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Melissa Shoes is known for its plastic jelly contemporary footwear. 


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I haven't really been a fan of jelly footwear - always found it cheap and plasticky, but given the current wet weather, I decided to get a pair.

It really just looked like what I always expected - the footwear doesn't leave much to choice, you have to pick from a limited variety of options. I bought a pair of basic flats, and I have to say, they are as tough as I imagined too. Putting them on and walking in them was always torture - they really pinched. Thought I could break them in, but turns out, plastic is plastic. I threw the pair of flats I bought away after a period of time, decided to switch to something more aesthetically appealing and less painful.

I say, save your cash for a rainy day (cute rainboots, maybe?)

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Bubble Yum Yum

I actually got my first pair of Melissa shoes in Australia when they set up a stall in the market district. They are without a doubt comfortable, but it is the added bonus of the bubblegum scent that attracted me. They have all kinds of designs and colours that suits people of all different types of styles. And they are made of jelly!

Now that I know they an outlet in Singapore, nothing can stop me from dropping by and browsing. The only downside of the shoes are that some may end up looking cheap because of the plastic jelly.

Nonetheless, I still recommend this to anyone who is after a pair of unique footwear.

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You have to do some searching

The most attractive and distinct part of Mel shoes is the material they are made of. Its some sort of plastic material, that is apparently biodegradable.

That said, it is pretty difficult to find fashionable shoes at Mel precisely because of this reason. Imagine sexy high heels made of plastic? Not very appealing, I'd think. I've only ever bought one pair of shoes from Mel, a pair of black oxfords that are pretty decent looking and is of great quality.

So, the most important tip I have if you shop at Mel, is to keep an eye on the designs. Make sure that the plastic material doesn't compromise the aesthetic appeal of the shoes.

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Bubblegum scented feet

Melissa shoes have redefined the budget jelly shoes we have come to know — its stylish, contemporary and cutesy designs will have girls of all ages fawning over their shoes. The only problem happens to be the plastic material, which I am not extremely fond of. My friend’s Melissa’s oxfords actually smell like bubblegum — a cute touch indeed.

I actually rather like Melissa’s collaborations with other designer brands like Vivienne Westwood. I do not own a pair of Melissa shoes however, though I find their concept refreshing. Melissa shoes will remain as eye-candy and that will be good enough for me.

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it is a hit or miss

Tangs stocks a few shoes from Melissa, and when I was there, I tried some of their flats. Although I'm not one for the PVC style, as I feel that it looks too plastic and fake, Melissa still had some products which were eye-catching, in various shades. From afar, one is unable to tell that the shoe is made of plastic.. until you go closer and the smell hits you. :/ That too, is one of the downsides of the products.

I think their shoes are a hit or miss, you either like them or you don't, and you either look good in them, or your feet look like they are swathed in bandages, which some of the designs can cause this appearance. However, the positive aspect is that I do like the colours used on the shoes, as there is complementary pairing for two-tone shoes, and a lovely shade for the single colour flats. ^^

Unfortunately, Melissa is really expensive, and I would not want to fork out so much money merely for PVC. I'd rather save the money for leather or suede. Also, some of the designs are quite common and even boring, not catering to my taste. But, as mentioned before, it is either you love it, or you don't!

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