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#04-108 Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Road Singapore 228213
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Listing created by poppy on April 21, 2012    

Leftfoot was established in 2003 as the first premium sneaker store in Singapore. They are committed to bringing the best products in design, quality and style. Some brands they stock are Converse, Dr. Martens, Nike and Adidas.


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Happy Feet

Though many may judge the typical sloppy outfits of many Singaporeans, on average with the higher financial capabilities of citizens today the general public does seem to have improved on dressing. Shoes too, are essential to every outfit.

A shoes-enthusiast myself, I was delighted at the initiative when it first started as it brought it many limited edition models that were previously unavailable in local stores. Most of the branches has the same layout, which I personally love because it is simple and straight to the point - allowing the shoes to market themselves. It can be quite frustrating sometimes as due to the limited stocks they bring in, common sizes do tend to run out. However, with the wide range of limited edition shoes finding another design to suit one's liking would not be much of a problem.

The quality of the shoes are maintained in top-notch conditions as display pieces are changed frequently to avoid discoloration. Walking into the shop, with its neat and sleek layout it may seem like the shoes would be pricey. Yet when it eventually comes down to it, I feel that for the quality and the exclusive designs of the shoes, it is perfectly reasonable.

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A Shoe Paradise

If you love shopping for shoes, this is a store for you. Take a peek inside and you will find row upon row of shoe shelves from floor to ceiling, packed to the brim with all kinds of shoes. Sneakers, sports shoes, boots, you name it they have it.

The thing that tells me these guys know their shoes is that they don’t “gender” the shoes. There is no guy’s section and girl’s section, just the shoe section. In other shops I often find myself checking out this really nice shoe, and just when I’m about to go try it I get judged into a million pieces because it’s in the girls section. This won’t happen at Leftfoot.

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Great variety

I came to know of Leftfoot through a friend, who regularly skateboards and have a good range of skate shoes. I was looking for a pair for Vans then, and didn't quite want to buy from the official Vans Shop because the outlets were a little out of the way for me. My friend suggested that I go check Leftfoot out and I am really glad I heeded her advice.

The interior of the Leftfoot stores are dark, with shelves of shoes categorized by their brands. It is indeed a shoe galore, with lots of well known brands that are hard to find in other places. The range of shoes from each brand is also really wide, providing customers with several options, from design to colour to size. I bought my first pair of Vans here, and the man who served me was really kind. He gave me advice on how it should be fitted, and what colours are the more popular ones. It was a good experience, and this is my go-to shop for sneakers.

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Left the Left foot on the right foot that itches for more.

That's right!

I left the Left Foot store on the right foot and that isn't all. I was itching for more.

Left Foot is like a store dropped from the heavenly grounds that opened it's doors to improve Singaporean's footwear.

Despite it catering more for the men, women are sometimes seen as regular customers there. Like the one here typing this review. Yes. Me. I hold the strong believe there are no gender restrictions when it comes to women shows. It's not like I would be strutting around with a tag scrawled in bold letterings that said it was a man's shoe. Men on the hand, heels are a no-no. It screams she-male all over and spews confusion all over those who laid eyes upon the beholder.

Furthermore, Left Foot is truly a footwear haven. The sneakers that are sold there are beyond ordinary. They feature shoes that are sometimes a collaboration by renowned musical artists. All are certified to be the limited of all editions and to purchase these, it'll enable you to strut around with one of the rarest shoes in Singapore.

I hear the 'Wows'. The ' Oohs'. The 'Aahs'.

Left Foot sneakers enabled me to take pride in my footwear, my footy glory.

Sneakers aren't all there is. There's even sandals, some clothes and bags. Albeit that, footwear is still Left Foot's densest population.

The next footwear my eyes are eyeing for is definitely those Dr. Martens sandals. Never had I seen such a chunky yet yummy design.

In the mean time, please stick to the ordinary stores and refrain from placing a foot on Left Foot grounds.

I wouldn't want any potential opponents to garble up the already limited stock of my sought after footwear. No, thank you!

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The footwear.
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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Sole struck, indeed

Leftfoot, as the name suggests, prides itself on retailing trendy and contemporary kicks catered to young adults and fashion enthusiasts. Several brands that are offered here are Vans, Converse, Dr. Martens, New Balance, Nike and the like. The outlet at The Cathay also boosts a clothing section and with its quirky, one of a kind décor, it is the destination to be if you wish to window shop.

While prices are not exceptionally competitive, the wide range of eye-candy is enough to allure shoppers into its welcoming interior. Grab your complimentary copies of Ziggy and Catalog here as well!

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everything good in one place

I love the feeling of walking into Leftfoot. It is literally a shoe heaven. All the classics in one place, from Vans to Converse to Dr Martens.

Leftfoot is one of the few places where one can find a variety of shoes all in one place. I especially like the way the shop is presented, in a very cosy and organized manner. one glance and you can see all the shoes on display at once. Even though it may be quite squeezy when there are a lot of people due to the narrow aisles, the shelves are usually really neat.

The staff are really friendly too, always ready to help and are quite efficient in their work. Their prices may be slightly higher, but it is usually around the same as the retailers selling specific brands. Definitely the place to go to find classic shoes!

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Modern Fairy God Mother

Whether or not your dominating hormone is testosterone or estrogen, this shoe shop is for you.

Leftfoot offers a variety of designs and brands for people of the teenage and above years. Are you a hipster? Well this shop has perfect Dr Martens for you. Skater boy or girl? Vans are all over the shelves. Runner or the jockey fashion style? They have Nike.

Basically, this shoe shop suits all styles if you choose the right pair. And for those fashion conscious people, this place is a must-go. However, the items can be really pricey but if you are a brand whore, you would not consider its price as a rip off.

Stop being a Cinderella and do not wait for your fairy god mother to give you shoes. We have Leftfoot.

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Spoilt for choice

Everyone knows Leftfoot has one of the best range of shoes in town. I bought a pair of Top-sider loafers there recently, and it's one of the best investments I ever made. Before I visited Leftfoot, I had difficultly finding Top-sider shoes designed for females, so when I saw a whole range in the Cathay branch, my jaw dropped.

I won't comment on the price as it's pretty standard for branded shoes, but I had quite a good shopping experience there as the staff is helpful and friendly. Besides shoes, the shop also offers clothing and accessories.

Even if you're not buying anything, it's still fun to window shop!

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All men should shop here

Any man within the age of 18 to 25 who have no Leftfoot products on a pedestal at home should be ashamed of himself.

Leftfoot has the most gorgeous boat shoes in all of town. Most people don't know this, but boat shoes are what the rich and wealthy wear when they know they'll be going out on their yacht sailing. The shoes are the perfect finish to the new-age sailor look, and it brags understated class, but most importantly it highlights their activity for the day -- hence the term, boat shoes.

I kid, I came up with it and it probably is senseless.

But still, the shoes here are a whole new level of chic and all men should shop here once a year to catch up on up-and-coming brands and to kill off dying trends. A great place to keep yourself in the loop of the shoe market and a first-choice place to look at if you're shopping for a new look.

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Every time I'm at Cineleisure, somehow I'd always visit Leftfoot but never actually buying anything. Though they have a wide range of shoes, I feel like I'm better off buying them at it's own shop. Say, a pair of VANS. The price Leftfoot offers and the price the the concept store offers (which is in the same mall) is about the same.. and this goes for almost all the other labels.. so I don't see why I would every buy any shoe at Leftfoot.

But besides that, the store has a really interesting interior (albeit a bit cramped) and the staff are almost always friendly enough.

I'd say only buy something at Leftfoot when they're having a sale.. that's when it's really worth it.

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Leftfoot starts off on the right foot!

Leftfoot is an iconic store dedicated to selling a coveted range of kick-ass clean-cut wicked street shoes from retailers well-respected by the cribs and hoods of swaggg. You would find exclusive babies from converse, nike, doc marts and adidas just to name a few.

The simplistic design of Leftfoot is also very easy on the eyes. You could easily browse through all the shoes within a short period of time which is important because we all know what busy people we are in Singapore :( Retail assistants are also great, looking at you in the eye and acknowledging your presence when you're there while giving you the freedom and time to slowly peruse their products.

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