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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on April 27, 2013    

ALDO first arrived in Singapore back in 2003, and now have stores in many locations across the Singapore. The world over ALDO is the brand of choice for conscious shoppers, top stylists and celebrities. ALDO shoes and accessories are high quality design at an accessible price with styles that are always in fashion. Whether you want to be on trend, ahead of it, or start your own, ALDO has the style for both men and women.

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Aldo used to be flowing with all sorts of impressive items. The designs are unique. The quality is splendid. It doesn’t rust often. Neither are their items brittle. The offers there are equivalently appealing. ‘ Buy 2 get 1 free’ labels are stuck on practically every item. Majority of those items contain newer labels with reduced prices. I would usually prowl around the store with a basket in hand. The basket would usually be filled to the brim with accessories that contained intricate designs yet had a discounted price on it that’ll make thrifty humans nod in approval.

Unfortunately, they may have switched the person in charge of designing their accessories or other items. There’s still those appealing discounts and slashed prices. However, the items seemed to have deteriorated in terms of design and quality. There were no designs that made me magnetized instantly towards it like they previously do. The current designs seemed lackluster and gaudy at times. I purchased a ring there recently and was appalled when it rusted! The rings which I previously purchased there had no history in rusting!

Aldo should totally seek or hire a new designer. Are they finding for one? There’s a volunteer here typing this sentence!

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You get what you pay for

There's no denying that Aldo shoes are expensive. I own one shoe from Aldo and it cost me about $90. At first, I was a bit hesitant to purchase it but then I thought of how long it would be able to last. I felt that it would be better to get a high quality pair of shoes even if it is expensive, as opposed to getting a cheap pair of shoes that would need to be replaced after only a short while. Constantly replacing shoes could add up to even more money.

Aldo stocks a new range of items every season. I try to check out their items every once in a while as not every season's items appeal to me. I can, however, vouch for its quality. My $90 pair of shoes have undergone a whole lot of wear and tear but is still in mint condition.

For people who are not willing to spend so much money on a pair of shoes, fret not, Aldo sometimes holds sales where prices can go down as much as 70%!

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Branded shoes means expensive shoes

It's common for me to see aldo on any of my shopping trips. However, most of the time, the seasoned collection doesn't catch my attention enough to make me want to go in. While Aldo is commonly known as a local designer brand that is not as expensive as other local designer brands, the products seem to not be worth the splurge.

While the designs are simply plain, the price for a pair of shoes may be a stretch for my wallet - definitely not something I would compromise on for another pair of shoes that can be found in another store. Furthermore, many of the things seem to be sold at a high price because of the brand. I'm really getting annoyed at having to pay a high amount for shopping just because it's considered to be "branded" in Singapore.

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I've always enjoyed looking at the windows of Aldo stores, but to be honest, I would not buy anything from there. Firstly, the prices are pretty forbidding, with the average being well over $100. Not very affordable for the average Singaporean, I dare say.

Secondly, the style and designs of the shoes are not that fantastic. Sometimes, I've even found some shoes a little old-fashioned or aunty-ish, especially those that are very glittery or have very high platforms. I'm very sure you can find similar shoes at Forever 21 at one fifth of the price.

Instead, I suggest taking a look at Charles and Keith or Pedro if you're looking for some stylish, good quality shoes that won't break the bank.

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Highly Recommended

I don't know why but I tend to compare Aldo to Charles&Keith because of their prices. They are what I call, not-too-expensive-but-not-too-cheap. Aldo has got to be one of the places for trendy footwear which offers a range of bags and accessories too. I am personally fond of their heels, which at 5-6 inches, are something that would probably leave me with sore feet and ugly blisters. But it doesn't hurt to just stare at them in awe.

I have only ever bought one pair of flats. It took me quite awhile to break it in though. Just imagine a week of painful walking and going through boxes of plasters until I finally manage to wear the insides out and gotten used to them. The quality of the pair I bought is good enough to last me for 3 years.

I highly recommend Aldo to anyone who is after trendy footwear which can last them a long time.

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beautiful, trendy heels

Aldo is well known for their collection of trendy shoes, especially their heels, that are of excellent quality and workmanship. They have a large variety of designs available, and most of them look like they were just freshly taken off the runway and put in the shops for sale! That also means that the heels tend to be really high ones, from what I've seen usually over 3 inches. Great for fashionistas, but perhaps not staples for mere mortals.

I bought a pair of flat loafers from Aldo last year. As it was on sale, it cost about $50, and is one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. In general, prices over there are too steep for students like me, as most of the shoes cost upwards of $80. Do keep a lookout for their sales, though!

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Wide Range Of Good Quality Shoes

Named after founder Aldo Bensadoun, the Aldo Group is a Canadian mid-range footwear and accessories company that sells formal and casual shoes for both men and women. Aldo is known for their extensive range of designs, which are rotated relatively frequently.

Because of their huge range of designs, footwear from Aldo can span both classic, timeless looks, to fashion forward styles. Designs are introduced to coincide with the fashion seasons and trends, while older designs are phased out relatively quickly at around 3 months or so. While prices can start as low as SGD $20, the highest price is about SGD $200, with average prices for a pair of footwear costing SGD $100 or so.

I like the designs for formal business shoes at Aldo. Quality is rather durable, with the average lifespan for men's formal business shoes around 8 - 12 months. Casual shoes can last around 10 - 18 months. Aldo footwear is slightly more durable than other brands. In general, the heel of an Aldo shoe tends to wear out first.

Comfort for Aldo shoes is somewhat below average though. While comfort for the heel and sole is good, some designs cause the ankle to rub against the skin, or else the shoe is too snug and grips your foot. To prevent future discomfort, ensure that you properly test a pair of Aldo shoes before purchasing. Alternatively, purchase 1 size larger than what you normally wear.

Aldo also deals with unisex accessories, though the range isn't extensive. The formal business belts for men from Aldo have sleek looking, classic designs, but the buckle isn't eye-catching. Their fragrance is relatively unknown as a brand, and not very popular. Their designs for ladies handbags are pretty trendy and eye-catching, and affordably priced as well.

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