nothing is made by partially-made from factories. Provence have their own baking tools and everything is made from scratch. You can be assured the freshest bread hot off the oven. Ingredients used have gone through strict supervision and are of highest quality. Couples with creative bread recipes, the food provided would be of safest standards for everyone.

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9.30am – 8.30pm
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< $10
List of Outlets:
Holland Village, ION Orchard. Has sub-branches called PETIT Provence available as well.


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One of my favourite bakeries!

Walking into Provence is like a bread heaven! The smell of freshly baked bread wafts through the entire cafe and whets your appetite. On my usual visits to the cafe for brunch, it is usually filled with Korean/Japanese ladies which makes me feel like I've walked into an overseas cafe.

The service staff/cashiers are polite and knowledgeable about the products sold. My food came quickly and accurately. The staff are also quick to clean up after customers have left so that new customers can sit down. The cafe is normally quite busy even on weekdays.

The cafe is not really decorated, just plain chairs and tables which are not too close to each other. There are a few seats outside but it can get pretty hot during the daytime.

My favorite breads would be the Milk Pan ($1.50) and Blueberry Cheese ($1.60). The milk pan tastes like the White Rabbit sweet but its not overly sweet. The bread is fluffy and soft. The blueberry cheese bread has a generous filling and the blueberry complements the cream cheese perfectly. It is a good balance of taste which is completed with the bread.

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Best Part:
milk pan
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holland village
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Double Check!

I went to JEM on Saturday and saw the Petite Provence bakery.
Thought I'd give it a try since my daughter said it's good.
So since I decided to buy a sesame pizza for my breakfast and the cahier asked me if I wanted the freshly baked Milk Pan.
So I said ok, give me 2. She charged me for all three pieces $6.10.
When I got home, I found out there was only one milk Pan in the bag!!!
I was furious!!
So imagine if this is a scam by the cahier and she does this to every customer paying cash? the milk pan is S1.80 and she does this to 50 customers!! you do the math.
Suddenly the bakery product does not taste so good anymore!!
I will never buy from them anymore!!

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Best Wassants in Singapore

Provence Bakery is a Japanese-style bakery selling top quality breads and pastries. They’re famous for their wassants, and although there are several bakeries who have tried to replicate their sweet rolls, Provence’s wassants are still unbeatable.

Provonce’s wassants are small crescent-shaped rolls that come in 3 flavors: Custard, Chocolate and Kaya. These sweet rolls are buttery, fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth tender, with the fragrant kaya wassant being my personal favorite. Their wassants are restocked several times through out the day so if you’re lucky enough, you can get your hands on some warm, freshly baked wassants. I’m a fan of their other buns and bread as well, particularly their Choco Bun, which is filled with smooth, luscious chocolate custard.

Provence has a few small shops scattered around the country, but their main store in Holland Village remains my favorite. The café upstairs is a hidden gem of a study spot, so if there’s no space at the HV Starbucks, you can head over to Provonce to get some work done.

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Awesome awesome milk pans

Their Milk Pans are TO-DIE-FOR!!

I remember once my dad bought an entire tray of freshly baked Milk Pans (while people at the back gave him The Glare) for our family and omg, biting into that warm, soft fluffy bread while the milky custard explodes out was SUBLIME.

Now whenever any of us walks past Provence, we are bound to get at least a couple of Milk Pans home for breakfast/snack/desserts/whatever! Their chocolate/cream/kaya wassants are really good too and one would definitely be unable to stop at one.

I have also tried their Prosperity Bun which was filled with lots of red beans (!!!!!), Cinnamon bread, Milk Sticks and Blueberry Cream Cheese, all of which were so good :') One of my dad's trick is to heat the bread up for 12 seconds before consumption, and I swear nothing beats eating warm and soft bread ~

They have increased their price tags though, but for it's quality, it's worth it :) Really liked the HV outlet for it's homely and cozy feel, you can get a coffee to pair with their amazing breads and enjoy a really chill time there :)

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Milk Pans
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Simplicity at its best

The thing I love most about Provene is how simple their bread is. They don’t try to win you over with over-the-top flavours, and one of the best examples I can give would be their walnut bread. Shaped like a four leaf clover, the bread has a hint of olive oil that touches your palate for the briefest of moments before making way for the star of the show- the walnut. It’s a very simple bread that I have irrevocably fallen in love with.

Of course I’m sure that the bread everyone dives for when they reach the store would be their wassants. However having seen the price increment over time, the wassants have become a tad too over-rated for me, and I much rather enjoy giving their other breads a chance. Provence has satisfied me for many years, and I can only hope that their quality stays the same once they start being seen everywhere in Singapore.

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Nom nom-licious~

I've loved bread since young, and Provence Bakery's products are not only freshly baked, but taste delicious. Unfortunately, I have to travel quite far a distance to obtain their bread, so it's a rare treat! But thankfully there's a small stand alone store in NEX, Cold Storage, although the goods sold are less..

My favourites are the Choco and cream wassant, the Milk bun and chocolate twist. Choco and cream wassant is light and savoury, you can really taste the chocolate(or cream) in the bread as compared to similar products from Four Leaves. Their breads are all soft and have a fragrant aroma when warm. ^^

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Best commercial bakery in Singapore

Hands down, Provence is the best bakery for me in Singapore. It is only here that I find reasonably priced bread of equal standards to some of the better bakeries in Japan or in Europe. Unlike some of the other commercial bakeries around, each and every variety of bread is remarkably savory with just the right softness to it.

Bread, even when kept in the fridge for a few days, should always be soft and fluffy. Provance has without a doubt achieved that consistently in its products. Some of the bread varieties that I particularly enjoy include the Brazilian soy bun, milk pan and egg sandwich. If you are one who enjoys eating high quality bread and don’t mind paying a wee bit more for it, this is the place to go.

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fresh japanese breads and buns in a cosy setting

I first stumbled upon this little bakery in Holland Village more than 10 years ago, and fell in love instantly with their freshly baked mini croissants. I have been a regular patron ever since, and will buy from them at least once a week.

It was only in the recent couple of years that they set up branches in Vivo City and ION Orchard, which got more people noticing them and raving about their pastries.

I used to love the homely Japanese feel of their Holland Village outlet when the staff was primarily Japanese, but unfortunately, they have since been replaced by PRC nationals so it kind of feels different these days.

The little shop in Lorong Liput has just shifted to Holland Avenue to be on the same stretch as Body Shop and I should be paying a visit to their new outlet soon.

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Fresh Bread all the time!

When I first tried Provence in Holland Village...I was trully satisfied! Me and my friend enjoyed the cinnamon rolls which is very soft and tasty and also their milk buns, chocolate twist and Tomato&cheese pizza!

They also have a small dining area where you can eat your breads combined with hot drinks.
Everything there is yummy!

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(Updated: November 28, 2012)

yummy bread

I have tried Provence a couple of times before. I thought that their bread were nice but its price is slightly on the high side

I like their cinnamon and coffee bun. The cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top of the bun was sweet and the coffee flavor in the bread was just right. I really liked it a lot. Their wassants are good too!

In fact, Provence do have seats at their bakery and you can choose to take away the bread or have it in the bakery/cafe itself. Other than bread displayed on the trays, they've got sandwiches and coffee as well! Definitely a much cheaper alternative than Starbucks or coffee bean. Though their seating area isn't huge, you may get a seat if you're lucky!

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Inconsistent Quality

I am in love with Provence, and especially their milk pan bread. I mean, who can resist soft, fluffy bread with a little pool of delicious milky cream in the middle. When served warm, it's the absolute comfort food. And despite being on a low-carb diet, I can't help but indulge in these little babies each time I walk past the bakery.

However, I was sadly disappointed when I purchased one from the Century Square outlet. I'd expected no less than the perfect Milk Pan but when I bit into it, the bread was hard and obviously not fresh. This has given me the impression that perhaps the quality of the breads in the town area outlets are better than those in the heartland outlets. Disappointing, but I'm definitely gonna get another milk pan when I'm in town!

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