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Listing created by poppy on April 22, 2012    

K-ki Sweets (pronounced “Cake-kee”) is a pastry shop set up by a husband and wife team. They offer fine and delicate pastries with an exquisite Japanese touch. The other half of the shop is dedicated to unique collectibles.

They were previosuly at Ann Siang Hill but have re-located to School of the Arts (SOTA).

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My recent experience at this place was so disappointing that that I felt obliged to put in a review somewhere to offer a contrary view.

I'll state upfront that I am unable to comment on the pastries and cakes - the selling point of Kki and what the rave reviews have been about - as I did not get the chance to try them.

Poor service
I visited this cafe with a friend on a Sunday afternoon after reading glowing reviews of it online. The shop is located in SOTA - a little out of the way and required some navigation to locate it. When we visited, most of the tables were taken up, but the place wasn't too crowded. When we entered, there was no immediate reception; a cashier was serving a queue. There was a staff member behind the cashier who did not appear to be doing anything and who had eyed us, but for whatever reason, did not engage us. The cashier eventually spoke to us and told us that they had run out of confectionery and offered us the option to wait half an hour for a subsequent batch to be ready - already some red flags. Nevertheless we decided to order drinks and wait.

My companion and I subsequently requested to sit at an unoccupied table, but was told by the cashier (who might have been the owner?) that it was a "personal" table. I was taken aback - what was the point of placing the table so publicly if it was meant to be a "personal" one that was apparently unusable by patrons? We didn't push and sat elsewhere instead.

The next demerit point was when after 15 minutes, neither of our drinks had been served. We asked and it turned out that they had forgotten about our orders.

Overpriced drinks
I ordered an iced green tea, and for $4.90, I expected them to brew the tea themselves. Unfortunately, it was pre-made and came out of a bottle.

I am not disinclined to believe that the food does not live up to the hype after my experience. But will I visit again? Probably not. For the level of service and unjustifiable prices (for the beverages at least), I'd rather take my business elsewhere.

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(Updated: February 28, 2013)


This is my favourite cake shop in Singapore. The cakes here are absolutely amazing and most of them do not disappoint. In fact, whenever i have a new friend in town, i will definitely make a trip to to let them try their amazing cakes.

My personal favourite is Kinabaru, a very light passionfruit coconut mousse that makes me very happy whenever i eat it. L.R.R.H is my second favourite, which means little red riding hood. Chocolate coating on the outside with a raspberry centre, very very yum. Once, i had a freshly made LRRH and the centre raspberry was still a little frozen and tasted like ice-cream, it was super good and i remember the joy of eating it till today.

The lady boss Delphine is also an absolute delight, always smiley and explaining the different cakes to her customers. The shop itself is also a little cute shop tucked at a very laid back corner of Ang Siang Hill. There is also a cute toy store inside the shop and you can browse some old school rubbish that will bring you back to 1980s when you hold these old toys.

This is definitely a gem in the club street area and if you need a coffee break, not too far away there is a cafe called shots selling rather decent coffee.

P/S order at least 2 or 3 cakes to share, 1 is not enough.

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I wouldn't go there again.

My friends and I were in the Chinatown area and were thinking of going someplace to just sit, talk and have coffee and cake, so we headed over to Kki. it may be a bit difficult to find, tucked away in a corner at Ann Siang and not really near the main road or on a main street.

When you enter, you'll see that it's part shop part cafe. There's a small seating area for people to have coffee and eat, and the other half of the area is a shop selling pretty interesting stuffed toys and other quirky items including some expensive looking vintage cameras and polaroid cameras.

My friends and I immediately went to order the cake that we wanted which looked good. However, as it was already pretty late in the afternoon we didn't want to eat that much and so wanted to order a cake to share and one coffee. The response to this was that there was a minimum order and we needed to order more to sit in their cafe. And this was at a time when there was absolutely no one in the shop at all. I was pretty shocked when I heard this, I have not known of cafes which have such policies.

Moreover, the woman behind the cashier told us to go to another cafe if that was what we wanted to order. Pretty much affronted, we decided to leave and go to Shots instead which is just a few shops down from Kki, also located at Ann Siang Hill.

I therefore did not have any chance to actually try the cakes at Kki. No matter how good they are I am severely disappointed by their lackluster service. Honestly, just go straight to shots where the cake was good, the coffee was good and their service was so much better.

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Worth hunting down!

It was extremely hard finding this cake shop especially under the hot sun. I stumbled upon k ki through one of the food blogs and decided to head down one day to try out their cakes. Finding the place was tough and ann siang hill is not exactly a very convenient place to go to when you do not have your own transport. However, once you finally found your way to this cake shop, you will soon agree with me that the 'hunt' was worthwhile! Each time I visit k ki, I always end up eating two or more of their cakes because it's simply too good. Also the cakes are pretty small so it gives me one more excuse to indulge further. My personal favourite would be their little red riding hood. It's a must try for dark chocolate lovers. The sour raspberry filling compliments the slightly sweet dark chocolate almost perfectly. For white chocolate lovers, there is also one that will be perfect for you.

If it's your first time to k ki, do not hesitate to ask the cafe owner for recommendations as she is very friendly and will be more than happy to help you out. k ki gives a very laid back chill vibe like as though you're in your own home. Do visit k ki in the late morning or early afternoon for the whole range of cakes they offer! Any later than 5pm, you risk having no more cakes!! Cake prices range from 7-9 bucks but it's really worth every penny, in my opinion.

Nearest mrt would be tanjong pagar which is about 15 minutes walk away.

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Little red riding hood
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Ann siang hill
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Kki Cafe: Laidback Charm

Located within the prime district of Ann Siang Hill beside Oakham Market, a well-known flea vintage store is Kki. Stepping into the dainty café set slightly off the main streets of Ann Siang Hill, is literally a breath of cool fresh air, away from the sweltering Singaporean heat. I tried the famous Little Red Riding Hood, which is basically dark chocolate mousse with raspberry centre, my first bite revealed the tangy flavour of raspberry laced with the smooth dark chocolate exterior was simply exquisite. It was a feast for the tastebuds as well as for the eyes. Pity though, it was a bit too small. In a short conversation with café’s owner, she is an absolutely charming lady, as we were commenting on the pictures she stuck on the wall of her cute daughter. She said that her husband made the cakes. The café shares the space with the Little Drom Store that stocks all kinds of random bits and pieces.

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Little Red Riding Hood
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Ann Siang Hill
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