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Listing created by TheThinker on February 05, 2013    

American brand that retails up to the times shoes, clothes, caps and other stuff. The items sold are catered towards the tastes of the younger generation  and are considered as 'in things', and are also of good quality and are durable.

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Nothing but applause!

Throw aside those chunky boots! Throw aside the towering heels!

They do not assist you like DC Shoes do.

DC Shoes was a blooming fad several years ago, especially within secondary schools. I was the proud owner of several pairs!

They had swollen tongues and plump shoelaces that enables our feet to indulge in comfort and security. Security as in secure. Literally. Oh, it can be used for security purposes too. The tight wounded lace ensures that your shoes will not fling across another continent if you were to swing your foot. Secured footwear enables any potential antagonists to get a full forced impact when you fly a kick towards them. No need for Karate and Taekwando. All you need are these DC Shoes. Trained or not, you're able to unleash your fury via the tips of your toes.

I remembered using a DC Shoes when I went hiking at Bukit Timah. The steep climb on nature was exhausting but my feet wasn't weeping in agony. The DC Shoes treated them to a portable sofa-like state. Yes, the paddings are even thicker than Kotex. Albeit it's thick paddings, the shoes were neither heavy nor does it produce a microwaved temperature. I climbed the steep terrain, stepping on roots to attain a firm foothold. Several of my friends was struggling to attain friction along this sloping hill. It took me by surprise how these pair of DC Shoes didn't work like a pair of skates on ice. Instead, it provided the sought after friction severely easing the ascent!

Oh, no wonder those skateboarders are spotted to don these DC Shoes before Vans appeared in Singapore! The duo package of owning a supreme grip hold and paddings embedded within these DC Shoes is definitely the recipe that shoemakers have struggled to attain for millions of decades!

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