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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 30, 2012    

D&C is a Singaporean shoe retailer that specializes in footwear for women and men. D&C aims to provide their customers with the most value-for-money shoes, while keeping in line with the latest fashion footwear trends in the world. 

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Rude Cashier and salespersons @ Tiong bahru Plaza

Dear D&C

I bought 2 pairs of shoes at Tiong bahru Plaza branch in the end because I liked these 2 pairs of shoes too much.
When i first entered your store, I was trying on this pair of shoes which caught my eyes. While i was trying on the shoes, your salesperson (the middle age auntie wearing glasses stared at me and gave a cold look and stared away but she the first person i asked to help me and she did .

Then another long hair lady helped me too for my shoes but she was a bit impatient and I did not know why.
Finally i went to pay at the counter but received a cold look from cashier and when she handed the receipt to me, she just used 1 hand without saying thank you.

They were busy chit chatting with the delivery guys.

I felt if that is how you train your salespersons, you have failed in your part. Thank you for your time.

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Tiong Bahru Plaza
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Cheap shoes but Low quality.

"D&C? Huh? Isn't it D&G?" This place always confused me slightly with the other similar brand name Dolce and Gabanna. Despite its slight commonality in the name, the range of products that they carry as well as target audience differs.

The products are reasonable, price-wise. However, while I remember buying shoes from this shop, they were always considered to be a cheap alternative if I couldn't find anything else. The shoes were neither well-made nor comfortable - I guess that just makes up for the cheap prices, low-quality and short term usage.

Nevertheless, it is a good place to find shoes that are meant for a one-time event. That way, not only do you get cheap shoes for the night, you can just chuck it aside after and not really feel the pinch of buying an exorbitant pair of shoes that you'll only ever wear once.

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Neither well-designed nor comfortable

It's a shoe shop. And being a girl, who can resist the temptation of walking inside one. Even when I have been disappointed time and again, I tell myself, this time is different, the shoes would look prettier and would be more comfortable, my one true love (in terms of shoes) might be inside waiting for me!

The prices are relatively affordable, but still not enough to make up for their outlandish designs. And even when I find a pair that I might want to try on, I realise that the base is too thin and uncomfortable and the sewing at the back might cause blisters. And within seconds, I am out of the shop again, disappointed once more.

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Never liked it, probably never will.

First impressions count.. and the first impression I got from D&C was disappointment. From afar, I thought there was a D&G outlet and got all happy but when I came closer, it's D&C. I was confused, angry and really disappointed.. can't they come up with an original name?

I got in anyway, because I was curious as to what this "imitation" store sells.. and the shoes are pretty much meh. Nothing that caught my eye. The prices aren't the least bit attractive, even. The sales staff didn't even smile?? That was the first and last time I went into a D&C store.

Maybe a complete rebranding of the store might help..

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overpriced bags

D&C does not seem to have much that appeals to me in terms of shoes.. and even if there are, somehow my unfortunately wide feet are not as comfortable in them. However, they do carry some lovely designs for bags, ranging from totes to clutches. The only downside I felt was that it was a bit overpriced as the bags were not of good quality, only decent. Instead of around $79.90 for a tote bag which was not properly sewn for the inner lining, I felt that $30 would do it justice.

It was hard to get the attention of the staff, as they were absorbed in their own conversations, which did not give me a desire to ever return...

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Feels classy enough

D&C is my sister's number one choice so I'll review it for her.

D&C shoes can be worn to death. I personally watched my sister put her D&C shoes through fire and rain but it has never failed her. I could never get anything from D&C since the smallest size is always 36 but their shoes make me want to try.

They are never on sale and even when they are, it's always the unattractive ones. The ones that usually catch my eye - their stunning shiny high pierced heels - are never on sale but it's fine if there's my size. Never got to try any of them thanks to my size 33/34 feet but oh if I could, I would bankrupt myself here.

Come here for a classy occasion, like a wedding dinner or sorts, and you will find your dream pair. The shoes here are top notch and deserve no less.

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treasure hunt!

The brand image of D&C isn't anything close to luxurious or fashionable and having its first few outlets in regional estate markets doesn't help either. As expected, the shoes are made of sub-standard materials and they usually don't last too long. Some of their designs are old-fashioned, somewhat suitable for the auntys in the markets. Most of the time they have many shoes on sales and those that aren't are way overpriced and I often find myself giggling at a the pricetag of a $40 tacky heels.

However, if you take the time to search carefully among the sales items, you might find some pretty good deals from $7 to $10. My advise is to stick to classic designs such as black flats or court shoes.

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Comfort, but not design

D&C is one of my mother's preferred shoe brands, as she doesn't like to spend too much on her shoes, and D&C certainly satisfies that requirement. I have, on a few occasions, worn my mother's shoes when my wedges have worn out on me, and holding true to the name of the store, the shoes from D&C certainly do provide a lot of comfort.

For sandals, the edges of the straps do not bite into my feet, so the shoes are comfortable even on the first wear. The flats at D&C also cater perfectly for my feet, which can be a little wide, so my toes don't feel constricted when wearing them.

However, I have yet to purchase my very own pair of shoes from D&C for one very simple reason - I abhor the designs there. D&C cannot exactly be considered a trend setter, as some of their shoes have garrish embellishments on them, and despite how comfortable they may be on my feet, I absolutely cannot stand owning such dowdy looking pairs of shoes. The shoes there seem like they would cater more for the working crowd, but definitely not for the average young adult, because I doubt any teen would want to be caught dead in such shoes in town.

The shoes from D&C are definitely comfortable, but the furthest places that you'll see me wearing them out to would be neighbourhood stalls.

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Good and cheap shoes.

Though not really branded, the quality is rather good and they feature pretty attractive designs for the customers to choose from. I "accidentally" got a pair of their shoes unknowingly one day, and after a long time i was still wearing the same pair and it was in really good condition still after multiple usage, which made me really impressed. Then i lifted up my legs and was like "what brand is this? So lasting!" Then i realised it belong to D&C. It totally changed my impression on the quality and trust i should give to brands at a mid range price.

They are a good and cheap alternative compared to the more expensive but lousy brands out there.

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