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Délifrance offers a variety of concepts and serves a wide range of authentic French treats, from legendary baguettes and croissants, to generously-filled, signature sandwiches and exquisite tarts, cakes and pastries. Take time out and be sure to reward yourself with truly great Délifrance coffee or your favourite refreshment.

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Delifrance | Delifrance 230 Pandan Loop, 128415  - Tel : 6874 9622
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Clifford Centre | Clifford Centre #02-19, 24 Raffles Place, 048621  - Tel : 6236 9592
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Chinatown Point | Chinatown Point #01-07/08/10/11/12 , 133 New Bridge Road, 059413  - Tel : 6435 3544
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd International Plaza | International Plaza #35-11 & #10-06, 10 Anson Road, 079903  - Tel : 6835 7862 6345 0668
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd National University Hospital (NUH) | National University Hospital (NUH) 5 Lower Kent Ridge Road, 119074  - Tel : 6773 9313
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd HDB Bukit Merah Branch Office | HDB Bukit Merah Branch Office #02-3531, 166 Bukit Merah Central, 150166  - Tel : 6278 0112
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Funan DigitaLife Mall | Funan DigitaLife Mall #01-K5, 109 North Bridge Road, 179097  - Tel : 6332 9231
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Gateway West | Gateway West #B1-01, 150 Beach Road, 189720  - Tel : 6295 0517
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Shaw Centre | Shaw Centre #02-14/16, 1 Scotts Road, 228208  - Tel : 6733 7741
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Mount Elizabeth Hospital | Mount Elizabeth Hospital 3 Mount Elizabeth, 228510  - Tel : 6838 0324
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd KK Women's And Children's Hospital | KK Women's And Children's Hospital #01-08 to #01-10, 100 Bukit Timah Road, 229899  - Tel : 6341 5205
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Park Avenue Suites | Park Avenue Suites #01-25, 81 Clemenceau Avenue, 239917  - Tel : 6238 9332
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Gleneagles Hospital | Gleneagles Hospital #02-29 / #02-30, 6A Napier Road, 258500  - Tel : 6471 6237
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Coronation Shopping Plaza | Coronation Shopping Plaza #01-01, 587 Bukit Timah Road, 269707  - Tel : 6465 0434
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Thomson Medical Centre | Thomson Medical Centre #01-05, 339 Thomson Road, 307677  - Tel : 6355 0628
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Parkway East Hospital | Parkway East Hospital 321 Joo Chiat Place, 427990  - Tel : 6342 4451
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd | 330 Tanjong Katong Road, 437106  - Tel : 6583 1530
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Siglap Centre | Siglap Centre #B1-16, 55 Siglap Road, 455871  - Tel : 6243 7863
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Downtown East - Escape Theme Park | Downtown East - Escape Theme Park #E02-03, 1 Pasir Ris Close, 519599  
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd ABR Building | ABR Building #03-00, 41 Tampines Street 92, 528881  - Tel : 6850 9170
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Changi General Hospital | Changi General Hospital 2 Simei Street 3, 529889  - Tel : 6260 8543
Delifrance IMM Building | IMM Building #01-K30, 2 Jurong East Street 21, 609601  - Tel : 6665 1286
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Jurong Point | Jurong Point #01-32, 1 Jurong West Central 2, 648886  - Tel : 6792 9710
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Changi Airport Terminal 1 | Changi Airport Terminal 1 #021-016, 80 Airport Boulevard, 819642  - Tel : 6214 2108
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd The Woodgrove Food Centre & Market | The Woodgrove Food Centre & Market #01-11, 30 Woodlands Avenue 1, 739065  - Tel : 6767 1129
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Chancery Court | Chancery Court #01-44, 36H Dunearn Road, 309433  - Tel : 6354 9257
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Tan Tock Seng Hospital | Tan Tock Seng Hospital #01-04, 11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng, 308433  
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Vibes @ Kovan (U/C - TOP 31 Dec 2015) | Vibes @ Kovan (U/C - TOP 31 Dec 2015) 93 Kovan Road, 548178  - Tel : 6288 8713
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Sentosa - Delifrance Cafe | Sentosa - Delifrance Cafe 71 Siloso Road, 098975  - Tel : 6279 3265
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Post Centre


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Budget cafe

Delifrance is considered a budget cafe in Singapore as its food items are a lot cheaper and less fresh than the hipster cafes sprouting in Singapore. Unlike the other cafes, their food items are not prepared on the spot, but instead, mass produced at a factory and delivered to the outlets. Some of these items include eclairs, cupcakes and puffs.

Their sandwiches are pretty fresh though! As the bread is toasted on the spot and the sandwiches are only prepared upon ordering. I’ve tried it a couple of times and the food served at Delifrance were rather average. For instance, the cream in the eclairs tasted like whipped cream and the puff was slightly hard.

Given its ubiquity, Delifrance would be a good afternoon snack option for many!

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Delicious Delifrance

Delifrance at Hougang is really aesthetically pleasing, it is a store on its own, just outside Hougang One (on a really, really random note: Hougang One was recently renamed from Hougang Point. Honestly, I felt sad because I've already grown a sense of attachment to the name Hougang Point for 13 over years. Its like your name is suddenly changed into some other weird name.. I can imagine that I'll be a sad potato).

But anyway, Delifrance @ Hougang One is a really nice place for you to dine in for a quiet, peaceful dinner. They have pink nice cushions and the overall ambience is really peaceful and lovely, with the smell of baked rice and muffins lingering in the air.

We had a feast - Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Baked Rice ($13.80 - but totally worth it), Pesto Chicken & Mushroom Baked Macaroni ($9.80) and Mushroom Bread Bowl ($8.80).
The first time I put the baked rice in my mouth; it just tasted like heaven, and I simply cannot get enough of it. For $13.80, the portion was reasonably huge, and it was piping hot as I remembered. (The kind service staff even kindly reminded us not to touch the plate as it was iron-hot. Okay, maybe not so hot, but yeap you get my point. They had a generous portion white tender chicken with mushrooms under melted cheese. I would really rte it a 5/5.

The macaroni was wonderful as well, maybe a 4/5, and it also had a generous serving of chicken and the macaroni tasted really smooth, like how I like it. The portion is smaller than the rice as it was cheaper. but nonetheless, the sinful cheese made it taste so good too. But in my view, it could have been priced cheaper, as it's not really worth $9.80 for it's size :B

The mushroom breadbowl, as what the name says, was full of mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms(i think) were aplenty in the small bowl. The top crust of the bread which was dug out was warm and crisp, there was even the kchhhh sound when I tore part of it. Yums! But as the soup wasn't really tasty, I would rate it 3/5. but still, (Y) for the mushrooms :)

I really love their service. One of the waitresses even came to talk to us and joked with us. They also care that we do not accidentally touch the piping hot bowls. I would rate Service 5/5! & the most important thing! If you flash your student card, you will have a complementary vanilla ice cream for every item you buy :) (but I'm not sure when it ends though!) Of course, I gobbled it up too :P

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(Updated: February 11, 2013)

Quality Improving, But Not That Good Yet

I remember my grandfather taking me to Délifrance as a kid. Back then, their logo was in the French national colours, and they had many outlets around town. I loved their egg or tuna filling for the sandwiches, with a crisp baguette or a flaky, buttery croissant.

Over the years though, their quality of food went down, and Délifrance started going out of business, with numerous shops closing down. In recent years though, Délifrance has been quietly making a comeback. Styled after the causal Parisian bistros, Délifrance has a comfortable, welcoming feel. Decor is simple and modern, though furniture is modeled after the French bistros. Service at Délifrance is self-service, though any order which takes time to prepare will be served to you. Staff are friendly, but I can't say that their service is outstanding... Just average at best.

Food at Délifrance is typically sandwiches, soups, and pastries. Excellent place for breakfast or tea, or a light meal during lunch or dinner. Délifrance has updated their menu to include more popular pastries in today's world, such as cupcakes and macaroons. But I like that they've kept their traditional best-sellers, like fruit tarts, madeleines, quiches, danishes, baguettes and croissants.

Délifrance is also known for their sandwich fillings, such as Egg, Tuna, Chicken, Seafood, and Smoked Salmon.

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I am a HUGE fan of Delifrance! Ever since I was a kid, a visit to Delifrance is always, always a treat.

The first thing I'd search for is their croissants. Oh-so-savoury, soft and with the right amount of fluffiness, I haven't had better croissants than Delifrance's. Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water. I also love their madelines and muffins.. but not their tarts though. A bit too crusty in my opinion.

I'm always served with a friendly smile, so I would say their customer service is pretty alright. And since their price range is very affordable, I don't see why anyone would not like (or better yet love) Delifrance.

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Delicious potato gratin!

Delifrance used to be a part of my childhood, several years ago, but then one by one the different outlets began closing down, and the only ones left standing were pretty far away from where I stayed, so I stopped going there until last year when I was at Toa Payoh Hub. Today, I can conveniently dine at Delifrance because an outlet flourished at the recently opened Hougang 1.

My favourite dish at Delifrance is the potato gratin. It is a simple item, with potato, some cheese (either that, or my taste buds are ruined), cream sauce and bacon bits. Baked to perfection, the potato is soft and melts in your mouth, and the bacon bits and cream sauce give it an extra pleasant taste! The potato gratin is also one of the less costly items on the menu, so I would surely recommend it.

I also love their pastries, such as their eclairs (best eclairs ever, in my opinion) and blueberry tarts. Tend to takeaway a few of these before I leave or if I do pass by Delifrance.

Their other items can be quite expensive though, such as their beef lasagne. Tried it once, and found it to be nothing but ordinary. Felt as though the beef was undercook, as some pieces were hard to chew, and the sauce was a little watery. Pizza Hut definitely offers a better plate of lasagne. Nonetheless, the size of the lasagne pretty much sums up the cost.

Do take note that sometimes they can run out of food items and promotions, which can make your visit to Delifrance rather disappointing. Maybe it depends on the outlet. When I went to Hougang 1, one of the staff said that there was no student set there, although they had the advert for it. Such problems can certainly ruin one's experience there...

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Potato Gratin, Eclairs
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Hougang 1
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yummy feuilletes

Over the years, Delifrance has revolved from a bakery specialty store to somewhat like a bistro/cafe and expanded their menus to include items such as all day breakfast, pasta, fish & chips etc. Honestly, I am still not able to associate Delifrance as a cafe. Whenever I think about Delifrance, I think about breads and pastries. I’ve only purchased over the counter pastries such as croissant, sandwiches and pies. One thing about delifrance – the aroma from their kitchen ALWAYS draws me to buy a thing or two from there.

I like how they tastefully display the pies and feuilletes using transparent glass like how shops display their cakes. However, I would suggest that they offer heat ups for customers like how Starbucks usually do for their pastries. Sometimes when I buy Delifrance’s feuilletes, the fillings are already cooled. Definitely not an ideal way enjoy a feuillete!

Oh.. If I didn’t remember wrongly, try to go during their closing hours at about 9. They offer discounts for their unsold pastries!! :D I’ve also heard about Delifrance’s breakfast buffet from friends and I can’t wait try it out soon!

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great pastries, especially the feuilletes

Delifrance serves a range of main dishes, pastries, cakes and beverages.

The best are still their breads and pastries, especially the tuna mushroom feuillete. The crust of the feuilete is crispy and fluffy, and the inside is full of tuna fillings. Although it only has a bit of garlic in it, the garlic taste is not strong and the tuna does not have a fishy smell. The other feuilletes, like the chicken and beef feuilletes are worth a try as well. The sizes of the feuilletes are often not in equal sizes, so I will like to pick the biggest and darkest toned feuillete, as the slight hint of over-roasted smell and taste is nice.

Even at the end of the day, the baguette remains crispy and soft. It goes well with curry, and I will get my mummy to buy a whole loaf whenever she cooks chicken curry. I especially like to eat the ends of the baguette.

Food and drinks at Delifrance is generally affordable, but it is not filling. The outlet at Raffles City is often packed with working adults during the lunch period.

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Branch Location:
Raffles City
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Buffet breakfast for just $9.9!

I love Delifrance for its weekend buffet breakfast! I didn’t know about it until I stumbled upon its ad on a newspaper. It has all that you can expect from a smaller scale hotel breakfast but definitely of comparable quality.

I remember taking more than 2 servings if their buns and pastries. I like to go really early so that I get to try the buns that are usually swiped off first, and Delifrance will replace it with another variety of buns. They have their pastries served in smaller sizes so that people can try as many varieties as they like without having to waste food.

Other than the buns and pastries available, the do have quite a selection of other items as well. I remember enjoying their scrambled eggs very much. Tasty and cooked to perfection, it’s not too dry and of course not overly creamy either (those who like their scrambled eggs to be really creamy will find their version too dry). Baked beans are a must at any breakfast, and they have a pan of hams and cocktail sausages as well. One item that you don’t normally see in Singapore would be their grilled tomatoes with cheese. I suppose Singaporeans are not really used to that as a breakfast item as that is usually the slowest moving one, but the fact that it is constantly on the menu probably means that it has its fans as well.

Sadly though, the Delifrance at BPP closed, and I don’t seem to find any other Delifrance in Singapore that offers a buffet breakfast

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Delicious French pastries! But some types are not readily available every time.

Delifrance is a well-known franchise in Singapore for its French pastries, bread, and cakes. There was a period of time a few years back when it underwent a major image change and renovation of all its shops, and due to this, the ambience in Delifrance has definitely improved significantly to a more cosy and French-inspired style. Points to Delifrance for this!

Delifrance serves a range of sandwiches, and new additions to the menu added a few years back includes pastas, baked rice and savoury soups. Although I have never tried them, but I think they look delicious.

I want to recommend their salmon quiche but it is not readily available every time, which is disappointing because sometimes my salmon quiche cravings go unfulfilled. Also, if you hate fish odors, I would not suggest you have this, because frankly, the salmon smell is a bit too strong, so it isn’t something I’d have when on a date out.

I love their baked stuffed potatoes, where they put their sandwich fillings (you have a choice of seafood, tuna, chicken, or crabmeat) into their baked potates cut open in a cross-like insertion. Their tarts are lovely, but they only have 2 flavors: peach and mixed fruits, which can become boring. I think their tarts are best eaten cold, as in just-out-of-the-fridge cold, because the tart and its fillings, when lukewarm, (especially after being out on display for so long) is disgusting. But to each his own, I suppose.

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Quiches and fruit tarts!!!

I love Delifrance for its quiches and fruit tarts! For those of you who are not familiar with what a quiche is, it is basically a 'savory, open-faced pastry crust dish with a filling of savory custard with cheese, meat and vegetables'. I copied that from Wikipedia. I don't know how to properly describe it but that description above should give you a main idea. I just know that it is ridiculously delicious!!! The 'Quiche Lorraine' has ham, cheese and egg on the pastry and it is always warmed up with a microwave oven before being served. Words can't describe how good this is. It will always be my favorite savory tart from Delifrance.

The fruit tart is amazing as well. Generous portions of fruits accompanied with the buttery tart. Heaven on earth. I always get a box home for my family. Fruit tarts are in high demand here so fastest fingers first! I do know that besides tarts, there is also a specific menu which contains dishes like pasta, finger food etc. I haven't got round to trying those yet but if you're looking for something to fill up your stomach and need a full meal, you can try the various dishes available. Otherwise, if you're just looking for something to snack on, definitely try the Quiche Lorraine and the fruit tarts :)

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