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Durian Mpire by 717 Trading

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#02K9/K10 Jurong Point Shopping Centre 1 1 Jurong West Central 2 Singapore 648886
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David Tan
Listing created by David Tan on May 11, 2012    
Durian Mpire by 717 Trading is a small cafe offering durian pastries and cakes. You can either order pastries to go or have your cake at the cafe.

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Opening Hours:
10:00AM - 10:00PM
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  • < $10
  • $10-$20
  • $20-30
List of Outlets:
Jurong Point Shopping Centre 1
Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Check-in Hall


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The coils! Go for the coils!

During those rare months when durians are in scarce supply and prices are not too wallet-friendly, 717's durian coils would do just fine. You get sponge cake covered with real D24 durian flesh that tastes so good, that you'd wish that when you do eat the fruit itself, what comes out of the durian husk has sponge cake centers instead of seeds!

I'd usually buy take-aways, sometimes you'd find them being sold from pushcarts at roadshows in Malls. But in Jurong Point there is an outlet that you can actually dine in from. Nothing really outstanding about decor or ambience but the focus is really on the durian coils or puffs. For the puffs, there are competitors out there, but the Coils? They are PEERLESS!

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Rich and creamy

Try the durian puffs or pancakes! They are so rich and so smooth that you want to buy another. I was so surprised when I bit into the puff to see so much filling inside. Usually, I would expect the filling to be much less than that. The portions are really generous and it is a huge must go for all durian lovers. I like it especially because the smell of durian is not very strong since I can't stand the strong stench.
However, one thing I don't like is that the price of a small puff is very expensive. But that is only a minor complaint because it tastes so good!

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Bringing durian to the next level.

Their durian puffs are DABOMB. They are generously filled with durian paste and when chilled and popped into your mouth, you feel that you're in heaven.

Their puffs are a favourite of my familiy, though a tad pricey, we don't mind paying the price for the occasiona indulgence. They also sell a variety of other durian themed desserts but im still hooked to their puffs, the other cakes and what not? Maybe later.

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Rich in taste and absolutely 100% Durian-licious!

Honestly, I wouldn't have known this cafe existed if my friend hadn't recommended me! (And I am glad she did!)
Well, it's simply a HEAVEN for durian lovers, but HELL for people who hate durians to the core. It's a pity for those who don't appreciate the taste of durians, because this cafe certainly serves one of the best authentic tastes!
With Durian Mpire, it's a "Durian season" all year long. I love their durian pancakes - Just the thought of it is enough to have me salivate. It's times like these that I will feel so pampered while indulging myself in the world of durians.

Do not miss out on the durian pudding too. At the price of $3.90, I would say that the serving is quite small. However, the taste is strong! You'll find yourself craving for more after each mouthful. With a texture so tender and soft, you can't find any reason to resist it. In fact, the pudding is made of REAL, authentic durians. Enough of artificial tastes - THIS is the place to go if you are ever in the mood for durians.

I have yet to try out other durian-related products from the cafe though, but I WILL! (In fact, I am intending to make a trip down tomorrow after writing this review. I'm going to pamper myself with more durian sensation!)

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Good enough to try, but not worth a second try.

Durian Mpire offers a variety of durian-type products, including shakes, puddings, and moon cakes. There is a shop in Jurong Point between JP 1 and 2, on the 2nd floor. There are also seats at the shop so you can choose to consume the food fresh! They offer a variety of durian cakes as well, from colours to designs. Their durian puffs are known to be one of the best in Singapore, so make sure to try it!

I had the chance to taste one of their durian cakes for my birthday. When I opened the box, I could smell the durian immediately. The cake looked very appealing as well, being covered in yellow (which I presumed would be durian or at least cream with durian taste). At the top, the cake was decorated with yellow cubes. Honestly, I expected a whole bunch of durian in it, since it costs $26 and is only about 15cm in diameter. It was disappointing to find out that there was a lot of yellow cream in it, with only a small layer of durian. The yellow cubes were just pieces of cake. It isn’t all that bad though, the cake is soft and fluffy, and the durian is not too sweet.

All in all, it is a must-try if you love durian, but I wouldn’t recommend eating it more than a few times.

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absolute must-have for durian lovers

A must-have for all durian lovers!!!!! I always order it to go and refrigerate well at home before feasting on the durian-y goodness. The cafe is pretty small so I prefer eating and slowly savouring it at the comfort of my own home. The durian puffs are so good. I always purchase 30 at one go. The durian filling is wholesome and authentic. Way more durian than cream. I have tried durian puffs from other places and the ones from 717 beats those puffs hands-down. The puff itself is also soft and thin. Very very satisfying for an avid durian-lover like me.

Service is good and at only 70 cents a puff, you really cannot go wrong. Bulk buy it for parties and family gatherings, everyone is certain to love it! Provided they are durian lovers. If they aren't then it is better to place it at a quiet corner for durian-lovers to enjoy. Durian puffs might also be an easy way for your foreign friends or relatives to try out the fruit without it being overpowering. Durian cakes are also available as well, so if you are looking for a birthday cake made from this fragrant king of the fruits, look nowhere else. I promise you that 717 would be your best choice as compared to the other mass-market confectioneries. You can never go wrong with such a real and wholesome durian taste!

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