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Le Pommier has an extensive collection of self-designed shoes. They work with intricated prints, patterns and cuttings. Think vintage, think cute, think cats, think cartoons, think frogs and polka dots. That's what you get. Le Pommier in located at Bugis Junction.

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cute and unique fashion line, but pricey

If you are looking for quality, comfortable and uniquely designed shoes, Le Pommier is the place to go. With a wide range of cute designs for their shoes, their main target consumers are females. I bought a pair of pumps, handmade with cushion embedded at the base, which makes standing and walking for long periods of time a breeze. The pastel colors also makes matching with clothes rather easy, and the shoes brightens up the overall appearance for any dress-down day. However, each pair is very pricey as they cost more than $100 for pumps and heels are even more expensive. Afterall, shoes wear and tear over time and after wearing mine almost everyday for more than six months, the soles became very thin and the prints were dirty and the colors were falling off.

The shop sells apparel as well. The clothes are considerably expensive, as the material used to make the clothes is thin and translucent. Since cheaper alternatives can be easily found on online stores and blogshops, the clothes at Le Pommier are probably not worth purchasing.

Overall, this fashion line is expensive. Although the quality of shoes is worth the price, the clothes are probably not. And without a branding in place, you may want to think twice before purchasing items from the store since the cost and quality of items are relatively close to that of established brands.

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(Updated: May 09, 2012)

Great Customer Service

As a frequent customer of Le Pommier, I’m always on the lookout for the new clothes/shoes designs its owner regularly brings in from overseas. I first started noticing the store due to the quirky designs of its shoes. Its shoes are made of comfortable lamb skin, with each side of the shoe bearing a different design. The shoes, when put together side by side, tell a story – or at least that's what the attentive salesgirls always tell me. There are a variety of shoes in this style, ranging from sandals to heels. I’ve been wearing their shoes for quite a long while and they never fail to get compliments from the people I’ve met.

The clothes here reflect fashion trends from Japan and Korea, which is where the owner usually source for clothes. The clothes are usually in limited quantities, which means that you’re probably the few in Singapore that has it. Don’t be fooled by its humble furnishings, Le Pommier’s clothes are expensive! Each piece is usually priced around $70 to $100, depending on the material and length.

The sales assistants are very attentive, helpful and even remember me from my past visits. Once, I tried a dress and the assistant even helped me find a suitable pair of shoes to pair it with. Le Pommier has other ‘sister’ outlets within Parco Bugis itself, with 3 outlets in total but with different styles of clothings.

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Good quality!

Le Pommier at Bugis carries its own brands of shoes. To match their style of shoes, they carry other overseas designer brands. From embroidered jackets to intricate patterned cuts specially designed by a Hong Kong designer, they too carry other Korean brands.

It’s infutable that the designs are very unique and scarce in Singapore, the high cost came along with it at the range of $200 and above.
The cheaper clothings cost around $40 plus, however those are normal styles that you can obtain from online at cheaper rates.
The clothes are mostly in pastel colours, the kind of colour trend leading the Korean and Asian fashion industry. The stronger colours are left for the boots.
A pair of leather rainboots cost around $300 plus.
If you are into unique designs and have the money to spend, quit Chanels, LV, Club Monaco etc.. Grab one of those designers clothing’s at Le Pommier. They do have eyes for patterns, lines and textures. You won’t be disappointed!
Well, the budget is way too high; do try on those clothes in the changing room for free and satisfaction.
The shopkeepers are very helpful, friendly and attentive. Willing to bring out more collection of their stocks and explain their products in details.
Alas! Designer clothes come at high price! I wish to have one of those pieces!
I advise to do homework before purchasing as some pieces there can be purchased online at cheaper rate. For example a pair of branded rainboots can cost only $150 in a US website.

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